Season 1 Episode 7

Double Down

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • All of Dan's time-traveling adventures begin to culminate in this episode, and the FBI finally gets involved. Meanwhile, in the past, Dan is tracking...himself?

    This is one thing I absolutely love about Journeyman. A show like this could be played off in the vein of Reaper or would have a few arcing story elements, but each episode could also stand on its own. Anyone could come in and watch any episode and get it. A lot of people would actually prefer that, but I'm the exact opposite. I enjoy shows that have a story that flows in one direction, with each episode connecting to the next. And although each episode of Journeyman is substantially different, and there is a different person for Dan to track, they all come back up in later episodes and shape the major story arc (Dan's present life with Katie and Zach).

    We see a good example of that with this episode. Zach is young, and he thinks that this whole time-traveling business is all one big game. So, naturally, when Uncle Jack is over playing Monopoly, he thinks it's perfectly OK to show him a big briefcase full of stolen money from the 1970's. Also, naturally, Jack thinks this is very strange, especially since Zach mentions that Dan was the person who acquired this money.

    It's kind of one of those unfortunate situations--the relationship between Jack and Dan. Jack is gruff and doesn't ever come right out and say it, but ultimately, his sole purpose for all of the "surveillance" and the questioning is to help Dan. And although Dan appreciates it, he can't really tell Jack anything. It's interesting, because it's kind of like a lose-lose situation. If Dan doesn't say something, then Jack's going to continue to think he's back into gambling and try to get him help for an addiction that he's already beaten. If he does tell him, there's a good chance that Jack will have him committed.

    Anyhow, the person that Dan tracks in this episode is...well, himself. We see an interesting take on time-travel, as Dan has to be careful to hide himself...from himself. Since the time period wasn't that long ago, he was able to actually interchange and use his present self to act in place of his past self so that he could stay in a poker game and ensure that him and Katie end up married. Sound confusing? It is. But don't worry, the writers do a good job of tying up all the loose ends and making the story seem least, as believable as Journeyman can be.

    This episode was pretty dang good. It was a little far-fetched in terms of the past story...I mean, in most time-traveling shows/movies, the space-time continuum gets incredibly disrupted if your past and future selves come into contact. But it still ended up with a satisfying conclusion. Solid episode.