Season 1 Episode 7

Double Down

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 05, 2007 on NBC

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  • We get to jump around alot as per usual, but with the added distraction that Jack has some of the Dylan McCleen money in his possession after doing some babysitting,whilst at the same time trying to keep a federal witness safe so they are able to testify.

    It starts off with Jack babysitting Zack, then for supper Zack wanting pizza but Jack not having any money, Zack suggesting they use some of Daddy's play money, Jack gets suspicious and looks at it, then takes one to have it checked at work.

    Dan and Katie managed to enjoy a semi sort of date, but when he goes to take out the trash, he jumps, into the back of a man's car - they stop, he gets asked to get out which he does, only to be fired upon by 2 chinese looking punks, Dan ends up taking the guy to the hospital as he was shot by one of the guys, the guy pulls through, but Dan doesn't jump back to his own time.

    Livia arrives at Dan's place in 1997, to help him clear up after the chinese/oriental henchman had trashed the place, they find his pass from his usual time and now Livia believes that they are here to stop the timeline changing and to save Dan. The get the apartment cleaned up, leave and nearly bump into the past Dan and Katie, so end up eavesdropping on himself.

    Meanwhile, Jack has a visit from the FBI and gets informed about it being a bill from the Dylan McCleen heist, he blaggs it and tells him that it was from a confidential source, but that he will ask more questions and let him know of his findings.

    Back in the past, Livia and Dan are watching Dan's place when they se he leave for a late night poker game, they follow and whilst they are waiting to decide what to do, the gang members show up. After an hour or so, the other Dan comes out, slightly drunk, Dan decides he needs to prevent him from meeting the gang members and decided to warn him, but ends up fighting him. Livia helps and between them they get him out of there, but they get him back to his place without him seeing himself.

    Katie goes to see her friend, they chat and she agrees to go back and do a couple of shifts a week, but no morning starts as she has a 7 year old, he's happy she is coming back, but he does ask if Dan is back gambling.

    The realise that they need to complete the original night, which means Dan going back, getting his poker money and going back to the game, as that's the night when Katie was really there for him, but he doesnt have the start up amount. But Livia disappears into the future to get the money from the closet just as Jack came to look for it. Dan in the past, follows the gang members to the hospital and stops them from shooting the witness.

    The fellow from the network in the past had phoned Katie to tell him that Dan was losing it big time, so she comes to get him from the game, takes him home and ends up staying to look after him, thus not changing the timeline.
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