Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • This is the first of a semi sort of two parter - seeing Dan help to free a kidnapped girl, then to get the man pay for his crime. There are more than one victim and he has to try to get the original one back on track.

    Dan starts off by going out on a nice jog, in tune with his mp3 player when he jumps into the passed and into a rave party, where he meets Livia but prior to her meeting him in the passed. He looks around and sees that the music is causing the wall to vibrate and a brick to come loose, when he examines it, he finds there is a room with a kidnapped girl in there, he frees her, gets the police involved and then gets arrested, but he jumps from the back of the police car, still handcuffed.

    Katie has been to the school to see Zack's behaviour, then they have to go to an adult story in order to get the handcuffs taken off. Meanwhile, Jack talks to his doctor girlfriend regarding Dan's strange behaviour, she recommends a 5150, a self commital in order to get a psychiatrist report.

    The FBI agent goes to see Hugh, trying to get him to convince Dan to give up his sources to them with regards to his investigation into Dylan McCleen, but it is explained that Dan would not give his source to a grand jury, so very unlikely that he will give the names to them.

    Jack goes to see the realtor that Dan saw at the scene of the kidnapped girl, then Dan sneeks in, finds him using chat rooms, confronts him but then he jumps back in order to spend some time with his son who has been suspended.

    He jumps back in order to help Emily once more, but after preventing her from getting arrested, he argues with Livia regarding the realtor, he is warned that it will have consequences and that he is best to leave things as they are meant to be.

    He is very stubborn, so when he jumps back once more, he goes after the realtor, trying to find the recent victim, Michaela. He does battle with him and then he releases her.

    We then see a Zack that can not sleep, goes into mums room and they end up with cuddles, comfort and some questions answered. We then see Dan tying up the realtor, phoning the scoop into Hugh. Dan had changed the history slightly and he and Jack did not have some conversations regarding the time travelling, Jack gives him an ultimatum about the 5150's, Dan goes home and we see the realtor has been released from Prison and is in a car waiting outside Dan's house.
  • Doing the right thing but with the wrong motives!

    Dan really has a lot going on around him. As the feds close in on him trying the best to see if he did take the money from a robbery. Plus, Jack I thought, despite being pressured, really should had done something with the money and left it at that. But now, he has Dan messed up. As Dan goes after a serial killer in the 1990s. But despite doing the right thing, he did so with the wrong motives. In the end, it might cost him everything that he loves. In particular, his wife and his son. Meanwhile, Jack is beginning to believe that Dan is time travelling.
  • Jack travels back to the 1990's in relation to a serial kidnapper

    This show has been on for over 2 months and gets better each week. Events from previous weeks are carried over making Dan's situation more complicated. We've seen the first "Back to the Future" twist as Dan changes the time continueum by changing an event. And by doing this, Dan erases a conversation he had with his brother Jack where Jack has started to believe his brother's claim in time travel. He also has put his family in jeopardy as the man Dan helped put in jail now wants revenge. This is the first if a two parter. Let's hope the audience keeps increasing for this show and it is eventually renewed.
  • Review

    I didnt think the episode as a whole was very good, but the ending made it all worthwhile for me. I think the way they set up Dan massivly changing the timeline was a great idea that we were all waiting for. The backstory with Emily wasn't all that exciting, it seemed to me to be all about the man who Dan wanted to send to prison for what he did. I think the second part should be interesting, it'll be interesting to me if Dan does any more time travel in part 2. I keep thinking about what he has changed and if going into the past is going to be a change too. It should be interesting, it was a solid twist but the episode itself wasn't my favorite.
  • This was a great episode bringing the time space continuum question to the forefront and giving us our first nemesis. Dan went rogue against Livia's wishes and went to save someone not part of his assignment. He saves the girl but before he does

    This was a great episode bringing the time space continuum question to the forefront and giving us our first nemesis. Dan went rogue against Livia's wishes and went to save someone not part of his assignment. He saves the girl but before he does he manages to get his brother to at least acknowledge that his time traveling might be true. Livia warned him that if you fix one wrong thing your mess up another. By episodes end Dan's brother doesn't remember they're conversation since Dan has changed time and the serial killer Dan was hunting is now out of prison looking to go after his family. Nice building episode real fun and I can't wait to see where things go next.
  • The beginning of the end?

    According to some sources on the 'net, "Journeyman" is facing some unfortunate odds. As with most post-"Heroes" shows, "Journeyman" has been struggling in the ratings, and the network is supposedly getting impatient, despite the lack of options in this writers' strike era. Apparently the ratings for this episode, and its conclusion in the next installment, will be critical to the show's future.

    It's hard not to take that kind of talk into account when thinking about this episode, because more than ever, it's clear that the writers have a solid, character-driven story to tell. Considering how rare that can be, and how often genre fans have begged for it, it's demoralizing to see such lack of support. "Journeyman" is a complicated series with a very mature outlook. The characterization is spot-on, and the writers always keep an eye to consequences.

    The writers have also been fairly consistent with the rules surrounding the time-travel at the heart of the series, and that has never been more clear than in this episode. Livia has warned Dan more than once that changing the past can be a major problem, and that it can get ugly. Throughout the episode, there are hints of something unexpected and terrible coming; in every instance, right up until the end, the writers let the situation defuse ever so slightly.

    For instance, at one point, Zach has been acting out and gets in a fight. He complains about a headache and then, when Katie is out of the room, seems to disappear. For just a few moments, Dan and Katie suspect that Zach's been pulled through time as well, and the implications slam the audience like a lead weight. Once again, the audience is reminded that the mechanism and agency behind the time travel is still unknown, and the effects on Dan's family could be much, much worse. That's why the final scene hits home; we know how exposed and fragile the Vassars really are.

    That's also well communicated when it comes to Jack. Dan is thankful when his initial efforts seem to gain Jack's trust; it seems like the corner might finally be turned on their personal conflict. Dan's decision to change history, of course, resets the button, and it makes him seem even less stable as a result. With the FBI now checking into nearly every aspect of Dan's life (and zeroing in on the time travel situations with uncanny accuracy), things are coming to a head.

    This is an effective first half of a two-episode mini-arc. If nothing else, the network should allow the conclusion to air, but beyond that, it's impossible to tell. One would hope that the current strike situation would be enough reason to keep the show on the air until the existing episodes are depleted, but even if that happens, it will still be too little of a great show.
  • great episode

    Dan goes back in time and goes to the 90s in a middle of an illegal new age club. Dan finds a girl being hidden inside a building. It's a really exciting episode. Dan's time traveling habits start to take a toll on his life when his son becomes worried about him and his wife becomes depressed by his frequent absence. Jack starts to believe that Dan really is traveling back in time, he helps him out with some police case. But when Dan does something in the past, it changes something in the present time that may complicate his personal life.
  • "Emily" brings the second time that Dan has tempted fate and forced the issue in his time shifting, despite the warnings from Livia that it will not end well.

    I think that anyone who has every been given the Hitler scenario as a question can see that the problems with disturbing the past can have vast consequences. You know, the "if you could go back in time and kill Hitler would you?" scenario?

    Well, for Dan, this has become intensely personal as Aeden was in fact caught in the past because of Dan's leaping. Because he precipitated Aeden's arrest in 2001, as a consequence, Dan's brother does not remember doing background with Dan in the present (causing him to agree with his erstaz girlfriend in deeming Dan a 5150 -- disturbed individual who needs civil commitment), and Aeden has just been released from prison, looking for his pound of flesh. Sick as he is, Aeden understandably has given the allusion to everyone that he's gone to Thailand only to stay around SF to find this man that repeatedly appeared in the past to thwart him, and ultimately get him imprisoned. I would want to know where such a person came from to mess with my life? But then again I'm not the depraved individual Aeden is...

    On the other hand, I understand Dan's frustration, feeling compelled to stop the depraved "worthy to be culled from humanity." Especially since he did not want nor ask for his life to be wrecked for the sake of jumping around time "fixing the past" according to someone else's edicts.

    As with every Sci-Fi series dealing with time travel and paradoxes shows, letting yourself stray out of correcting narrow aspects of the past can have far reaching consequences. Be careful what you wish for, you may get it and realize it isn't what you wanted.

    Something, however, has to break, because Dan's life, and the strain it is causing him, his family, and the relationship with his brother, can't last.

    And let's not forget the meddlesome FBI agent slowing piecing together Dan's past exploits.
  • Dan journeys back to find a pedophile kidnapping orphans and trapping them in buildings. While he's actually supposed to be tracking a specific orphan, he gets hung up on trying to serve justice, and will eventually have to face the consequences.

    This episode seemed to be lacking a bit from last week's stellar episode, but it did seem to build on the premise hinted at in previous episodes. Livia tells Dan over and over that he has to stick with the one person who he is meant to be tracking and can't branch out and try to save everyone. Dan's nature, however, refuses to let him do so.

    As a result, he ends up becoming somewhat obsessive in his quest to bring down Aeden Bennett, the man responsible for kidnapping orphans, holding them hostage and eventually killing them. Although he is supposed to be tracking Emily and making sure she stays off the streets and out of a life of drug dealing, he gets sidetracked and ends up trying to prevent Bennett from doing anymore damage.

    He succeeds, and at first it seems that everything is well. But there is a slight problem. During the episode, he had asked Jack to help him keep tabs on Bennett during the present era, and he had been genuinely interested. It even seems like he is starting to realize that there's more to Dan's babbling than he thought. However, by getting Bennett arrested in the past, he effectively takes all of Jack's newfound understanding and tosses it out the window. Bennett didn't go on to become the successful person he had at first. His crimes were exposed, and he developed a personal vendetta against Dan Vassar for putting him away quite inexplicably. At the end of the episode, Jack informs Dan that he has made an appointment with a psychiatrist in the morning, and that if Dan didn't go he was going to put him under surveillance for 72 hours. While his measures may seem a bit harsh, I still believe he ultimately has Dan's best interests at heart.

    It seems that the consequences of Dan's actions come into effect full force on next week's episode (based on the previews). This definitely has the potential to be an ongoing conflict between Livia and Dan, at least until he gets the hang of this. His personality is such that he's not going to want to let anything go...and that anything he can do to help, he will.

    This was a bit of a step down from last week, but it's hard for a show to stay that good for that long. Next week's episode looks to be amazing, I'll be looking forward to it.
  • Changing the past may not always be a good thing.

    Livia warn Dan that don't get too hung up on changing the past. Dan finds this out, when in one moment Jack goes from believing that Dan may be time traveling to Dan is just crazy.

    Katie thinks that Zack may be able to time travel when he says his head is hurting and then disappears.

    How will Dan be able to get away from the FBI agent's quest to put him away?

    Will it ever be discovered why Livia and Dan always meet? What is the connection and why? Who is directing where and when they go? I guess we will have to watch to find out.

    A great episode!!