Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • This is the first of a semi sort of two parter - seeing Dan help to free a kidnapped girl, then to get the man pay for his crime. There are more than one victim and he has to try to get the original one back on track.

    Dan starts off by going out on a nice jog, in tune with his mp3 player when he jumps into the passed and into a rave party, where he meets Livia but prior to her meeting him in the passed. He looks around and sees that the music is causing the wall to vibrate and a brick to come loose, when he examines it, he finds there is a room with a kidnapped girl in there, he frees her, gets the police involved and then gets arrested, but he jumps from the back of the police car, still handcuffed.

    Katie has been to the school to see Zack's behaviour, then they have to go to an adult story in order to get the handcuffs taken off. Meanwhile, Jack talks to his doctor girlfriend regarding Dan's strange behaviour, she recommends a 5150, a self commital in order to get a psychiatrist report.

    The FBI agent goes to see Hugh, trying to get him to convince Dan to give up his sources to them with regards to his investigation into Dylan McCleen, but it is explained that Dan would not give his source to a grand jury, so very unlikely that he will give the names to them.

    Jack goes to see the realtor that Dan saw at the scene of the kidnapped girl, then Dan sneeks in, finds him using chat rooms, confronts him but then he jumps back in order to spend some time with his son who has been suspended.

    He jumps back in order to help Emily once more, but after preventing her from getting arrested, he argues with Livia regarding the realtor, he is warned that it will have consequences and that he is best to leave things as they are meant to be.

    He is very stubborn, so when he jumps back once more, he goes after the realtor, trying to find the recent victim, Michaela. He does battle with him and then he releases her.

    We then see a Zack that can not sleep, goes into mums room and they end up with cuddles, comfort and some questions answered. We then see Dan tying up the realtor, phoning the scoop into Hugh. Dan had changed the history slightly and he and Jack did not have some conversations regarding the time travelling, Jack gives him an ultimatum about the 5150's, Dan goes home and we see the realtor has been released from Prison and is in a car waiting outside Dan's house.
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