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    So, Einstein believed time travel forward would not be possible.

    I can only assume because tomorrow has not arrived for us yet.

    Sounds a sensible & natural assumption.

    But, if time travel ever becomes possible or on a more positive line, when time travel becomes possible, most thoughts will be to return in time, for what ever reason. Be it to witness, change, or merely to relive a moment in your own history. Then, one would go back, return to a time which in all tense and purposes for everyone else would be their `present` their `now`, from our `future`. Which we are assuming does not exist, because tomorrow has not arrived for us yet. So to me the answer is simple, if time travel ever became possible then surly time travel back & forward would have to be possible. If not no-one could return from a trip.

    I have collected more than 90 time travel films & series. I enjoy the different ideas but forward by writers & directors on the theory of the time travel scenario.

    My top 10 films are, not in any particular order.

    •1. The Final Countdown

    •2. Philidelphia Experiment

    •3. Frequency

    •4. Millennium

    •5. Back To The Future Collection

    •6. Time After Time

    •7. Premonition

    •8. The Lake House

    •9. Running Against Time

    •10. Time Trackers

    My top 3 series;

    •1. Primeval

    •2. Journeyman

    •3. Crime Travellers

    Till next time!

    Top-Per4mer the Time-tra4ler.

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    Watched Crime Travelers and Primeval. They are really cool. Thanks
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