Season 1 Episode 2

Friendly Skies

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on NBC
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Friendly Skies
Dan and Katie decide to get away for a few days. During the flight, Dan travels and finds himself on another plane in 1975.

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  • Dan tracks the life of Diana Bloom and her daughter Tanna. This broken family needs his help. Someone shows up to give him guidance.

    Dan and Katie head off on vacation with baby-making plans. However, Dan disappears off the plane and winds up on another plane in the 1970's. Wow, the planes were dirty in that time. He meets Diana Bloom, a single mother who goes into labor with Dan delivering her daughter, Tanna. This could be the start of trouble for Dan, disappearing off a plane under everybody's noses. He continues to track Diana and Tanna with Livia offering advice on time travel. I enjoyed how Diana recognized Dan years after the airplane incident. She was happy to see him. It's interesting to see how the littlest involvement in someone's life can affect them for the better. He also reconnects with Tanna in the present day. She could be a potential ally. It's neat how Dan's known her since the day she was born and he's hardly aged. This episode contains happiness and sadness for its characters. Definitely a classic in the Journeyman archives.moreless
  • We have Dan disappearing off of one plane and travelling back to help someone give birth on another plane in the past, then the continued back and forth travelling as he works out the timeline and how he has to interact to make things right along the way.moreless

    The episode begins with Dan undertaking an MRI at the hospital and they will let him know in a couple of days, well on the tuesday, but Dan only admits that he only mentioned about the headaches. They are flying to have a break away somewhere, Dan goes to the toilet on the plane and he then leaves and is on a plane in 1975, complete with 70's style uniforms and cabins full of cigarette smoke.

    Then we jump back to the original plane, where is wife gets a packet of peanuts dropped on her lap, then she turns her head in the direction of 3 air stewards discussing the toilet being locked but nobody being in there. She looks pensively as that was the one her husband went to use, she then gets asked by a steward if she was travelling alone, and she says she is, then phones her husbands phone and leaves an sos message.

    Back on the 70's plane, Dan and a few passengers help a young lady to gove birth to a baby girl, there is alot of bleeding and Dan gets them to make an emergency landing. Then he moves to a different part of the plane and travel back to his time. Where he wakes up, retrieves his message from his wife and goes to find her, bumps into his brother and goes to get his wife and answer some questions, before getting taken home by his brother.

    Dan and his wife talk through things, to discuss what was and has been happening, she definately believes him even more now. Then he travels back again, this time to the 80's, he is just about to lose his watch, when Lydia shoo's the person away. Livia and Dan hug and she tells him that he'll need an old phone, expired currency and not to travel with citrus - as it explodes for some reason.

    Lydia disappears and leaves him to talk to the woman he helped give birth on the plane, she admits that she ran ads to try to find him once more in order to say thank you. They ride the tram together and talk about the passed (a little) but more about her. They say goodbye and he says that they will meet again.

    He reappears back at home, then sorts out looking for old phones, chargers etc and then off he goes to work, gets a slight grilling from his boss as he missed a deadline. Then he googles the lady, discovers her obituary, then he feels himself being jumped, goes to 1994 and meets the daughter and stays until she gets to meet him, he disses her and he goes to help her but then appears back in the present.

    He then goes back and forth, meeting the father again, this time, he is poorly and needs a bone marrow transplant. Then he's back again this time seeing her, takes a taxi ride to where she is, explains what is happening and gets them together.

    Back at home once more, sorts things out with his wife. Then he is sent back to see how she is, we find that she is doing good and seeing a pilot. Then we find that that him and his wife are on a no-fly list with the airport.moreless
  • I have found a new best friend!

    Dan finds himself wondering if he imagined his time traveling journeys and decides to get an MRI. Later, Dan and Katie decide to take a romantic weekend getaway but their plans are interrupted when Dan disappears during the flight. Dan's latest mission sends him back in time to help deliver a baby.

    Dan is not having much faith in himself. Who can really blame him? He has a wife that does not believe him and a brother acting like his parole officer. Personally, if I had a brother I would be kicking his a*s telling him when I want your help I will ask for it.moreless
  • no-fly list

    so he disappears on an airplane, which means his wife now has further proof that it's real. He ruined their evening & they are not on the no-fly list but that just makes it easier to have more episodes in san Francisco, so kudos to the writers for that. So he helped the daughter he helped deliver & runs into the mom again & convinces the daughter to give the dad her bone marrow. Which I guess is a good thing but I guess it's believable; people really do want parents, especially when they don't have them. But it turned out to be the guy in the waiting room who they have lunch with that dan was supposed to fix, not the dad. he just needed the daughter's bone marrow. it was another M. Night Shyamalan twist that was quite clever.moreless
  • great episode

    Dan feels like that his time travel experience is too good to be true, so for good measure he goes to a doctor to get an MRI scan. He and his wife decides to go out of town to have a good time. While he is on the plane, he walks to the rest room and he travels back in time. He meets a girl who is about to give labor aboard the plane. It's a really interesting episode. Dan meets the woman who gives birth on the plane, and meets her again years later. The plotline solves the case as the story progresses. It's a great episode, I can't wait for the next one.moreless
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Patrick St. Esprit

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: The newspaper which has the headline regarding the Superbowl has Sunday's date. The Superbowl report would be in Monday's paper!

    • Goof: When Dan Vassar travels back to the 1980s for the first time in this episode, the cars in the background are twenty first century cars.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Diana: I'd like you to meet my daughter sometime.
      Dan: I don't have a phone yet, but, uh, I have a feeling we'll run into each other again.

    • Katie: What happened, Dan?
      Dan: I delivered a baby on a plane. Uh, a pregnant woman flying alone in the '70s.
      Katie: What does that mean?
      Dan: I don't know. The last time, I followed this guy through periods of his life. Maybe I'm gonna follow the mother on hers.
      Katie: Do you think there are other married couples having this conversation right now?
      Dan: Probably not. I can't control when I go, but I seem to come back to the present when I finish some chapter in the lives of the people that I'm tracking. I don't know for sure. I'm new at this.

    • (Diana recognizes Dan years after he delivers her baby)
      Diana: I've been looking for you for years.
      Dan: Yeah. Yeah, that was me.
      (scene switches to Dan and Diana riding on a streetcar)
      Diana: I checked with the airline. I ran ads in the paper. Some people claimed to be you, but they were all weirdos.
      Dan: Well, your search is over.

    • Livia: You want to join the mile high club?
      Dan: Can I ask you something? If I am here for a reason, if I'm following someone, why are you here?
      Livia: I don't know.
      Stewardess: (to Dan and Livia)
      Dan: I don't have a seat.
      Livia: Take mine.
      Dan: Where are you gonna sit?
      Livia: I don't need it. Take it.
      Dan: It's me, isn't it? You're following me.
      Livia: Maybe. I don't know.

    • Livia: What year is it?
      Dan: I don't know. My phone doesn't work here.
      Livia: You're gonna need an old phone. You're also gonna need expired currency, a personal ID, and don't travel with citrus - it explodes. I...I don't know why.

    • Detective: I need to ask you again, what were your plans in Oregon?
      Katie: We were going to have lots of sex.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Songs featured in this episode include:
      - "Fluorescent Adolescent" by Arctic Monkeys
      - "Get Down Tonight" by KC & The Sunshine Band
      - "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind & Fire
      - "Inside You" by The Psychedelic Furs
      - "Bad Reputation" by Freedy Johnston
      - "Today" by Smashing Pumpkins
      - "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn & John


    • When Dan steps out of the airplane restroom he bumps into a waitress who has a "Ted" drink in her hand. The can bears the design used for "Tab", a diet cola in the 70's.