Season 1 Episode 2

Friendly Skies

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 01, 2007 on NBC

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  • Dan tracks the life of Diana Bloom and her daughter Tanna. This broken family needs his help. Someone shows up to give him guidance.

    Dan and Katie head off on vacation with baby-making plans. However, Dan disappears off the plane and winds up on another plane in the 1970's. Wow, the planes were dirty in that time. He meets Diana Bloom, a single mother who goes into labor with Dan delivering her daughter, Tanna. This could be the start of trouble for Dan, disappearing off a plane under everybody's noses. He continues to track Diana and Tanna with Livia offering advice on time travel. I enjoyed how Diana recognized Dan years after the airplane incident. She was happy to see him. It's interesting to see how the littlest involvement in someone's life can affect them for the better. He also reconnects with Tanna in the present day. She could be a potential ally. It's neat how Dan's known her since the day she was born and he's hardly aged. This episode contains happiness and sadness for its characters. Definitely a classic in the Journeyman archives.
  • We have Dan disappearing off of one plane and travelling back to help someone give birth on another plane in the past, then the continued back and forth travelling as he works out the timeline and how he has to interact to make things right along the way.

    The episode begins with Dan undertaking an MRI at the hospital and they will let him know in a couple of days, well on the tuesday, but Dan only admits that he only mentioned about the headaches. They are flying to have a break away somewhere, Dan goes to the toilet on the plane and he then leaves and is on a plane in 1975, complete with 70's style uniforms and cabins full of cigarette smoke.

    Then we jump back to the original plane, where is wife gets a packet of peanuts dropped on her lap, then she turns her head in the direction of 3 air stewards discussing the toilet being locked but nobody being in there. She looks pensively as that was the one her husband went to use, she then gets asked by a steward if she was travelling alone, and she says she is, then phones her husbands phone and leaves an sos message.

    Back on the 70's plane, Dan and a few passengers help a young lady to gove birth to a baby girl, there is alot of bleeding and Dan gets them to make an emergency landing. Then he moves to a different part of the plane and travel back to his time. Where he wakes up, retrieves his message from his wife and goes to find her, bumps into his brother and goes to get his wife and answer some questions, before getting taken home by his brother.

    Dan and his wife talk through things, to discuss what was and has been happening, she definately believes him even more now. Then he travels back again, this time to the 80's, he is just about to lose his watch, when Lydia shoo's the person away. Livia and Dan hug and she tells him that he'll need an old phone, expired currency and not to travel with citrus - as it explodes for some reason.

    Lydia disappears and leaves him to talk to the woman he helped give birth on the plane, she admits that she ran ads to try to find him once more in order to say thank you. They ride the tram together and talk about the passed (a little) but more about her. They say goodbye and he says that they will meet again.

    He reappears back at home, then sorts out looking for old phones, chargers etc and then off he goes to work, gets a slight grilling from his boss as he missed a deadline. Then he googles the lady, discovers her obituary, then he feels himself being jumped, goes to 1994 and meets the daughter and stays until she gets to meet him, he disses her and he goes to help her but then appears back in the present.

    He then goes back and forth, meeting the father again, this time, he is poorly and needs a bone marrow transplant. Then he's back again this time seeing her, takes a taxi ride to where she is, explains what is happening and gets them together.

    Back at home once more, sorts things out with his wife. Then he is sent back to see how she is, we find that she is doing good and seeing a pilot. Then we find that that him and his wife are on a no-fly list with the airport.
  • I have found a new best friend!

    Dan finds himself wondering if he imagined his time traveling journeys and decides to get an MRI. Later, Dan and Katie decide to take a romantic weekend getaway but their plans are interrupted when Dan disappears during the flight. Dan's latest mission sends him back in time to help deliver a baby.

    Dan is not having much faith in himself. Who can really blame him? He has a wife that does not believe him and a brother acting like his parole officer. Personally, if I had a brother I would be kicking his a*s telling him when I want your help I will ask for it.
  • no-fly list

    so he disappears on an airplane, which means his wife now has further proof that it's real. He ruined their evening & they are not on the no-fly list but that just makes it easier to have more episodes in san Francisco, so kudos to the writers for that. So he helped the daughter he helped deliver & runs into the mom again & convinces the daughter to give the dad her bone marrow. Which I guess is a good thing but I guess it's believable; people really do want parents, especially when they don't have them. But it turned out to be the guy in the waiting room who they have lunch with that dan was supposed to fix, not the dad. he just needed the daughter's bone marrow. it was another M. Night Shyamalan twist that was quite clever.
  • great episode

    Dan feels like that his time travel experience is too good to be true, so for good measure he goes to a doctor to get an MRI scan. He and his wife decides to go out of town to have a good time. While he is on the plane, he walks to the rest room and he travels back in time. He meets a girl who is about to give labor aboard the plane. It's a really interesting episode. Dan meets the woman who gives birth on the plane, and meets her again years later. The plotline solves the case as the story progresses. It's a great episode, I can't wait for the next one.
  • The story line continues, and we see another trip back in time as well as the reaction of Dan's family to his disappearances.

    The story related to the time travel holds interest pretty well, but the story developing with Dan and KAtie and their dealing with his disappearances, along with the developing story of his late-fiance, and her involvement in the whole time travel thing is starting to gel. They need to let this develop without going too long before starting to give some answers. I like the way Katie is reacting, not just walking out the door as would happen so often, and how Dan is learning to adjust, by having a key to his apartment of the time, etc. I am not fond of the whole "Katie was dating the brother, fiance dies, now Katie marries Dan" thing, but hope that will become better.
  • Is Dan dreaming or what?

    Is Dan dreaming or what or is this a gift that
    He has been having. As he goes for an MRI
    On his brain. As he and his wife go on
    A little vacation. So that he could get his mind cleared.
    But there is a catch to this. He comes back from A different year than the year that he was presently
    In, in 2007. While he also helps a woman on the
    Plane to give birth to her child. Which was very touching.
    Meanwhile, we see what his ex-fiance is up to. We wonder
    About the mysteries of her. The show is great but with CSI Miami, doesn't seem to have a chance.
  • This show is becomming addictive it makes you want more of it.

    I was not going to watch this show but I have changed my mind it's addictive and it makes you want more of it and you get caught up in this adventure or mission. This episode got me to thinking why is Livia showing up is she doing the same thing? will they help someone together? she told him on the street that he better get going and she disappears. And did the guy put a watch on Dan? I thought he was trying to take his watch. Livia has been there twice and she told dan to get an old cell phone and old money will they be together in this time travel? I have a few questions. But back to the story: Dan goes to the restroom on the plane and washes his hands and that's when he starts his time travel he ends up in restroom of another plane going to Reno and helps deliver a baby. ( You know the uniforms of the stewardess reminded me of the old PSA Airlines )It's a show that gets you interested in his travels I was thinking Diana was going to save her Dad, but it turns out she saved Billy Marble the guy who goes on to help other people. I think Dan's mission is to put people on the correct path or help make sure they get to that path like he did with the son of Neal Gaines who helped alot of people in the school bus crash. I'm getting hooked on Journeymen.
  • it was cool

    i thought it was cool. the guy named Dan does some stuff. oh, when he was out running that cop because he didnt pay his taxi thing, was that his brother? i couldnt tell. oh, and when he was on the plane in the past, whats with all the weird gay stuff that was going on? its like everyone was hie except for him and the pregnet women. i dont really know, or care for that matter. i kinda like this show, but its only had 2 episodes so i cant really judge it. well, maybe i can. whatever. c ya
  • Dan find himself helping a young woman give birth on an airplane.

    Good follow up episode to an exciting pilot.

    What I really, really, really like about this series is that Katie believes Dan. Disappearing from a plane is a great way to proof that you physicaly travel through time but she believed him before that and that makes such a difference for the plot. The series is not about time travel as such, but it's about the effect this has on Dan and his life and his family. In combination with the 'tasks' Dan has to carryout in the past, this effect of time travel is what makes this series so interesting.

    I hope we found out what his ex fiancee is doing, is she tracking Dan, like Dan is tracking people in the past?

    I only hope the writers do not plan on some big Save Livia storyline. While I don't mind him saving her, it would destroy his relationship with Katie and I don't want to see that happen.
  • A good follow-up, but didn't quite match the excitement of the debut. Dan is "tracking" a young girl, from birth to adulthood, and helps her through various trials in her life.

    Journeyman continues to be strong with the second episode. Dan tracks the life of a young girl, right up from her birth on a very weird, trippy, sexual 70's airplane ride to her pre-teen years, on up through adulthood in the present.

    This episode continued the intriguing plot aspects of the show's debut, and gave the characters some much needed development, but for me it somewhat failed to capture the excitement and urgency of the original. Some of the dialogue still leaves me scratching my head--it's not too incredibly realistic. I can't think of any specific examples off the top of my head, but I remember thinking throughout the episode that I didn't like some of the character's reactions to certain things.

    All in all, Journeyman is still a good show and I'm going to continue to watch. I just hope the next few episodes continue to improve.
  • Settling into a nice balance

    In the series premiere, most of what happened to Dan Vassar was random, forcing the viewer to experience his disorientation with every new jump through time. The pilot was, as always, about setting up the premise and the relationships. The second episode is generally when the audience gets to see how the premise will play out, and this installment serves that purpose well.

    The focus is less on the time travel and more on the impact of this phenomenon on Dan and his "real life". It causes problems with his wife, his job, and his future plans. This sounds like a simple enough consideration, but the writers delve into some practical matters very quickly. Dan's involuntary time travel makes it hard to plan on building a family, because how does he know he'll be around? Driving is a chore, and as seen in this episode, flying is a recipe for disaster.

    This immediately sets this show apart from "Quantum Leap". The time travel aspect is treated like a subplot, equally a mystery to be solved and an ordeal to be survived. The writers will never be able to pick up on all the nuances, but I liked the emphasis on the practical changes from period to period. Dan has to make sure he has access to compatible technology and "current" currency, among other things, and that makes the situation a lot more interesting.

    One additional aspect is his physical presence within the past. On "Quantum Leap", Sam Beckett was more or less a consciousness within the form of a past individual; his interventions were well-hidden. Dan's situation is far more complex, since he's being brought bodily into the past (along with whatever he's carrying). People remember him, often over the course of years. This brings up an aspect for future exploration: what if Dan runs into someone from a previous "mission" during a different trip into time? And what if someone in the past remembers him in the "present"?

    This episode had better pacing than the premiere, and managed to communicate some of the rules of the game more clearly. For example, in the pilot, Dan had little or no warning that he was about to experience time travel. Now, he gets a certain kind of splitting headache that tells him the event is rapidly approaching (not unlike Cordelia's pre-vision head-splitters on "Angel"). This avoids the problem of abrupt, confusing shifts in time for the audience, one of the elements that made the first half of the pilot challenging (and might explain the loss of viewers at the half hour during the premiere).

    "Journeyman" is struggling in the post-"Heroes" timeslot, as would be expected, and that's unfortunate. A lot of people won't like how the various elements are brought together, especially in this age of snap judgments by the networks, but the focus on the effect to Dan's present-day life gives this story more resonance. I hope that this series lasts long enough to give the writers a chance to show us what they really have in mind.
  • This was the first episode I saw in the series and I liked it a good bit.

    I was at first afraid this was going to be a Quantum Leap type of knockoff and it is....but in a good way. It improves on the whole premise of time traveling in that he follows/tracks a person he is helping and continues.

    The best part of this episode was the 1970's trip on the plane. It was amusing to see the smoking, drinks and full plates of food in comparison to the wife's journey on the modern sterile dull ariplane. I will be interested in seeing how they explain how he goes to these places. I like the characters....some light improvement.
  • Evolving into a show that revolves around death and "saving someone" a bit too much.

    The Pilot was cool. I can handle saving someone as something that drives plot, but here's the second episode, and here he is saving someone else from death, and the 3rd episode teaser has him saving one of two people - or an entire city from... you guessed it; death. I want this show to work. See my summary review of the show, but the writers need to figure out a more compelling reason to jump Dan through time than just "someone's going to die and something about them is important".

    In order for a show to work for me, I have to be able to put myself in the characters shoes and accept that I *MIGHT* be compelled to react the same way as them. I couldn't do that for this episode.

    Aside from that, here's a few things that made the show lose credibility - the chase through town by the cops... and suddenly someone he's met ONCE before shows up in a car in front of him offering him a a ride to the hospital (does that really seem plausible to anyone?). Also, the whole him hiding out in his old apartment with everyone there crawling around behind cupboards and stuff... no one's that oblivious. Maybe hide from one person, but not a group of 4 people. Lastly, Dan leaping in time onto another plane.... are we to believe there was another plane in the exact same spot 30 years in the past? If the previous time jumps hold the same pattern, Dan should have lept into empty sky and fallen to his death. If you're going to to travel him back to help give birth... do it somewhere NOT 30k feet in the sky.

    Now, this whole "ex fiancee following him through time" is old already. I assume there's some surprise reason we're supposed to find out somewhere down the road as to why she's doing it. The whole idea of someone that was so close to him in the past jumping into his jumps is just... well, it's a horrible idea. "Make sure you have an old cell phone and old currency all the time". Well DUH. Thanks for the tip, uber-traveller.

    The writers really need to kick it up a notch. They have a great premise to write on. They can't keep taking the easy way out. I hope the marital issues of the present fade to the backround soon, Either she's understanding of his jumps, or she's not. The pilot left me thinking "wow, she understands, and now we don't have to deal with the evil-eye every time her husband returns". The second episode left me feeling like she's more interested in having kids than the fact that her husband is *jumping_through_time*. Her character felt aloof and just downright uncaring, then towrads the end she's all "We're not going anywhere" lovey-dovey to him. Give me a break. Is she caring? Pretending?

    I'd love for this show to work, but if it keeps heading in this direction, it'll be a one-season hurrah.
  • Lots of character development, but still no real character involvement with me.

    I really wanted to like this series because of the very fact that it is about a guy who travels through time to help others. It isn't original, but I love the little things to make this different, like dealing with the relationship tension between Dan and Katie as well as Dan and Livia.

    Though this episode has totally added more dimensions to Dan, Katie, and Livia, I still don't feel much involvement with the characters. The pilot episode gave me hope at the end, when Dan pulls that stunt to prove to his wife that what is indeed happening to him is real. More so, when he did it not to prove that he was right, but that he wanted to save their marriage. But it seemed to have lost a bit of momentum with this episode.

    Maybe I'm a bit impatient, but I hope the series can fix this soon, otherwise it will just find itself canceled.
  • Another good episode I liked the way it further solidified Dan and his wife's unity behind his new power. This time the adventure took him into the past from the birth of a child to her adult hood. Fun events seeing Livia again but i'm tired

    Another good episode I liked the way it further solidified Dan and his wife's unity behind his new power. This time the adventure took him into the past from the birth of a child to her adult hood. Fun events seeing Livia again but i'm tired of seeing her without any context as to why she is there. By the end we see Dan's wife accepting his ability and choosing to do what's best for his vanishing condition and not what suits her. The show is doing better for me this is the second good episode in a row and I expect many more.
  • A lot of character development and backdrop of whats going on and gives us some answers to some future plot keys.

    There is a ton of character development in this episode and a somewhat change in setting. Although in the first episode the setting seemed a little saddened and perhaps dark to some people this episode shows how the main character takes on a whole different type of case when he travels back in time. We also see a little more character insight about Vivian, the main character's fiance who supposely died in a plane crash. The show continues to be my favorite new tv series so far for this season. When I mean favorite I'm not limiting that to NBC's lineup so far I mean out of all the new shows so far from the main channels such as NBC, CBS, and ABC.
  • A better overall picture of how the series will develop

    Long story short: Dan helps mother deliver baby, Dan meets mother and daughter a few years later and finds out the dad is not in the picture, Dan meets dad, Dan brings dad and daughter together and finds out dad doesn't want to have anything to do with her, Dan encourages daughter to help dad with health issues anyway, and then a final twist at the end.

    There are still questions to be answered about Olivia's exact role in all this, as she showed up again, and there were hints given as to how Dan is to go about this as well as what she will be doing while "journeying" with him. I'll take the director's word for it (from the NBC blog) that it'll all be explained in an upcoming episode.

    A clear pattern is developing here: not all is as it seems, and it's becoming evident that Dan doesn't necessarily change outcomes for the individuals whose lives he intervenes in, but he ends up creating better outcomes for people who are somehow related to or come into contact with those individuals.

    Not as strong an episode as the first one, but still a good one, and enough to sustain interest for me.
  • This is Quantum Leap rehashed and not even a good copy.

    We are not watching an original idea, it has been done before and much better. We have a guy traveling through time has a helper of sorts another Al, and we are not sure what he is supposed to do each week.
    I think they should do something original, regurgitating the past is getting old. We need something to occupy our evenings not something that we saw before in a slightly different way, again and again.
    I was hoping the show would get better after the first episode, but it is just another mediocre show from the home of mediocrity, NBC. What will they redo next, Father Knows Best.
  • Review

    Another solid episode. After two episodes of the show it seems like the show is going to be primarily standalone episodes with the only real recurring theme being the problems that Dan has at home with his wife and with his old flame in the past (who apprently is not really dead even though she is supposed to be)

    The "case" in this episode was solid, with his goal of the episode becoming different throughout the course of the episode. At first I thought he was supposed to save the baby, which he did, then I thought it was to save the wife, which didnt happen, and then I thought it was the save the daughter, which he still didnt do. Overall theme of the episode was to have the girl meet a man in the hospital, which was an interesting little twist. Dan in the present time wasnt as good in this episode as the pilot, but the episode was still really good in my mind. Series has started off pretty strong...
  • Haven't I seen this before?

    This show sort of reminds me of Quantum Leap and that show that aired a few seasons ago where this girl worked in a morgue and the dead would awaken asking her to save them and she would go back to the previous day to try and save them. ...They just seem to be recycling old concepts from various shows and combining them. I've been watching this simply because I like time-travel themed shows but I don't know if it's enough to keep me watching much longer.

    Not sure if I like these characters either. Maybe they just need to be better developed. There is some history betweem them, albeit romantic..Again, time will tell. I'll give it to November sweeps...if it makes it that long.