Season 1 Episode 3

Game Three

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 08, 2007 on NBC

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  • Dan travels back to 1989, to the night of game three of the playoffs,unlike before, this time he is going back to the same day,just a slightly different time of the day. He is drawn between saving the person who is destined to save, or a friend's sister.

    His first jump, sees him jump, minus shoes and socks and he more or less gets caught up and prevents an abduction of an attorney of law, Mr Pratt. Once initially saved, we see Katie going to the office and giving Dan a brown bag, containing his shoes and socks. His boss has a soft spot for Katie, wants her to join the paper, but she declines him as usual.

    When they are alone, they discuss the events and narrow down the date and time, it is the day of the 89 earthquake in San Francisco, he checks the web but finds no mention of Mr Pratt being a victim of the quake, but he does come across Hugh's sister being a victim. Then before he knows it, he returns back to the same spot that he was dropped off at the first time, just later in the day.

    With the advice of Lydia, he gets to understand the date issue a bit more, but also explains that he's not to deviate from his given task, as it just doesn't change things, it just makes no difference to the outcome. He tries to convince the authorities that some eco-terrorists are trying to blow up bridges and tunnels, then as he leaves the bar, bumps into the lawyer Mr Pratt, who gets his money off of Dan and goes to a card game, whilst Dan gets chased by the cops.

    Dan goes back to the present, talks to Katie some more, gets her to take his voice calls in his absence and then as he disappears into the past, she gets a call from his source regarding a vote rigging contract, she does well and still had the old journalist instinct.

    Meanwhile, he persuades to convince Alan Pratt about the gambling, he drags him out of the game as the earthquake hits, the building where the game was being held collapses, waking him upto his fate, grateful to be alive.

    We see Dan and Hugh talking about things, getting things out in the open. Then when he goes home he is confronted with Katie and the watch belonging to Livia, she wants to know where she is.
  • Just as things heat up between Dan and Katie Vasser, Dan pulls one of his disappearing acts, traveling eighteen years into the past.

    This time, Dan goes back in time to warn the people of San Francisco about an imminent disaster as well as trying to save a man from a life of addiction and misery. Meanwhile, Katie has found out that Dan has deceived her and been in touch with his past love, Livia.

    I can understand Katie is upset, but how many wives want to hear, "honey, I work with my ex-fiance…I love you"? Dan is still getting used to seeing her again when all this time he has believed she was dead. Livia is right, you can not save everyone. Not everyone is meant to be saved. If they were, they would be saved.
  • Romance put on hold!

    Dan plans to have a nice quiet evening with Katie but it is put on hold once more. You have to really feel for Dan as his life is really unravelling. As he tries to help an accident from occuring...but this time in 1989. While also helping an addict from running from his life. And you think that your day is bad, then look at Dan's. As this maybe his life's journey. This may not be what he wanted. As fate may have picked him instead. I mean, the man has a wife and a son and now his ex-fiancee has entered into his life. The guy is forced to save the world but he does so in a way that nobody else would be able too.
  • livia time travelled before she met dan?! dumb idea

    i don't know who thought it would be a good idea if she travelled before she met him but they were wrong. no they have to explain how she travelled why she stopped & what her support system was before she met him. they need to figure these things out. katie says: i found this in your jacket pocket. oh really? does she always go though his pockets looking for things after she has lunch with her ex-boyfriend? dan's behavior at the bar was really strange the way he grabbed the blonde. he couldn't just tell her that livia was an old friend who he just ran into? he really needs to be more subtle.
  • We see some development in the purpose of Dan's abilities. Even though he goes back in time to the same day several times, he realizes that sometimes he is not meant to stop the big tragedies, but rather focus on the more subtle ones.

    The third episode of Journeyman picked up the pace a little bit. It was better than the second, although still not quite as good as the first. It started off kind of slow, and I had my doubts until about halfway in, where it started to get interesting.

    We find out that Dan used to have a gambling addiction, and it was nice to see that he had to "save" someone that he could relate to. The way he found out about it was a nice change of pace too. It was unexpected that he would have to end up saving Alan instead of Hugh's sister or a bunch of other people by trying to stop the earthquake. These factors served to break up the repetitive "go back in time and save so-and-so" formula that I feared the show would follow with each episode.

    I'm really interested in Livia's character, and finding out more about the time travel aspect, what causes it, and how she can control her part. The whole triangle between her, Dan and Kate will be intriguing to see how it plays out as well.

    Journeyman is still an exciting show with good acting, and I will continue to watch. That about sums it up.
  • great episode

    Dan is investigating a story when he gets transported back in the year 1989. He helps out a man being chased by a group of men. He learns that this man is some lawyer. Dan goes back to the present and tries to figure out who he just met. After spending a few moments with his wife, he goes back in time again. This time in the same year and in the same location where he last went to. It's a nice episode, it builds upon the time traveling theme of the show. It's really entertaining. This episode ends with some cliffhanger, I can't wait for the next episode.
  • Liking this show

    I do like this show and it has a few questions that did not get answered like Livia Beale is a time travler too. She never told Dan. Game Three was interesting because for the first time Dan was going to the same place in time he felt that he was suppose to save his bosses sister, he was also trying to tell people about the earthquake so he could save lives, but he really was saving Alan Pratt a Lawyer who had a real bad gambling problem. We have a couple of little side plots going on also, Dan's brother Jack thinks he's gambling again, it also appeared that maybe Jack was hitting on Kate or something, and Dan did not tell Kate that he's seen Livia in his traveling and guess what Kate finds the watch that he gave Livia, which she in turn gives him when his gets broken. So what will Kate do now? I also wondered when Dan was looking at the video of Alan on the computer what year was it?
  • Not the best episode, but still quite good

    The series premiere covered the basic premise and set up the series with plenty of material to explore. The second episode focused more on the effect of Dan's time travel on his family and "present" relationships. This episode tries to meld elements of both, and whole is not necessarily the sum of its parts.

    Sooner or later, the writers would have bring the matter of Livia's survival into the story in a more tangible way. Introducing her as a fellow time traveler was clearly meant to up the stakes for Dan. It's one thing to have the younger and more alluring Livia in the past, where Dan might occasionally be tempted. It's quite another to have Livia alive and well, intersecting with his life on a regular basis.

    The first scenario gives Dan a clear choice between living in the past and living in the present. It makes the choice simple, because on some level, he knows that the past is just someplace he visits. He has to live with Kate and maintain a living for his family. Under that scenario, Dan could see his trips, however involuntary, as something like exotic business travel.

    Livia's presence within the time travel, as an active and living participant, brings a layer of continuity to his travels. He's not living one life with interruptions; he's jumping from one relationship to another at random. The temptations are much higher, especially when Livia has clearly been successful at making the travel work.

    More to the point, Livia explains that her travels through time had been happening before she met Dan. She was under the impression that they had stopped. It wasn't her choice to leave him, but it was her choice to stay out of contact until Dan's own travel began. That implies that Dan could figure out how to do the same. He could, theoretically, leave his old world behind and embrace his new world, and it might even be possible to be with Livia in the process.

    This is actually an implication drawn from relatively little material from the episode. Dan spends more time with Livia during this "mission", and that leads to an inconvenient mistake. Kate finds out about Dan's run-ins with Livia, and that will doubtless cause tension. That's far more interesting than the "mission" itself, which continues to be the least interesting part of a "Journeyman" episode.

    The somewhat disappointing exploration of the earthquake, even taking into account the revelations about Dan's gambling habit, undermine the strengths of the relationship quandary. Coming this early in the series, it feels like the producers were trying to find an early hook for the audience. Unfortunately, because it comes across as a transparent stunt, it takes something away from the episode itself. Given how "Journeyman" is struggling in the ratings, that's not what they need to do. They need to avoid the "Quantum Leap" penchant for stunts and focus on the core relationships. That is what will give the viewers a reason to come back.
  • Dan goes back to the earthquake.

    Great episode with some character development and plot twists. Dan learns that it's not always about the obvious things. Going back to the day of the earthquake (repeatedly, for the first time ever) does seem to imply that he needs to do something about the earthquake, but that's not the case.

    I hope Katey and Dan work it out, I love them as a couple and I loved that she support hims, believes him, but living with such a gift/curse is difficult, especially now that she knows he's seeing his ex, presumed dead girlfriend when he's off doing stuff in the past.

    I hope we find out more about Livia, she seems to have some sort of control over her travelling, which I hope Dan can learn too. She also seems to know know more about the why...
  • Good Episode.

    This one was good but a few things are getting a little repetitive, Dan's brother pushing his nose into things, and the fact the Katie still gets angry at him for leaving, like he has a choice! Although she is getting better. I'm also excited to see what the story is with Livia. Why is she following Dan around in her travels? And why did her travelings stop when she was with him? Is it something about him? I'm looking forward to finding out the answers to these questions and more. I'm intrigued.

    Can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Review

    It was solid, but at the same time it felt a little rushed and a little stale too. I didnt like the endgame all that well. I dont really see how Dan goes back into time, saves someone, but nothing really changes back in the present. Its like that person was just dropped into 2007 without anything else changing. Everyones lives should be different because of the things that he is doing, but they're not. I mean, I like the show and I think they could be doing something a lot better when he comes back after changing history and all of a sudden he has a new house or a different kid or something blockbuster. His old girlfriend has been able to travel through time for a while now, still waiting for something big with her to happen other then her just being there for support. Overall, solid episode but nothing really jumped out as amazing.
  • What would you do in his situation??

    This episode was good, but it just makes you wonder what you would have done in his situation. Obviously he can't alter time without something going horrible wrong in the future, so could you just sit back and watch 200 people go to their death, when you could have stopped it. I couldn't even imagine being placed in the situation to have to make that decision.

    On another lighter note, the mysterious Livia. Every time her character pops up all I can think about is "Al", for any Quantum Leap fans, you'll know what I mean. She shows up where ever he goes, no matter what time, and she knows whats going on with him but won't tell him much. So to me she is "Al" and Dan is "Sam".
  • Good episode it revealed to us some of the parameters of Dan's job and answered some long standing questions. First off we learn why Livia is traveling with him. Turns out she's been doing it since before she met Dan and got a temporary reprieve when

    Good episode it revealed to us some of the parameters of Dan's job and answered some long standing questions. First off we learn why Livia is traveling with him. Turns out she's been doing it since before she met Dan and got a temporary reprieve when she met him. Dan learns that the target is all he get else he's going to screw up everything by trying to improvise. The show gets credit for re-enacting an earthquake great special effects. With the ending of Dan's wife finding out about Livia the episode was perfect. The show has clearly established it's boundaries and direction and i'm quite pleased because of it.
  • Great episode.

    A truely amazing episode very well written and we're starting to see some serious character and plot development which will play a huge part in the series. Still the great acting and writing that we received two weeks ago in the very first episode of the series. The Google references are constant and Dan finally holds his Apple iPhone the right way (in episode one he is seen holding the iphone upside down. Also the writers do a clear job of not covering up the Apple logo or the obvious Apple menu screen. Wonder how much Apple paid for that advertising spot? Oh yeah that reminds me Patrick Neil Harris (Barney) now uses an iPhone in the show How I Met your Mother.