Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 29, 2007 on NBC

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  • We see Dan trying to help two brothers through a difficult time in heir lives, starting with a home made rocket exploding to the time of nearly losing their fathers garage, then we also have Dan and Katie being observed very closely by Jack.

    We start with Dan nearly being run over in a garage repair shop, loud music from the 80's is playing, we get the date from a garage calendar and then we see Dan getting to help the older brother from blowing himself up with a home made rocket. He goes back just in time to help take Zack out on Halloween's trick or treat.

    Dan gets prepared for his next jump by stashing some of the McCleen money on his personage, whilst Katie is saying about a different quote she got for the roof, then eyeing up the money stash, he tells her that it is for emergencies and to be spent in the past not the present. Dan goes off to work, leaving Katie going out, meeting up and having a lunch with Hugh, discussing her going back to work for a tv station, he card is declined and Hugh has to get the lunch.

    Dan jumps once more, this time he has some badic information that he has gleamed from the paper's archives. He goes back and we see that he prevents the boys from stealing a car, finds out some more answers and gives the older lad some money to buy and do up a camaro, teling him that if he does it then he will pay him $3000 for the car.

    Dan and Katie talk through the issue regarding the credit cards, then Dan goes to see Jack and tells him to back off, that he will tell him when he is ready to hear it. Then Dan works more on the story and Michael comes in to see Dan and talks through some things, but he clams up a little when talking about Stephen, he developed problems. Dan see's the connection, gets the answers to some of the questions. Michael leaves or is about to and Dan jumps, leaving Michael worried.

    Dan has to find Stephen, so he ends up stealing Jack's car in the past, going to the petrol chem office and preventing a bomb killing people, but just destroys some buildings. He then goes to see Michael and he begins to get through to his sense of family loyalty. They go and see Stephen in his apartment, he is acting very strange but is able to ascertain that Dan is a time traveller, he asks about is he from the past or the future.

    Between Michael and Dan, they are able to prevent Stephen doing any more damage to others or himself, then him and Livia see Jack and Katie walking along together. They then overhear her telling Jack that Dan asked her to marry him after finding out that she is pregnant. Livia tells Dan that Katie loves her, that she was just unsure.

    Back in the usual timeline, Dan comes back to find Jack and Katie chatting and talking in the house, he wants to know where he is and to talk to him, he then turns around and Dan is there, he apologises for getting the bank to check on him, Dan gives Jack a part for his car.

    We see Stephen at the paper, we see how his life has changed around due to Dan's and Michael's help, Dan asks him about his work in the time travel field, Stephen says that he's done some more work on it, he's proved it is not possible if with tacion particles. The last thing we see is Dan being told by Hugh that Channel 6 are going to give Katie's tape some serious consideration. Jack drops in, to let Dan take the car for a drive.
  • A very heartwarming storyline in the past coupled with some great character development in the present accounts for the best episode of Journeyman so far in its debut season.

    I loved this episode. Pure and simple.

    The storyline in the past this time was one of the most touching and down-to-earth storylines yet. We are drawn into the lives of two brothers. The older one is a troubled youth whom we first see trying to launch a model rocket and nearly getting himself killed. The younger one is a near genius who's supposed to be the level-headed of the two.

    The whole episode, Dan thinks he is supposed to be trying to save the older brother from throwing his life away to crime and delinquency. He goes back and stops him from stealing a car and tries to tell him that he is worth something...that people actually do care about him. In the same scene, he is confronted with past versions of himself and Jack. He sees that Jack has always tried to look out for him, even though he is somewhat of a control freak.

    In an alarming twist, we find out later in the episode that the older brother turned his life around after Dan talked him out of stealing the car and opened up his own auto garage. Instead, the person who has been sending all these threatening letters and who has been a misguided delinquent is the younger brother. His massive intelligence has caused him to develop a personal vendetta against some of the major companies in the world, and we find him in 2001, holed up in an apartment room building random gadgets.

    We also find out that he, unlike many of Dan's other "clients," has noticed that Dan seemingly doesn't age. He deduces that Dan is a time traveler, and starts getting freaked out. However, his brother manages to calm him down and convinces him to get his life back on track as well. This episode was very powerfully-written, and the audience is able to truly feel a connection with the two brothers.

    Meanwhile, Dan talks to the younger brother in the present and discovers that he has became a scientist who has some interesting ideas involving time travel. He actually tells Dan in the present that he has discovered time travel to be impossible...but his comments afterwards seem to imply otherwise.

    Every single aspect of this episode was great, and the money from The Legend Of Dylan McCleen even comes into play again, giving the storylines even more connectivity.

    Journeyman definitely needs to continue making more episodes like this.
  • Review

    What has impressed me about the last two episodes has been the writing. The storys in episodes 2-4 felt very forced, like they were trying to crate too much drama instead of just going with the flow like they have in episodes 5 and now 6 as well. Another episode where I was interested in both the past storyline and wasnt all that bored with the present storyline. I think Jack is on the verge of joining Dan into a trip into the past, but that could just be me. Katie going back to work was kind of a filler storyline, but I think the writers could have done a lot worse there. I loved the scene in the past where Dan learns a lot more about Jack then he thought he knew. Them driving off in the car makes me think there relationship in this next episode might change a little bit from the always fighting approach so far. OVerall, this season is beginning to pick back up again after epsiodes 2-4 failed to find a solid path.
  • Dan helps two brothers in the eighties.

    Good episode with a lot of character development.

    I really feel sorry for Katie, living like this with a husband who disappears at the most awkward of times and not being able to tell anyone about why and how must be difficult.
    I don't really understand why they don't ell Jack. After this episode especially, he has apologised, even let Dan drive his car, it seems the relationship between the brothers is improving.

    I really like Jack's new doctor girlfriend, she's cute and fun to be around. I still doon't trust Livia.
    The tachyon storyline returned, but seems to have been a dead end. I don't think it is though, I want to heard more about this scientist we saw in the pervious episode...
  • Some character development!

    The only person in the show that we know about is Dan but to a lesser degree, Katie. But we know nothing about people like Livia or Jack. As Dan is brought in to help two brother escape their abuseful past. he and Livia hear a conversation between Jack & Katie. As Katie worries about being married to Dan. And why he keeps on disappearing all the time. And that Jack feels that Dan's gambling problem has come up while he comes and gets his financial records to prove that Dan is gambling when in fact he hasn't been. Katie I feel sorry for. But again, Dan is chosen by fate to solve problems in the past. Sadly this accomplishes nothing this time as nothing happened at all.
  • he only saved two lives

    he changed the lives of 3 people but it hardly paid any dividends in the present. it was really pointless that he travelled back to save these people, the least they could have done was mention that the people who originally died now went on to do some good but they didn't. the brother parallel was forced & boring. the best part of the episode was when dan was eavesdropping on katie telling jack how she was unsure abut marrying dan. we could see dan being umcomfortable as he heard these things his wife was saying & at the same time we got to see livia eavesdropping as well & she was visibly upset listening to another woman talk about marrying the man she loved (loves?). that scene was well done.
  • great episode

    Dan goes back in time to see two brothers playing with a rocket. Dan intervenes and saves one brother from getting killed by a poorly designed rocket. Dan returns to the future to deal with his own family drama. His big brother is tracking his bank account. He goes back to the past and help out the two brothers again. Along the way Dan gets to see himself and his big brother when they were younger. It's a really good episode, moving in between different years is so much fun to watch. the writers were able to make this episode look really good.
  • Another great episode!

    According to the ratings, this show is bleeding viewers week after week, and that's a damn shame. Of all the new shows this season, this is probably the most mature look at a science fiction concept. Fans of the genre constantly beg for depth in character exploration and substance over style. Well, this show is delivering on that desire, but the audience just doesn't seem to be there.

    This episode appears to center on Dan's mission to save a young man from the effects of his upbringing. Instead, that situation is used to explore the relationship between Dan and his older brother Jack. As soon as the parallel is established, the emotional thrust of the episode becomes that brotherly bond. Along with the audience, Dan begins to recognize his brother's desire to protect his younger sibling from himself.

    In the middle of that conflict is Katie, who apparently has a history of keeping Dan's secrets for him. Dan was already having troubles in his life when he asked Katie to marry him, and Jack was not pleased with the idea. This episode makes it clear that Livia's "death" was just one more event in a lifelong continuum of choices. Dan was already troubled, dealing with their father's absenteeism, and Jack was a control freak as a result.

    The gaps are slowly being filled in the timeline, which in turn places pressure on Dan to understand and control his time travel. Time has been altered several times thus far, but this situation seemed to drive home the implications for Dan. This is something that is likely to be explored in the future, as the rules continue to spool out and Dan's actions continue to exact consequences.

    I still get the feeling that Dan will discover that his time travel is the result of his own choices, perhaps in conjunction with something Livia will reveal to him at some future time. I don't believe that she's completely innocent in his selection for time travel or her constant presence during his missions. There's more to that story, just as there's more to the connection with Dr. Langley and his "unusual" scientific theories.

    If this series is following the classic season arc model, then the next few episodes should include at least one important revelation, most likely propelling the story into a more complicated direction. One can only hope that the series will last that long, because the existing situation is already complex enough to make things interesting. I would love to see where the writers could take this concept with the right amount of time and support.
  • Another good episode this time Dan finding a Unabomber type and trying to save him and as many as possible. Also Dan't brother investigates his finances trying to determine if

    Another good episode this time Dan finding a Unabomber type and trying to save him and as many as possible. Also Dan't brother investigates his finances trying to determine if he's on drugs. This episode had a more intensive case of Dan having contact with a present person while in the past. To a lesser extent that happened with the scientist from last episode. He was in the present but called Dan in the past. Well it was nice he stopped the kid from killing and ruining his life. Dan and is relationship with Katie has been solidified due to past conversations between Katie and his brother. Good episode all around and it briefly touched on some of those space time questions that have been lingering.
  • Dan continues to surprise us with his drive to do the right thing and his struggle with his predicament. He meets two brothers who need his help, but at the same time he sees that they may be able to help him as well...

    Journeyman is an original. Sure time travel has been done before, but not in this way. He truly embraces the fact that he travels to affect people's lives as "himself". This episode stands out as a shining example of why this series will capture the viewers and keep them watching. Dan makes a huge difference in two boy's lives. The younger one is not fooled about the fact that Dan doesn't age through the years... a first for Dan. Dan sees this as a chance to perhaps find answers to questions about "why is this happening". I could truly feel the conflict within Dan of whether or not to admit he was from the future. Although he didn't find any answers, the original story continued without revealing his true situation. Very cleverly done. I was sad to find that the younger brother, Steven, no longer believed time travel was possible.

    Strong episode with an emotional Livia and a steadfastly loyal Katie showing Dan just how lucky he is.
  • Brothers...

    I liked this becuase they gave the brothers a little chance to reconcile without Dan telling him everything. I like that the family knows but you have to keep some characters in the dark.
    The wife trying to go back to work is a nice touch and I think is needed with the money issues going on with the family. I do think it would be fine if he managed to find a way to make a little cash on the side while in the past. A few stock purchases purhaps.
    The story was a good one and it lent itself well to the action.
  • * Halloween and everyones dressed up * Dan's brother continues to nose into Dan's business. * Two brother's in the past need help. * Dan learns something interesting about his current wife. * Katie contemplates going back to wo

    Great episode I say, absolutely another fine episode. Dan's mission as he soon learns is dealing with two brother's who are victim's of a not so great Dad that deeply affects the life choice of one of the brothers whom Dan must help. Not the easiest of task as the true nature of what of the problem doesn't come to light immediately, but became very clear in a short while. First things first Dan saves the oldest brother from harm as he ignites a rocket with to much of a charge. Back to the present Dan's brother Jack isn't content with Dan's odd behavior, and having no clue as to what's really going on continues to probe into Dan's personal life having concluded that Dan is relapsing into his gambling problem. Tying up Dan's finances as he checks into his finances, and this creates a quick and immediate problem with Katie as she's unable to use her credit card to pay for her lunch. Dan confronts his brother Jack, and Jack has no problem fessing up to nosing around while accusing his brother further of falling back on old habits. As we learn the two brothers end up taking different paths, the oldest has a family, the younger has a prison record. The youngest brother decided to send mail bombs, and killed two people in the process. Dan was able to go back and save the two lives as well as change the past of the youngest brother who would not continue doing what he was, and as a result Dan changed history for the better. As for Dan's brother Jack while Dan was in the past he was able to overhear Jack talking with Katie about her relationship with Dan just prior to Dan and Katie being married. Katie who was Jack's former serious relationship confided in Jack that she was pregnant before being married and was seemingly uncertain of getting married to Dan. Jack being a true brother never sought to discourage Katie's love for Dan, and when he confronted her with the question of whether or not she loved Dan, Katie paused before saying yes. Jack remained true to his brother and handled the situation properly never taking an opportunity to sabatoge Dan ad Katie's relationship. Dan having witnessed this conversation realized his brother was a true brother that looked out for Dan, and didn't look to take advantage of the situation which made his stock go up a ton in my books. As annoying as Jack may seem you know at least that it's based on his true concerns for Dan's well being as well as Katie's, and if anything you have to respect that. Dan comes back from the past with Jack at his house to apologize to Dan stating that his accounts were normal, and that he doesn't believe Dan's gambling again. Again more points for Jack for his apology to Dan, but also as said earlier all of this was done because he does care about his brother and showed that he wasn't going to back down from intervening if necessary. That is a true brother, and friend that loves you enough even if it annoys you, and that'll lookout for you whether or not you want him to, many points to Jack this episode. As for Dan telling Jack the truth right now well let's face it unless Dan can definitively prove the truth of his time traveling well I guess many of you can imagine his reaction without definitive proof. Hopefully they'll find a way of bringing Jack on the inside of Dan's new life, but more probable is that they will leave him on the outside and keep him as the antagonist of the situation we'll have to see. All in all I think this episode dealt more with Dan and Jack's relationship as brothers then anything else, and that was good because it's tough constantly seeing stress between the two. Maybe this will allow the show to explore different aspects of their relationship as brothers, and open that side up to us the viewers. This was a really good episode, and this show has been very consistent in it's storytelling delivering week in and week out. I hope that they start to further explore the time traveling aspect of it and answer a few questions in the process. Such questions like, how was he chosen, what is the source of the time traveling, and will he ever be able to control it? But I assume these great mysteries will not unfold quickly but rather slowly to keep us plugged into the series along with great storytelling every episode. As for now though this has been my favorite new show this season, and has definitely moved into my top 5 favorite television shows. Looking forward more episodes and unfolding storyline as well. Take care.

    Peace To All.
  • Dan tracks two abused brothers and must stop a tragedy.

    It Halloween and as is tradition on Tv the "Halloween special" of Journeyman drops Dan in 1986 in an automotive garage wearing a Super Hero mask (He shall now be known as The Phantom Traveler!) Dan looks around the place and hears a couple of kids arguing. The younger boy is desperately trying to get his brother Michael to abort the launch of a small fuel rocket, telling Dan that the fuel mix is wrong and the garage could be compromised. Michael ignores the pleas and lights the fuse. Like a true comic book legend Phantom Traveler appears and spirits the boy to safety as the rocket explodes, in a firey display of pyrotechnic amazement. Back in 2007, an insectoid monster appears dragging a suitcase on the floor behind him. The beastly bug is none other than young Zack Vasser, who in his haste to find his treat bag found the money that Dan got in "The Legend of Dylan McCleen". Katie tells him that the money is fake and should be kept a secret like Dan's invisibility (time jumping to those of you who aren't seven). A knock at the door reveals Jack dressed as a cowboy and his girlfriend Teresa dressed as a (I'm guessing) flapper girl, i think that's what they're called. After a little mail snooping by Jack Dan arrives with two bags of ice in tow. As Zack and Dan leave Jack notices a shard of glass (from 1986) on Dan's shirt a pulls it of saying "you wouldn't want to cut yourself" then gives Katie a look. Later Dan and Katie are discussing the past money situation and a damaged roof when Katie leaves for a meeting with Dan's boss Hugh Skillen see asks him to put in a good word with Grant Houser at news station KRYL the waitress interups and says that her credit card will not go through, and Hugh offers to pay. Hugh tells Katie to tell Dan about her going back to work, no secrets and such. Back at the Register Dan is lookibg for information concerning the brothers Kowalchuk, Michael who in 1989 stole a car and lead police on a three hour high speed chase.Watch it for more
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