Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 2007 on NBC
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Dan’s newest mission requires him to deal with a man who claims he’s a time traveler. While Livia finds herself on a separate mission too, just before her wedding to Henry. Meanwhile, Jack talks to Elliot Langley, and Katie thinks that Dan has been wounded again after she discovers blood in the house.moreless

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  • This should have been the pilot

    This should have been the pilot.

    Well, maybe that's an exaggeration.

    But I definitely think the series creeators' decision to delay key revelations too long may have been what killed an otherwise intelligent and promising series.

    Perfidia addressed some crucial whys and hows of the Journeyman's involuntary trips back through time.

    But these important revelations came much too late. I suspect many viewers got frustrated ten episodes ago and tuned out.

    A pity. Basically I liked the series. It could have been better than say, Quantum Leap, which was fun, but a little on the juvenile side.moreless
  • Dan ends up helping a crazy person who claims he is another time-traveller. after some convincing Dan agrees to help him with some dire and yet surprising consequences.

    Just finished watching all the episodes in one go (taking me a good half day in the process) and this is what i think.

    Good ending to yet another series that has fallen prey to cancellation far too early. Such a unique and interesting show that could easily have rivalled opposing show heroes in longevity.

    I think that i first have to point out that at the end when Dan and Livia feel that they won't see each other again for a while it left me sad because i really would have liked to see the two of them "together" again. many people will think otherwise but for me, i think it was a cruel universe that allowed dan and livia to meet (where livia actually stopped time-travelling) and then to be torn apart. remember that katie went from jack to dan (brother-to-brother)which is awkward, livia and dan didn't time-travel when they were together but livia did before they met and dan did after she "died"

    and when dan and livia did time-travel they almost always end up in the same time and place.moreless
  • Critical and important episode

    Then it gets cancelled just as new revelations about Dan's experience. Dan is trying to help a mental patient who believes he can travel through time just like Dan. He certainly seems to be somewhat off if not entirely insane then he shows Dan proof. What does it all mean? We will never know since this is the last aired episode. GAH! Hate it when that happens. Such a well written episode that will get you thinking about Dan's path. While not realizing, this episode is connected to the pilot and other aspects of Dan's trips have more questions than answers.moreless
  • Dan has to help a fellow jumper complete his mission so that he can move on with his life, the only problem is that he is in a psych ward of the local nut house.moreless

    Dan wakes up and doesn't know where he is, he is still shakey, but then he finds out that he's in a psych ward, one of the patients saw him jump, knows who he is and tells him he is one of them. He tries to get out of there, only to meet with some officials and ends up taking up their offer to stay.

    Katie and Nat come back into the house with Zack, they are going about the house and end up in the upstairs part of the house and discover a pool of blood in the bathroom. Then Zack comes in and asks if daddy banged his head before disappearing, which worries Nat.

    His partner in crime in the institute, has a plan but need Dan to create a diversion, which he does. The guy leaves when the door is left unattended, and Dan ends up jumping back into his normal time. He's been gone for a day and a half.

    He and Katie discuss things, he tells her about the thread of the jump and tells her that he has to jump, she wants to see it, but then Nat turns up, he leaves and jumps as he goes through the door.

    He and Livia are talking through it when they see Evan holding the ring box, Dan and Livia prevent him from doing that course of action, he takes Evan back to paper and shows him proof, a videotape of him and Laura dancing. We find out that Evan is telling the truth, they get warned to leave the building as Dan is entering the building by Livia.

    Dan uses a contact in the mayor office to find out where the couple will be, they then get him tidied up and go to a cocktail party, where Evan gets to talk to Laura and then Dan gets them to play the song, they then take to the floor to dance to Perfidia. He promises to then vote for her husband. He dances away and then at the end, he clutches his arm and has a stroke, he gets taken away by ambulance and then as they are taking Dan walks passed and gets into the cab, he tells Livia that this was the first moment that he jumped.

    Nat leaves but wants Katie to consider the offer of the house etc etc, then we see Dan at the paper and looking through the belongings of Evan, then he leaves paper by lift and joins Professor Langley, who explains about chaning realities. He learns alot but is told that he is the last one.

    Dan goes back to the house and tells Katie about it, that he's able to lead a normal life, as Evan did, whilst still being married. She gets very excited about it, about having a normal life, then as she is in bed, he's sat on the chair and about to jump, he calls out Katie and she sees the last bit of him jumping.moreless
  • Dan learns of a legacy he is to uphold.

    As a fan who sent NBC a letter from the future asking them to save the series, I am a bit disappointed as to how I worded that letter. This episode was the perfect season finale. Season finale. The way that the writers brought together many of the story points of the initial arc in this episode, especially the involvement of Dr. Langley, makes it a good place to say "Goodbye for now." The 'back nine' episodes would only get in the way between this well-crafted episode, and the beginning of Season Two, assuming that NBC greenlights a second season of this excellent hour of television.moreless
Don McManus

Don McManus

Evan Pattison

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Melinda McGraw

Melinda McGraw

Annette Barron

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Joanna Going

Joanna Going

Lauren Vogel

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Tom Everett

Tom Everett

Elliot Langley

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Dan time travels at the end of the episode it is the first (and only) time in the series that Katie actually sees him do it.

    • Evan recognizes Livia as a traveler, saying you can always tell by the shoes. This is the same thing Steven Kowalchuck says to Dan in the episode "Keepers".

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Dan: Did you know that, um, you and I were both born during a rare celestial occurrence?
      Livia: Uh, no.
      Dan: The Joseph Lee Comet.
      Livia: What do you think it means?
      Dan: Well, right now, I think it means we're both playing Cupid because another time traveler is about to enter that building.

    • Evan: You're here for a reason, right?
      Dan: Yeah. Not the reason you think.
      Evan: Well, we never really know in the beginning. It's me. You're here for me. Are, are you hungry? Because it, it always makes me hungry. I can get you food. See, I, I saw what you did. How you got here.
      Dan: Wait. How I got here?
      Evan: I know who you are, man. I'm one of you.

    • Dan: What causes it? Why are we doing it?
      Evan: I haven't learned much since the last few months...except that, uh, whoever's pulling our strings is doing it for a reason. Dan, you're gonna change more lives than explorers, scientists, doctors, anyone.

    • Evan: I met her in college. I was married to her for 20 years. About 15 years back the, uh, the travels started and I tried to live as normal a life as possible. What a joke.
      Dan: You're one of us.
      Evan: I think I mentioned that.

    • Dan: Maybe you should lose the flowers.
      Evan: Why? Women love flowers.
      Livia: It's a little needy.
      Evan: Oh, I feel needy.

    • Evan: (When he first sees Livia) Who are you?
      Dan: Uh, it's a friend.
      Evan: Ha, she's one of us. You can tell by the shoes.

    • Dan: I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Annette.
      Kate: Yeah, I know, it's usually your favorite part of her visit.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Dan: You know how much I love you?
      Zach: Yes.
      Dan: How much?
      Zach: To the moon and back.

      The line "to the moon and back" comes from the children's book "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney.

    • The episode is named for a popular Mexican song about love and betrayal written by Alberto Domínguez. Perfidia is also the title of a 1939 movie made in Mexico.