Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 19, 2007 on NBC

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  • This should have been the pilot

    This should have been the pilot.

    Well, maybe that's an exaggeration.

    But I definitely think the series creeators' decision to delay key revelations too long may have been what killed an otherwise intelligent and promising series.

    Perfidia addressed some crucial whys and hows of the Journeyman's involuntary trips back through time.

    But these important revelations came much too late. I suspect many viewers got frustrated ten episodes ago and tuned out.

    A pity. Basically I liked the series. It could have been better than say, Quantum Leap, which was fun, but a little on the juvenile side.
  • Dan ends up helping a crazy person who claims he is another time-traveller. after some convincing Dan agrees to help him with some dire and yet surprising consequences.

    Just finished watching all the episodes in one go (taking me a good half day in the process) and this is what i think.
    Good ending to yet another series that has fallen prey to cancellation far too early. Such a unique and interesting show that could easily have rivalled opposing show heroes in longevity.
    I think that i first have to point out that at the end when Dan and Livia feel that they won't see each other again for a while it left me sad because i really would have liked to see the two of them "together" again. many people will think otherwise but for me, i think it was a cruel universe that allowed dan and livia to meet (where livia actually stopped time-travelling) and then to be torn apart. remember that katie went from jack to dan (brother-to-brother)which is awkward, livia and dan didn't time-travel when they were together but livia did before they met and dan did after she "died"
    and when dan and livia did time-travel they almost always end up in the same time and place.
  • Critical and important episode

    Then it gets cancelled just as new revelations about Dan's experience. Dan is trying to help a mental patient who believes he can travel through time just like Dan. He certainly seems to be somewhat off if not entirely insane then he shows Dan proof. What does it all mean? We will never know since this is the last aired episode. GAH! Hate it when that happens. Such a well written episode that will get you thinking about Dan's path. While not realizing, this episode is connected to the pilot and other aspects of Dan's trips have more questions than answers.
  • Dan has to help a fellow jumper complete his mission so that he can move on with his life, the only problem is that he is in a psych ward of the local nut house.

    Dan wakes up and doesn't know where he is, he is still shakey, but then he finds out that he's in a psych ward, one of the patients saw him jump, knows who he is and tells him he is one of them. He tries to get out of there, only to meet with some officials and ends up taking up their offer to stay.
    Katie and Nat come back into the house with Zack, they are going about the house and end up in the upstairs part of the house and discover a pool of blood in the bathroom. Then Zack comes in and asks if daddy banged his head before disappearing, which worries Nat.

    His partner in crime in the institute, has a plan but need Dan to create a diversion, which he does. The guy leaves when the door is left unattended, and Dan ends up jumping back into his normal time. He's been gone for a day and a half.

    He and Katie discuss things, he tells her about the thread of the jump and tells her that he has to jump, she wants to see it, but then Nat turns up, he leaves and jumps as he goes through the door.

    He and Livia are talking through it when they see Evan holding the ring box, Dan and Livia prevent him from doing that course of action, he takes Evan back to paper and shows him proof, a videotape of him and Laura dancing. We find out that Evan is telling the truth, they get warned to leave the building as Dan is entering the building by Livia.

    Dan uses a contact in the mayor office to find out where the couple will be, they then get him tidied up and go to a cocktail party, where Evan gets to talk to Laura and then Dan gets them to play the song, they then take to the floor to dance to Perfidia. He promises to then vote for her husband. He dances away and then at the end, he clutches his arm and has a stroke, he gets taken away by ambulance and then as they are taking Dan walks passed and gets into the cab, he tells Livia that this was the first moment that he jumped.

    Nat leaves but wants Katie to consider the offer of the house etc etc, then we see Dan at the paper and looking through the belongings of Evan, then he leaves paper by lift and joins Professor Langley, who explains about chaning realities. He learns alot but is told that he is the last one.

    Dan goes back to the house and tells Katie about it, that he's able to lead a normal life, as Evan did, whilst still being married. She gets very excited about it, about having a normal life, then as she is in bed, he's sat on the chair and about to jump, he calls out Katie and she sees the last bit of him jumping.
  • Dan learns of a legacy he is to uphold.

    As a fan who sent NBC a letter from the future asking them to save the series, I am a bit disappointed as to how I worded that letter. This episode was the perfect season finale. Season finale. The way that the writers brought together many of the story points of the initial arc in this episode, especially the involvement of Dr. Langley, makes it a good place to say "Goodbye for now." The 'back nine' episodes would only get in the way between this well-crafted episode, and the beginning of Season Two, assuming that NBC greenlights a second season of this excellent hour of television.
  • great episode

    Dan wakes up and finds himself locked up inside a mental institution. Things become interesting when he meets a man inside the institution who happens to be a time traveler as well. Jack tracks down Elliot Langley and asks him some question about Dan. This episode shows some answers to the time traveling mystery, just vaguely though. But the episode is still exciting to watch. It's fast paced, a lot of things happen within 40 minutes. I can't wait to see what will happen next episode. There's got to be a great episode next week. Every episode is always a big treat.
  • I'm very proud of the writers for writing such a special episode.

    If Journeyman doesn't come back then I will be dissapointed - BUT this episode does tidy up a few of the questions that we've all been asking and I'm very proud of the writers for writing such an episode that if it doesn't come back, we WON'T suffer not knowing WHY, but if it does come back we're open to more reasons and suggestions and possibilities etc.

    I really love this show and I thought this episode was very special. It gave reason to why Dan started to time travel, and how you can't always save everybody. If this is the programs final episode ever, well done to all the writers and actors for making this show such a wonderful show (it will be missed!).

    I am crossing all my toes and fingers though that there will be a second season... there's always hope!
  • If it all ends I've ever seen

    All I can say is Wow! This was a beautiful episode to watch and also filled in about as many blanks as you can in an hour. Let me begin by saying this episode alone is reason enough to keep the show going, but, if it has to end I was not disappointed one iota. Who would of thought Dan was actually replacing another time traveler and that's how we got to where we are. Kind of makes you wonder if he messed this mission up how would that have changed his life. Loved how he finally got to share it all with Katie and how she's on board with everything regardless. Bring Journeyman back NBC and affiliates...let's not let this episode be a series clincher!!!
  • The last episode...most likely.

    Things kick off when Dan lands in a heap on the courtyard of a mental institution with a cut on his head. As he gets his bearings, it's clear that it's not too serious. I raised an eyebrow when a patient said it was 2007.

    Evan, a patient, comes up to Dan, saying he saw how Dan flashed in and said he was a time traveler, too. Evan says he hasn't been jumping since he started taking some prescription meds the people with arm vests made him take. I wasn't sure at first, but I leaned toward believing him. Evan says he has to get out to see his wife. Though Dan isn't sure, he goes along, creating a diversion to let Evan slip out, then flashes back to the present. There he learns that Evan got hit by a car while jaywalking during his quest to see his wife.

    As Dan researches Evan, Annette urges Katie to leave Dan and Jack tries to get Dr. Langley to spill what he knows about time travel. Annette served no purpose except to vocalize the doubts that Katie must be feeling. Katie chooses to stay with Dan by the end, but if the series had continued, I'm sure we would've seen more drama in that area.

    It was nice seeing Jack work as Dan's strongest ally, but if Langley had admitted to being in on Dan's time travel calling, what would that have accomplished? And his pregant girlfriend is nowhere to be seen.

    Anyhow, Dan meets up with Livia on his next trip back to September 2007 (about the time he started jumping?). Livia's extremely unhappy as she's prepping to get married back in 1946. And she made sure not to repeat her faux pas with Dan by telling her next fiance about her time travel calling. Dan wishes her well and decides to continue helping Evan, while Livia wonders if he's the mission and if he has all his marbles. Evan points out that Livia's shoes give her away as a time traveler. LOL.

    Incidentally one wonders how Livia appears with modern clothes and hairstyles so often?

    When Dan and Livia help Evan get to his wife, she doesn't know him from Adam. Evan then admits to our duo that he made an enemy during one of his missions, who killed his wife. So he changed things to keep them from meeting at Stanford to let her live. Then his past self saw him and things went on steamrolling downhill...

    When Dan flashes back to the present, he learns that Evan got shot by the security detail bird dogging the new husband of Evan's new spouse, a San Fran council member. Dan tells Evan on his next jaunt, but Evan doesn't care. He wants to prove to himself that he hasn't been completely erased from his wife's consciousness. Romantic, but then what once he establishes he's right?

    Evan triggers a spark with his wife at a fundraising event for her new hubby, who's campaigning for reelection, when he takes her for a salsa whirl on the dance floor. When they finish, the two're giving each other rapturous smiles when Evan spontaneously drops dead. Apparently he's not meant to live no matter what. But this death is more annoying (and contrived) than the first two. And Dan and Livia also have to two-step a couple times to avoid running into the past Dan to keep the timeline on track. It seemed to me that the only reason past Dan didn't see them on at least two close calls was because the show's directors and writers ordained it. Dan and Livia exit when they witness past Dan get into a cab and flash for the first time.

    When Dan gets back to the present, he finds Dr. Langley waiting for him at the newspaper. Our resident scientist admits to Dan that he's part of a group that watches time travelers (shades of the Buffy/Angel and Highlander watchers). There's more depth here, but I'm on the fence about this.

    The powers that be are unknown to the time travel watchers (and the time travelers and viewers), but the system seems to be breaking down (for unknown reasons) since Dan (along with Livia) is apparently one of the last time travelers on the watchers' grid.

    Unknown people are watching the time travelers, who want to exploit 'em. Dr. Langley and his group of watchers want to help keep the secret, and he pledges Dan his unflinching support. The jury's out on whether Langley is who he says he is, but we won't know that since the series is virtually cancelled now.

    Dan goes home to Katie, who wants him to take the pills that Evan took to put a kibosh on his temporal sojourns. Only Dan doesn't see his jumping as a curse anymore, but as a calling in which he has the valuable ability to "set right what once went wrong" ("Quantum Leap" quote). Couldn't blame him. I'd make that choice.

    Katie then reminds Dan of his promise in the pilot episode in which he said he'll "always come back home." Good nod to continuity. When Dan gives the affirmative, she says she'll "keep the light on." Great show of support. And the final note of a promising series.

    When I look back on the series, I feel that a number of things caused potential viewers to change the channel when the latest installment of "Heroes" ended. One is the predictable time travel plots of the earlier episodes and the (overly?) complicated love quadrilateral of Dan, Livia, Jack, and Katie. On another note, Livia was apparently an independent time traveler before she conveniently stayed in the "present" for several years, where she went to law school and met Dan and got engaged before leaping again. Then once Dan started leaping, she apparently leaped only to join him and play a poor man's Al Calavicci to Dan's Sam Beckett.

    The second and more major issue was the incongruences througout the show (like Livia's modern clothes) and the lack of a "cause" generating the "effect": Dan's time jumps.

    "Cause and effect." A major principal of science and science fiction. And good storytelling no matter what the genre.

    The series established the "what" of its premise: Dan traveling through time a la "Quantum Leap"'s Sam Becket to help people.

    But the dramatic "how" Dan is sent through time and "why" Dan being born during the passage of a fictional comet makes him a time traveler.

    Without knowing the "how" at all and a part of the "why" until the next to last episode, Dan's jumps through time come across to me as contrived.

    Only because I'm a SF fan (especially time travel) did I have the patience to stick with "Journeyman" through its growing pains. Unfortunately, the general viewing audience didn't have my kind of patience. Hence the dropping ratings and NBC's refusal to pick up the series' option.

    In Hollywood, many self-proclaimed SF film/TV producers and writers say it's possible to do anything with SF. I would point out that the best SF stories work on internally consistent and logical rules that are effectively relayed to readers and viewers.

    IMHO, "Journeyman" didn't do this and paid the price with its premature cancellation. Hopefully, others will learn this lesson.

  • A strong and premature finale

    By all accounts, this is the final episode of the series, and fans of intelligent genre drama should be very unhappy at such a turn of events. As this episode demonstrates, there was a keen eye towards continuity, and the writers had a very clear sense of where the story was going. It's rare to see such consistency, and under better circumstances, this might have been a narrative with depth akin to the excellent and oft-misunderstood "Lost".

    Because of the struggle to keep the show on the air, and the desire on all sides to bring a sense of closure to Dan's situation, the episode is a bit uneven. On the one hand, the majority of the episode appears to progress as originally planned, adding another layer to the overall mystery of the time travel ability. Other scenes feel shoe-horned into the episode to bring some of the character arcs to a suitable resting place. Unfortunately, any sense of resolution is subtle, because the writers were just beginning to explore the depth of the concept.

    As it stands, one can look at "Journeyman" as the story of Dan's struggle to accept his new state of being. By the end of this episode, Dan has made the conscious choice to continue traveling into the past, promising always to return home. Dan seems to understand the possibility that his life will fall apart, but he's willing to take that risk. Similarly, Livia decides to build a life similar to Dan's in her own time, despite their past, and one gets the distinct feeling that they will work together to help others and each other as long as they can.

    Evan's story is yet another cautionary tale for Dan, making it clear that going "off the mission" can have devastating consequences. As usual, every mistake has a consequence. There are interesting hints about the nature of the "powers that be" and their methods. One could speculate that new travelers are "called" when an existing one dies, but the individuals available must meet some unusual characteristics (such as being born during a given celestial event).

    Dan's expository discussion with Dr. Langley builds on the existing mythology by detailing what is known about the travelers. Or, rather, he explains as much as he is willing to reveal. Dan appears to be the last of a select category of humans able to travel through time. The mechanism is unknown, but it is believed that some agency is guiding or controlling the process. Some wish to understand that dynamic, while others clearly wish to exploit it, by any means necessary.

    In essence, Dr. Langley brings a little more context to Dan's experience, but it's mostly a summary of what has already been revealed. That might have been a means of propelling the story forward had the series survived, but as it stands, it just crystallizes Dan's new status quo so that the audience can understand what his final decision means. Jack's interaction with Langley was priceless, however, and it's great to see how quickly Jack has turned into one of Dan's strongest supporters.

    There's no denying that "Journeyman" had much more story to tell, and that this "finale" is simply not enough to satisfy fans when it should have been just another strong episode. Hopefully there will be a DVD set in a near future with enough additional information and insight to give a better sense of closure.
  • One thing leads to another...

    It was an excellent question brought up by the episode. Does one traveler have to die for another to appear? Is it like a disease, does it transfer from one person to another? And in order to stop traveling, does the person have to die?

    I love that fact that Kate is not just willing to accept Dan's leaps. I think if it would happen to us, our significant other would have questions, doubts, and concerns. It was sort of like it's a wonderful life with Evan going back and affecting his relationship with his wife. Of course dancing with her should not have stirred up any possible memories.
  • I hope this is not the end, go to

    If this was the last episode it was a good one to end on. I really, really hope it is not though. I don't know why but time travel has always fascinated me. This show has a lot of heart. Dan is a true heroic character and you don't see too much of that these days on TV. Most characters in shows today are whiny or goofy. At least the show didn't end in some cliffhanger that we will never get to see. It ended in a way you that you can use your own imagination. Go to and try to save this great show.
  • Review

    A fantastic job by the writers to end their show so quickly and to be able to wrap everything up in a way that we are all happy about. It seems that Dan has found out where his powers came from and how he must use them for "The Greater Good". He now seems to have a new bond with his wife and I like the scene they had at then end there but I really wanted something more from that particular scene. But - the show can only do so much in the time that it was given. Overall I thought the episode was amazing, with the case involved being mysterious yet so important to the overall timeline. I thought the star thing was something connecting Dan and Livia, but that doesnt really seem to be the case. Don McManus was a great guest star and I like the fact that no matter what Dan did he was meant to die today, which makes me wonder how he got his powers in the original timeline of things when the man was staying in the mental institution. But that doesnt matter - either way, fantastic wrap up to a great show that now joins my rank of "Daybreak" as best 13-episode wonders that should have gone longer.
  • Excellent episode; this is the best series on tv, including cable.

    I support all efforts to keep Journeyman alive. It is amazing to recognize the research that has gone into these scripts - the levels of meaning are impressive. Kudos to the writers, and great job, Mr. Falls - you are to be congratulated for getting a show with so much depth and such a great message on network tv. The cast is also outstanding. Kevin McKidd and the rest are all great, including even the week-by week supporting characters. Let's travel back and adjust the network management's outlook on this show. All we have to do is change one little thing, right? :)
  • Now I'm very upset with NBC right now because they canceled the best thing that could have happened to their network. This show was just so entertaining and I never got a little bit bored never!. The only reason I watch NBC because it has all of my fav's

    and Journeyman was one of them. Thats the problem with NBC they cancel all of the good shows including this show. When the series comes out on DVD I'm going to snatch one off the shelf before it hits the shelf. Kevin McKKid had such a good gig and it's going to be tough for him to find a show as good as this one. But their are rumor's that someday Journeyman possibly will be coming back so keep hoping and preying. I'm so slap happy that Katie got to see Dan flash jump 5 stars for the whole episode. And I thought that nosy sister of Katie's would never stop blabbing about how "Dan's crazy you should move". So best of luck to this show and it's cast and crew. And it was fun while it lasted.
  • I really enjoyed this episode. Well done to all the cast.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I really hope that the people at NBC take the time to read some of our comments regarding this show. I would love to see it continue as a permanent lineup on NBC. Hero's and Journeyman are the types of shows that I really enjoy and knowing that NBC has a winner with Hero's which saved there butt. This should allow them to see that Journeyman has the same potential. I know the audience is there and Journeyman can make it threw the year and probably even a couple of seasons if given the chance.

    Good Job thus far.
  • loved it so sad that nbc hasnt picked up this show for more episodes - they totally should have! great episode to end (but i hope not) a great show really tied things up well given that there wasnt alot of time/episodes to do it

    so so annoyed that nbc didnt renew this but hey maybe they will when the writers guild strike is over
    maybe someone can get one of the head honchos of the wga to say theyre not coming back to work until journeyman is guaranteed to be renewed for at least a full season (or maybe three!) i know thats just pure ridiculousness but hey its a nice thought, right?!?!
    great show wish they wouldve kept it running...maybe someone someday will start a cable channel that picks up cancelled shows - if there is a strong enough demand...what kind of criteria decides that i dunno im just sort of spinning another ridiculous idea here! but thered be a hell of a lotta scifi on the channel...dark angel, john doe, firefly, journeyman...hell even star trek enterprise didnt go the 'regular' 7 seasons of a s.t. show so it'd count
    loved the ending because i felt they did a very good job all things considered in tying up the loose ends as well as they could with those few episodes they had left (once they knew they werent being picked up for another 9 eps) wish there would have been more journeyman!!! damn you nbc for cancelling it!!!
  • A fond farewell to a show that could've been better than Quantum Leap had it been given a chance. The Peacock network should be ashamed of itself.

    If this was the last episode then there was a small sense of closure. Dan admitted to his wife that there was a reason more important than himself that he traveled. She commented that the light will always be left on for his return. That leaves a small glimmer of hope that the series may return. Maybe the shipment of hundreds of boxes of Rice a Roni will make NBC rethink their decision. After all it worked with NUTs shipped to CBS for the return of Jericho.

    Also network tv needs to rethink what it puts on the air waves. This was one of the few shows that my entire family could watch together, and now it looks like its gone.
  • Bad Move NBC, Bad Move...

    Journeyman has indeed been a wild ride. From the first time I saw the show, I have to admit I wasn't impressed. But then, it grew on me, and the growth turned into a cornucopia of vines that entangled every part of my body until I was paralyzed with shock at every single episode. The acting, the stories, the directing, everything just sort of fell into place. This show was absolutely amazing in every way. I enjoyed it thoroughly and can only hope that it will return. As for the episode, it left be shaken. The storyline was great which leaves with more questions, some answers and a whole lot of time travel. All the characters are developing so well and Dan's excursions just get more and more exciting as well. I love NBC, in fact its my favorite station. Scrubs, Heroes, the office and 30 rock are on my top 10. I thought they had more of an eye for good shows. Well, it goes to prove that people can still surprise you, even if it is with a negative mentality. If this show is canceled, then good luck to all the fantastic actors on the show and the brilliant writers. R.I.P Journeyman. It's been a fantastic journey