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Pilot - A Love of a Lifetime

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • It was very good I like it I'll keep waching it

    Dan Vassar (Journeyman) thought he had it all: a great wife, a great job, and a great son. But just as Dan thinks his life is as it should be, he is thrown for a loop when he finds himself traveling into the past and in doing so impacts people's lives -- sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. While doing so, Dan is able to reconnect with Livia Beale, his ex-fiancée who died in a mysterious plane crash. With the knowledge of the future, will Dan be able to save Livia? In saving her will he damage his own perfect future in which he thinks he has it all?
  • Where's Ziggy?

    The one thought that kept recurring over and over as I wathced the show was "This is Quantum Leap redux, without the benefit of Al and Ziggy to help". To be honest, I really felt this show was ready for cancellation about 30 minutes in, until...

    When Olivia showed up outside her apartment as Dan left, and she made the comment "So it's you, you're the one." I instantly became intrigued. Is Olivia alive? Is she good or evil? Will she help Dan or hinder him? I'm guessing these are questions that will slowly be revealed over the weeks to come.

    As with any time travel show, I'm sure there will be problems maintaining the whole 'time-space continuum' issue, expecially for sci-fi purists. Any although we all saw it coming, I did enjoy the end of the episode when he dug up the patio to find the toolbox he had buried with Katie's wedding ring in it, as well as the newspaper to prove the date. So he now appears to have one ally who believes him.

    I think they are going to have problems with his disappearances lasting days at a time, this will become more and more difficult to explain and to follow. It would be cleaner if he would return to the exact point he left from, but I get the impression this show is not about clean, as mucha s it is about the mystery of why's he's jumping back in time.

    So step aside Sam Beckett, there's a new leaper on the block!
  • "Miyagia have hope for you"

    When I first saw the trailer for this show months ago, I immediately thought, "Hey, that looks like a great show...when it was Quantum Leap!"

    The only reason I knew this show was coming on was because it was preceeded by Heros. Beyond that, I would have forgotten it existed. That said, I'm glad things worked out the way they did...because I'm actually quite impressed with this show.

    The Good:
    The acting and the writing is top notch. In particular, the subtle yet obvious tension with Dan still having unresolved issues with his dead fiancee while trying to stay commited to his wife. His wife, who's loved him while still with his brother. And his brother who's still got some issues of his own. Some good groundwork has been layed for a quality character story.

    The Bad
    That like so many shows before it, these people with supernatural abilities that they can't explain themselves are somehow able to convince seemingly normal sane people of their extraordinary talents. As much as the newspaper & wedding ring in the tool box under the patio was a brilliant idea...I would have like to see the realization that he actually was travelling through time drawn out a little more.

    The Ugly
    His dead fiance isn't dead, but has been wondering through time as well...but can't stick around to give him a hint as to what's going on? Ugh!!! Just when I thought there was a ton of potential for this show. Why are "guides" always necessary? Unless your name is Rufus and you travel in a phone booth...let these guys figure things out for themselves! This has the potential, if they play it right, to turn into a very interest love triangle (dead fiance in the past, current wife in the present), a square is you include the brother. But...the jury isn't in on this yet.

    Even though Journeyman "borrows" heavily from Quantum Leap, if done correctly, could be a nice continuation of a quality show. If it's really good, it'll take the format of Quantum Leap and take it to the next level.

    Hopefully, they get it right. I'd hate to see something with this much potential turn into another Tru Calling!
  • New show, old theme. Just like Quantum leap this show is nothing original which is a real shame as it had the potential to be something special. A new version of Quantum leap with no Ziggy giving us the reasons why the leap happens. Boring!

    Waited so long for this show and first episode I find out it is a remake. At least Quantum Leap had a reason for "jumping" This show doesn't even have a starting reason for "jumping" He just suddenly starts leaping into the past. Just like Quantum Leap it is for a reason to save lives or help people...Yawn. So much potential and all that it delivers is a remake of an old show and old idea. Now each episode will just be the same with different people. What a disappointment. I think there should have been a lot more to the show and the story telling a lot more detailed. Back to the Future explored the gaming industry side of things I mean let's face it wouldn't you use time travel to set up an empire based on the old almanac sports results ?
  • Terrible.

    This series is riddled with mistakes starting with the casting of the male lead. He's uncharismatic, a little on the paunchy side, and I can't get past the mole between his eyes. It seems to me they go through a lot of trouble to hide it with make up or touch it up in photos, but can't they do simple surgery to remove it? Also, the blonde hair doesn't do anything to make the man more attractive. He reminds me the the latest blond-haired James Bond. Does absolutely nothing for him. I don't mind blond, but it's not good-looking Robert Redford blond, it's just blah blond.

    As for the wife, I don't see any chemistry. I also don't expect a middle-aged woman to be presenting herself laid out in black bikini briefs possessing the body of 10. And all that kissy-kissy stuff after years of marriage? Come on.

    I was so bored with his jumping in and out of the past, not knowing what the point was, and then the black guy popping in and out. I was too disinterested to pay attention. The storytelling is convoluted stupid. A friend of mine commented this sucked, and I had to agree. I don't know what's with the rave reviews, but they did that with "The Black Donnellys" and "Studio 8" and look where they are now.
  • excellent episode

    this was a great start of the series this will be a great series in my opinion great start of the show and it is also intresting to it will be intresting what happens next week and the next few weeks this is a must seen series for whoever has not seen this yet i think this show will do great in ratings it seems alot of other people are happy with the show also that is great to see that and i give this show a 10 also for just how great the new show really is also looking forward to next weeks
  • Wow...What Just Happened?

    That was a lot of information to take in and I think that this show has started off very well so long as people are able to rewatch the Pilot sometime before next week. I think the Pilot was really well done and I loved the music scores used in the episode when Dan goes back in time and when he comes back to present time. The fact that his old girlfriend, presummed dead, may not actually be dead after all was really interesting and is where I knew I was going to be investing my time into this show. It just got better from there when he switched spots with his old self to get information and killed the man that he saved in the beginning of the episode. Overall, really liked the episode and Im very interested to see where the writers plan to take the series - I wasnt too impressed by the "In The Coming Weeks" clips...makes it seem like every episode is a standalone episode...which I think would be kind of weak.

    Great start, hopefully my prediction of the future epsiode turns out to be wrong. If you didnt watch it - catch it on NBC. Lost viewers will love it.
  • Great start.

    Good start for the show so far we're about 5 minutes into the show and it's interesting. Very wierd how he tends to randomly go back into time, but I believe this show could become as popular as LOST or Heroes. So far very good. The main character reminds me a lot of the male lead on "The War At Home". Very interesting plot and storyline. He really does go back in time very randomly each at a different time period as well. So far it seems he goes progressively back in time rather than jumping foward. The whole story is kind of like taking Hiro's part in Heroes and expanding it with a different character in a whole new show.
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