Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot - A Love of a Lifetime

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • Terrible.

    This series is riddled with mistakes starting with the casting of the male lead. He's uncharismatic, a little on the paunchy side, and I can't get past the mole between his eyes. It seems to me they go through a lot of trouble to hide it with make up or touch it up in photos, but can't they do simple surgery to remove it? Also, the blonde hair doesn't do anything to make the man more attractive. He reminds me the the latest blond-haired James Bond. Does absolutely nothing for him. I don't mind blond, but it's not good-looking Robert Redford blond, it's just blah blond.

    As for the wife, I don't see any chemistry. I also don't expect a middle-aged woman to be presenting herself laid out in black bikini briefs possessing the body of 10. And all that kissy-kissy stuff after years of marriage? Come on.

    I was so bored with his jumping in and out of the past, not knowing what the point was, and then the black guy popping in and out. I was too disinterested to pay attention. The storytelling is convoluted stupid. A friend of mine commented this sucked, and I had to agree. I don't know what's with the rave reviews, but they did that with "The Black Donnellys" and "Studio 8" and look where they are now.
  • New show, old theme. Just like Quantum leap this show is nothing original which is a real shame as it had the potential to be something special. A new version of Quantum leap with no Ziggy giving us the reasons why the leap happens. Boring!

    Waited so long for this show and first episode I find out it is a remake. At least Quantum Leap had a reason for "jumping" This show doesn't even have a starting reason for "jumping" He just suddenly starts leaping into the past. Just like Quantum Leap it is for a reason to save lives or help people...Yawn. So much potential and all that it delivers is a remake of an old show and old idea. Now each episode will just be the same with different people. What a disappointment. I think there should have been a lot more to the show and the story telling a lot more detailed. Back to the Future explored the gaming industry side of things I mean let's face it wouldn't you use time travel to set up an empire based on the old almanac sports results ?
  • Nice to see a show actually filmed in SF!


    Unfortunately, I think the San Francisco scenes were the highlight of the show for me.
    I love sci-fi and time travel stories, so I will give this show another chance - but I did not find the pilot all that interesting.

    I didn't find the characters all that interesting. (And there is no way a reporter could afford that 2 million dollar house!) All we get on their background is he's got a dead fiancee and he stole his brother's wife.

    The sudden leaps back into time are not explained, nor the fact that his dead girlfriend also seems to be able to travel back in time. Too much mystery for me and not invested enough yet to care.

    And I was confused about the point of the episode. Should he have NOT initially saved that guy from suicide? In other words, should he have not interfered in any way with the past? Or was it that he had to go back and fix the past for this random guy a few different times?

    I hope the shows explains a lot more next week, because it has good possibilities but it's still kind of weak.

    And more San Francisco please - don't turn into Monk - pretending to be in SF but filiming in LA.
  • Still to Early to give verdict

    Nice to see Kevin Mckidd in another show (as long as it doesn't delay any future episodes of Rome).
    I first noticed him in the film topsy turvey, about Gilbert and Sullivan, a very different part from his role in Rome.

    1st appearance of Apple iphone in a show (as far as I know) - shame it didn't work for most of the show (when he was in the past)

    Episode was a little 'all over the place', but will settle down hopefully in the future.

    very much like quantum leap, tru calling, etc.

    San franciscoites must be very trusting, surely if he was paying for items in the past with the modern USA dollar, they would notice the new design, or perhaps he had some of the old bills!
  • This episode definitely gets the series off to a good start.

    I thought this was a great first episode. It set the stage and definitely left you wanting more. Dan traveling back and forth in time but not really knowing what is going on and why. I really liked how he kept running into Neal each time and trying to figure out what he needed to do. Some of the scenes were kind of funny, in the one scene when he goes back wearing his blue-tooth for his cell phone and the guy at the newsstand is using a gigantic ancient cell phone, I had to laugh thinking that they were actually that big. I really like the tie in with his late fiance and am definitely looking forward to more of that relationship going on. I like how he ties in his life to help, like when he tells Neal's girlfriend about his own son and how he would do anything to be back with him. I think Katie and Jack's relationship is very interesting and can't wait to see how they deal with the whole time travel problem. I really loved how he proved it to her. Like I said this episode definitely left me wanting more.
  • Great start.

    Good start for the show so far we're about 5 minutes into the show and it's interesting. Very wierd how he tends to randomly go back into time, but I believe this show could become as popular as LOST or Heroes. So far very good. The main character reminds me a lot of the male lead on "The War At Home". Very interesting plot and storyline. He really does go back in time very randomly each at a different time period as well. So far it seems he goes progressively back in time rather than jumping foward. The whole story is kind of like taking Hiro's part in Heroes and expanding it with a different character in a whole new show.
  • Another example of a series concept badly developed

    I wish I could like this show. It has potential with decent acting and good production values, but unfortunatley is also another example of a series concept badly developed. This will be another cancellation casualty very soon. Networks have a a very good track record of failing to see plot faults in a developing series. 'Journeyman' is a good example of this. Journeyman is no 'Quantum Leap' and has has some built in problems that counters the viewers willful suspension of disbelief. Amoung the problems are: 1) Our hero jumps back and forth thru time 20 years and nobody notices aging? 2) Our hero has a girlfriend in the 1980's and a wife in the 2000's ? Anybody have any morality questions here?
  • Somewhat intriguing, but a bit lethargic...

    The episode was somewhat intriguing. But at the same time, parts of the show felt very slow moving and seemed to drag, especially in the story of the man that Dan was following.

    The main character is a little wooden and lacking in charisma, but he is not completely unlikeable. The story did make you want other people to believe him, and it was a good idea to have him convince his wife by the end of the episode. While the ending scene was good, there wasn't instant chemistry between Dan and his wife, or Dan and his ex-fiance. Maybe that will develop with time. The show could use a bit of comic relief... the episode was rather depressing. It reminded me of "Day Break", which also felt mysterious but a little tedious at the same time, since half the time, you didn't know what was happening and why.

    Overall, the concept is interesting enough for me to give another episode a try despite my misgivings so far.
  • Thank god for the satisfying ending to the pilot

    Thank god for the satisfying ending to the pilot.

    Man, it was frustrating having everyone think Dan was high or insane and seeing Dan helpless to prove otherwise.

    I was so frustrated I was ready to give up watching this series. But when Dan vindicated himself, at least to his wife, that all changed.
  • A good start, but will it be enough?

    When it comes to televised science fiction, very little is new and innovative. Most shows begin with ideas sprung from classic mythology or well-known concepts. Even the most enduring icons of the small screen are derivative: think "Star Trek" or "X-Files". Developing a series with a classic like "Quantum Leap" in mind is hardly a negative, especially if the details can be tweaked.

    The premise of "Journeyman" is fairly simple. The "Quantum Leap" concept is still at the core: Dan Vassar is involuntarily pulled through time to help people in the past. There are two key differences, however, that make the concept more interesting. First, there's no guidance from an outside agency to tell him what to do when he moves through time. And second, he still lives in the present day, so he's under enormous pressure to explain his sudden absences.

    Layered within this framework is a complicated love triangle. Dan was once engaged to a lovely young woman named Livia. Livia died in a plane crash, leaving Dan in something of a personal tailspin. Subsequently, he wound up marrying Katie, who happened to be his brother Jack's paramour. Jack is now a detective, which makes Dan's situation a lot worse. Adding to the complication is his young son Zack, who really wants his father to be stable, and an undisclosed but oft-referenced addiction problem at some point in the marriage.

    Every time Dan takes an unexpected trip into the past, he runs into Livia and the trappings of his old life. The temptation factor is high, especially since Livia doesn't recognize anything unusual about Dan (like the fact he's older, attributed to "being tired"). On the other hand, Dan is trying to keep his marriage together, which is facilitated by a well-constructed scene at the end of the episode. This personal layer should help keep the mystery-of-the-week elements from becoming too mundane.

    This is a very important consideration, because the first half of the pilot is a bit clumsy and average. A mixture of dialogue and editing deficiencies are at play. Characters don't seem to react as one would expect, specifically to introduce the conflicts that need to play out. This is standard dramatic license, but it's also very familiar, and that could be a drawback.

    Thankfully, there's a twist in the second half of the episode that should serve to complicate the plot in several exciting ways. That twist grabbed my attention and left me considering the possibilities, which is clearly the intention. It creates a connection between the plot and character elements that could overcome the conventional aspects of the first half and bring viewers back for more.

    In the end, "Journeyman" is a capable enough start for a new series, but there's the lingering doubt over its ability to succeed in the post-"Heroes" timeslot. NBC appears to be having the same issue that ABC has had with "Lost". Viewers of both headline shows tend to ignore whatever comes after it in the schedule. After the high-speed antics of "Heroes", "Journeyman" could feel a bit sluggish and might falter, and that would be unfortunate.
  • Where's Ziggy?

    The one thought that kept recurring over and over as I wathced the show was "This is Quantum Leap redux, without the benefit of Al and Ziggy to help". To be honest, I really felt this show was ready for cancellation about 30 minutes in, until...

    When Olivia showed up outside her apartment as Dan left, and she made the comment "So it's you, you're the one." I instantly became intrigued. Is Olivia alive? Is she good or evil? Will she help Dan or hinder him? I'm guessing these are questions that will slowly be revealed over the weeks to come.

    As with any time travel show, I'm sure there will be problems maintaining the whole 'time-space continuum' issue, expecially for sci-fi purists. Any although we all saw it coming, I did enjoy the end of the episode when he dug up the patio to find the toolbox he had buried with Katie's wedding ring in it, as well as the newspaper to prove the date. So he now appears to have one ally who believes him.

    I think they are going to have problems with his disappearances lasting days at a time, this will become more and more difficult to explain and to follow. It would be cleaner if he would return to the exact point he left from, but I get the impression this show is not about clean, as mucha s it is about the mystery of why's he's jumping back in time.

    So step aside Sam Beckett, there's a new leaper on the block!
  • A Love of a Lifetime, Dan Vasser travels back in time without warning to help change lives.

    I just finished watching the pilot of Journeyman and I think it's a really good show. It's a show you really have to watch you can not blink cause if you do you will miss something. The show takes you on the journey with Dan because he goes back in time and he really does not know why and you kind of go along for the ride and if you watch you can see what he's suppose to do. In this pilot it was a Love of a Lifetime. he goes back in time to save the son of Neal Gaines because Gaines son has a purpose. His wife and friends think he's crazy because when he goes on these time travel journey's he like gone for a couple of days in real time. Also he it appears that when he's in the past he should not be seen by his present self this happened in Cafe Luka this could be something to keep an eye on plus his girl friend Livia who is suppose to have died in a plane crash is alive. I will be watching this show.
  • The new series Journeyman chronicles the adventures of Dan Vassar as he travels throughout time while trying to keep his marriage and present life intact.

    As a pilot episode, this definitely has potential. I don't really know why I wanted to start watching this show...maybe the time-travel aspect intrigued me. I've read on the forums here that this idea has been done to death, but I've never watched any TV shows with it, so I'm good. I really enjoyed the acting and the time travel aspect to this show. It was nice, and the sense of urgency and excitement that you felt while watching Vassar discover his abilities was truly incredible. The writers smartly left a few questions unanswered in this pilot episode, namely his old crush Livia's role in the whole ordeal (Moon Bloodgood is the coolest name ever by the way).

    I suppose if I had to pick a problem with the pilot episode of Journeyman, it would be that it seemed to move incredibly too fast. Vassar seemed all too eager to accept and understand the fact that he could randomly move through time without any real questioning. I thought that kind of unrealistic, but it didn't detract from the show too much.

    All in all, a good debut. It's got me intrigued enough to watch the second episode.
  • "Miyagia have hope for you"

    When I first saw the trailer for this show months ago, I immediately thought, "Hey, that looks like a great show...when it was Quantum Leap!"

    The only reason I knew this show was coming on was because it was preceeded by Heros. Beyond that, I would have forgotten it existed. That said, I'm glad things worked out the way they did...because I'm actually quite impressed with this show.

    The Good:
    The acting and the writing is top notch. In particular, the subtle yet obvious tension with Dan still having unresolved issues with his dead fiancee while trying to stay commited to his wife. His wife, who's loved him while still with his brother. And his brother who's still got some issues of his own. Some good groundwork has been layed for a quality character story.

    The Bad
    That like so many shows before it, these people with supernatural abilities that they can't explain themselves are somehow able to convince seemingly normal sane people of their extraordinary talents. As much as the newspaper & wedding ring in the tool box under the patio was a brilliant idea...I would have like to see the realization that he actually was travelling through time drawn out a little more.

    The Ugly
    His dead fiance isn't dead, but has been wondering through time as well...but can't stick around to give him a hint as to what's going on? Ugh!!! Just when I thought there was a ton of potential for this show. Why are "guides" always necessary? Unless your name is Rufus and you travel in a phone booth...let these guys figure things out for themselves! This has the potential, if they play it right, to turn into a very interest love triangle (dead fiance in the past, current wife in the present), a square is you include the brother. But...the jury isn't in on this yet.

    Even though Journeyman "borrows" heavily from Quantum Leap, if done correctly, could be a nice continuation of a quality show. If it's really good, it'll take the format of Quantum Leap and take it to the next level.

    Hopefully, they get it right. I'd hate to see something with this much potential turn into another Tru Calling!
  • Dana travels through time but he cannot control it.

    Good pilot episode with an interesting story that requires some backstory, which I assume we will get in future episodes.
    Other reviewers have mentioned Quantum Leap, but in this episode (series perhaps) the main character, Dan, makes time jumps back to his own time. He may look slightly older, but the people from the past still recognise him and he interacts with them, with his brother, his fiance (who died in real time) and his future wife. That makes keeping track of the storyline a bit more complicated (blink and you no longer are sue ' when' he is) but it also makes it more interesting..

    Looking forward to the next episode.
  • This series seems to take a mishmash of used ideas and put them together, but it does so fairly well.

    My first thoughts about this show, was that it was a Quantum Leap/Day Break combo. Quantum being one of my favorite shows ever, and Day Break never stood a chance. It starts into things quite quickly, with no real explanation of why the main character is travelling to the past. At first it is annoying, how he jumps back and forth and how obviously he the path he is on is going to destroy every relationship he is in. And he seems to be a real dummy, checking in on his own history when he's sure he's supposed to help somebody else. Then the twists come, how he is not the only one making these mysterious jumps, and how his old dead girlfriend isn't dead. By the end he finally gets smart, and shows his wife that he is sane, in a nice romantic way. So it ended much better than it started, and thus will bring me back to find some of the answers I need in further episodes. Not the best pilot, but good enough.
  • We might have something here..

    I wasn't expecting much. I guess the only reason I gave it a try was because of Kevin McKidd. He starred in a show called Rome and that was one of my favorites. Well, after the pilot, it seems I will keep watching. I first thought the concept is too twisted to hold my interest. But it seems I was wrong. It is a little confusing at first, but I guess that is to be expected. And it's only fair that the first episode serves as an instruction guide to understanding the series. It's for people who crave romance // light drama. We'll have to wait for ep2 to see the real appeal of this series.
  • A new start

    I enjoy a lot this episode because i like a lot time traveling .There are a lot of show/movie about this theme but this time is different is not about someone who want to back the past and change the future, it about a man who travel to the past and don't know what have to do so this situation is cool because he needs to solve something that he don't know and at same time he try to interacts with his friends and some funny situations. It just the begging and of course there is a puzzle to solve.
  • Dan Vassar time travels one day out of the blue and his life is never the same again.

    This episode had everything a pilot should have. It had a fun and interesting story about a man that the main character (Dan) was supposed to save. It had an interesting back story involving Dan's wife, his brother, and his former fiance. This is a story that they will continue to come back to that you have to set up in the pilot.

    All in all, this episode was amazing. You can tell from the first episode that Dan actually has to be careful with what he tampers with in the past as it will effect the present/future. This is something that has been missing in other time-travel shows. An excellent story. I feel bad that this show wasn't given more of a chance on NBC. This network didn't know what it had.
  • Interesting from the start!

    This is a show that you have to see from the very beginning as if you miss even one second of it, then you are lost. Dan is a man with a wife and a family. As well as a great job as a reporter. He is about to go home one day to his dinner as he doses off briefly. Only to wake up in a trance where he sees people from the past like his dead girlfriend. Whom, also has that gift to travel back and forth. Also what things could be like in the future. It is a bit confusing, but still, it is a great show. Very interesting.
  • A new modern up-to-date a jazzier version of quantum leap - this is how this was explained to me, boy was that person wrong. They should have just said, it's awesome, watch it - and I would have.

    I was so happy that I did watch this pilot episode, even though I was expecting something like an updated quantum leap, thankfully it proved to be much better than this, also much better than anticipated.

    We get introduced to Dan and Katie and a usual type of day, well until after the celebration of their anniversary when Dan wakes up to find himself 20 years or so in the past.
    Very strange, but was he dreaming, was this a Hiro-mode type of approach to time travel, it was time to watch more to discover this.

    It doesn't look like he has any control over the time travelling, as the following day whilst in the car, he travels again, leaving it to be involved in an accident.

    His travels are centred around Neal Gaines, an unborn child and his finance. With each visit back he is closer to finding out and helping the situation.

    His wife is also trying to work out what is happening to him, wether he is telling the truth or just gone crazy.

    Things work out all good in the end, is all i'll say for those who havent seen any of them.
  • Reporter Dan Vassar discovers that he can involuntarily travel through time. What is his purpose? Is he fixing or interfering.

    Dan Vassar is a working family man who appears to love his family and enjoy his job. However, throw time travel into the mix, and his life starts to tear at the seams. People think he's slipped into substance abuse or his gambling addiction. However, he does get a chance to see Livia, the woman he was going to marry before her plane crashed. During his second time travel, he is in 1987 what seems to be day. To everyone in the present, he is gone two days. Apparently, time travel is a bit unpredictable. However, Dan saves the life of Neal Gaines, a man who is about to commit suicide and the life of Neal's unborn son. I am reminded of The Time Traveler's Wife when I watch this show, but Dan keeps his clothes when he travels and his present is subject to change when he returns. I enjoy this series very much because who hasn't thought about going back in time to change something bad that has happened?
  • First episdoe Reveiw

    Journeyman made a good start with the first episode and did not dull nor boring and made for good TV and not bad TV the characters are likable and are not dull and made the show stand out and did not make it bad TV show the city of San Francisco is a great back drop for the TV show and the first episode looks great in it the first story made for a great start to a fine series my over all rating for the first episode of the TV show Journeyman going to be 9.7 over all end
  • Wow...What Just Happened?

    That was a lot of information to take in and I think that this show has started off very well so long as people are able to rewatch the Pilot sometime before next week. I think the Pilot was really well done and I loved the music scores used in the episode when Dan goes back in time and when he comes back to present time. The fact that his old girlfriend, presummed dead, may not actually be dead after all was really interesting and is where I knew I was going to be investing my time into this show. It just got better from there when he switched spots with his old self to get information and killed the man that he saved in the beginning of the episode. Overall, really liked the episode and Im very interested to see where the writers plan to take the series - I wasnt too impressed by the "In The Coming Weeks" clips...makes it seem like every episode is a standalone episode...which I think would be kind of weak.

    Great start, hopefully my prediction of the future epsiode turns out to be wrong. If you didnt watch it - catch it on NBC. Lost viewers will love it.
  • Simply Amazing

    One .1 point of for confusing me about Olivia in the past (when she is apparently time-traveling). I wish they would have saved that for the season finale when I care enough about the characters (it takes me like 4 episodes to care).

    Overall, I thought it was amazing. Obviously the reporter must have hit some land mines cause he's really rich...he even has an iphone! It really was great, and I wonder what's going to happen. I hope that he doesn't get a divorce...though I will probably follow the series. Kudos for this great series! Especially the great acting! .
  • Dan Vasser a San Francisco newspaper reporter and family man, inexplicably begins to travel through time and changes the course of people's lives.

    Along the way, he must also deal with the difficulties and strife at work and home brought on by his sudden disappearances. His freewheeling travels through the decades reunite him with his long-lost fiancee Livia -- which complicates his blissful, present-day life with his vivacious wife Katie and son.

    When I first saw this being previewed I thought I have to check that show out. Boy, am I glad I did! My parents did not really care for the show, but I found the show to be irresistible. Going back in time helping someone make the right choice, what is there not to like?
  • Exactly What I was waiting for.

    I can bet that there won't be a better pilot this fall.
    Is touching, it's adventurous, it's great.
    The way they built the characters was amazing, all very real, and with a conclusion that blew me away.
    I really liked the whole Neal Gaines story, the pregnancy, Dan saving his life and then taking it from him. It was very moving.
    I just hope to see development and keep up the work, because it looks very dificult, they set the bar very high.
    I want to see too, how Livia, that looks like journeys too, will affect Dan's life again and how her character will be developed.

    Great Show.
  • This episode has to be the best of the best in series.

    I loved every single second of this episode. I was very impressed with how they created this episode it's how they made it was what blew me away. And I don't know why some people don't like this episode and this series so if you disagree with this series let me quote this "You don't know what your missing out on". And it's been a long time sense they had a show that was set in San Francisco because I love that city so that all why I give this episode and this show a perfect ten. I hope this show lasts ten more years.
  • excellent episode

    this was a great start of the series this will be a great series in my opinion great start of the show and it is also intresting to it will be intresting what happens next week and the next few weeks this is a must seen series for whoever has not seen this yet i think this show will do great in ratings it seems alot of other people are happy with the show also that is great to see that and i give this show a 10 also for just how great the new show really is also looking forward to next weeks
  • This time travel series will take some time to get a handle on. It seems to be a cross between the film "Frequency", the TV series Early Edition & Quantum Leap

    Like Gary in Early Edition, our hero Dan is thrown into the role of changing history to save someone. In time it will be clear why he was chosen for this role. For now, we see him moving from present to past and back with no real erason why. And as in all time travel movies/shows, those around the hero think he's crazy. The pilot was confusing but compelling to for me want to come back next Monday. So his show has potential. How it goes in the future (or past), we'll have to see. (The guy that plays his brother really looks like his brother)
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