Season 1 Episode 1

Pilot - A Love of a Lifetime

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 24, 2007 on NBC

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  • Life on Mars/Quantum Leap/ Sliders... shall i go on.

    Well I love Dan (Kevin McKidd) and if he were not in the show I am not sure if I would stick with it... not even sure now. The Show is a time travel stint like Quantum Leap, without (thus far) any rhyme, reason, technology, mishaps, or explanations for the mishaps of time travel. The main character just finds himself backwards and forwards in time trying to figure out why he is htere and what to do next. we do not know why he "travels" he has no Dean Stockwell Sidekick, to tell us why we think we are reliving the 80's. I call this a mesh of life on mars meets quantum leap meets sliders, because although life on mars (BBC) lasted 16 episodes without explanation, it was like a time warp. he woke up in 1973 and stayed there.... with brief flashes of what may or may not have been the future and reality. This show will have some explaining and growing to do to keep us interested.... it is a bit (ok a lot) Quantum Leap-ish because he finds himself transported back and forth in time trying to solve the puzzle while he is there, the main difference between Journeyman and Quantum Leap, is he travels back and forth through time several times before realizing why.... and there is no sidekick (yet???) and there is no explanation as to why he is jumping. I only mention Sliders because when he "Journeys" it looks just like the Slide Jump point in that TV show... and he is on earth, in san francisco.

    I really hope this show figures itself out, because I have HIGH hopes, but am left wondering, and thinking it has a short shelf life thus far.