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  • Sometimes cancelling is the best option...

    DVD Box set comes with writers commentary about what they were planning for the rest of season 1 and season 2...

    Fortunatly show has been cancelled and instead of typical BS about saving the world we left with great story about "ordinary" man trying to do whats right.
  • waiting 4 2nd season.

    Love it! But... will someday appear the 2nd season?

  • Another Journeyman fan

    Yeah I'm another one fan. But it's not matter, does it? I'm from Turkey do you know Journeyman has so many fun in Turkey but you don't do anything for five years !! We all want new episodes and this show is very very good it's one of the best one. My favourites are Fringe and Journeyman now I have only Fringe. Your channel must give me Journeyman again. Please.
  • Please bring Journeyman back!

    We love this show and we have been re-watching it again on Hula. Five years on how can we get this great show back on the network? I remember there where strikes going on at the time in the acting world. NBC did not drop the show actively it had said in an article... There where several other shows on the same night that it had to compete with at the time. Please put on more Journeyman episodes because its so good! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  • Still miss this show...

    This was the best show on television. I wish they could have gotten a full run with it and a 2nd season!
  • If I could some it up in one word it would be MORE, because its extremely short run left everyone wanting more of this awesome show!

    A wonderful show with a plot that kept you engaged. The only downside, is that it ended abruptly due to the writers strike, and the TV execs were not wise enough to give it a chance. In its short run it gathered a loyal and captivated audience. There was lot's of action and mystery, along with memorable characters. I loved every episode, and my whole family was sad to see it not renewed. It is definitely worth watching, as long as you do so knowing that you will be left hang in the end. I say give it a try anyway!
  • Show like heroes with no added characters slowing individual storylines and development. Good ending, well-worth watching but you're left wanting more and we really should have got it.

    Only just managed to find / watch this show and after one huge marathon in front of the telly i have to say, it was brilliant tv and yet really disappointing that we didn't get more episodes out of it.
    Having started watching this show after the cancellation of Heroes and only now writing the review, two things come to mind;
    1)Heroes was sadly never going to be a long lasting show with the number of characters involved especially with the direction the show was taking towards the end and the disappointing finale.
    2)in the same vein, the fact that journeyman only followed one gifted individual and allowed for quicker character development and better storylines i think should have warranted at least two full seasons worth of episodes with the wealth of possibilities that heroes maybe would have been unable / incapable of exploring because of point 1.
  • Boring show.

    There was a reason this show was let go. It's because nobody cared for a plot and base that has been used before. The acting was stale, the storylines were for predictable, and the action was average. I never watched a full episode because it was so boring. I honestly tried, but I thought that it just wouldn't cut it. If there was one good thing, it had to be the fact that I saw some people who looked familiar. Overall, this was not a good show and I wish it would have never been made because it was done wrong. Thank you.
  • Living in Japan is nice because they like a lot of the US shows but what suck so bad is by the time see or love a show it is ended almost 2 years with with no true ending

    And you are not told nor is a no reason to why. Till you come here to read it was canned.I loved this show but it sucks to know that it was sold to Japan and no true ending nor are they told why. They end it wait 6 to 8 months and re-run and the Japanese think that all US show have no ending so they feel that most US show suck. I wish they could give us some kind of ending. Oh well life just suck when you fall for a show that will never finish.
    WHYWHY Tell.
  • What made it "special".

    Journeyman has been compared a number of times to Quantum leap, and I believe that's solely because of the time travel concept. Other than that, it was nothing like that other show. Sure, he "leaps" through time trying to fix something, but he never possessed a character and he always managed to get home. With any "time travel" show there is going to be the idea that you can rectify past mistakes because that's what we all want to do. I appreciated how you knew where -in what time- Dan had been placed because of the music they played. It was just a great show and I watch what I can of it on
  • Bring it back!

    Getting canceled has become the mark of a good show. There was nothing especially original about Journeyman. It was (as others have observed) a lot like Quantum Leap. But who cares if it's been done before? It doesn't have to be break new ground to be a good show; it just has to be done right, and Journeyman was done right. There was an interesting dynamic among the regular cast of characters and Dan's travels were always exciting and emotionally rewarding. In the space of a single truncated season this show came to feel like an old friend and I was bitterly disappointed when I found out it had been canceled.
  • This show was the new Quantum Leap!

    I was loving this show and I was hoping for it to stick around…
    This show was the new Quantum Leap! NBC, WHY? Why did NBC have to get rid of such a great show I mean I understand that the show did hovered around the whole writer strike during the end of the season but come on NBC didn't have to get rid of it because the writers were gone… Damn, just some bad timing. They were going to come out with a second season too! I stopped watching Heroes after they cancelled Journey Man… Maybe someday the Scifi Channel will play the one and only season, their good with those things!!!
  • I miss Journeyman!!!!

    This show getting cancelled made me more mad (and sad) than any other show's cancellation EVER!!! I absolutely loved this show. It was one of my all time favorites ever. This is the only show I can remember watching during it's actual airtime in the whole time I have had DVR, which is about 5 years. When I found out it was cancelled, I seriously wanted to cry. It's not too late, it has only been a year. Let's cry out to anyone who will listen: BRING JOURNEYMAN BACK!! I really think it would have lasted without the stupid writers strike too.
  • Brilliant show that never should have been taken of air, would love it to come back with the same cast and hopefully writers that arent quite as greedy.

    Truly one of the best shows of its time. the casting was superb and the chemistry between the characters was visible in every scene.
    the plot lines were full of promise and every episode left you craving more, anxiously anticipating the next (like any good script should).
    essentialy this was a copy of quantum leap, but the character development and the storylines put it in a class of its own. unlike quantum leap the plot had reason and was clearly headed in a particular direction. Any quantum leap fan would love this show as it picks up the batton from quantum leap and runs at blistering speed.
  • This show and it's cast touched all eras.Quantum Leap is timeless but as where SAM was limited to "travel" DAN isn't which makes story possibilities endless. "Boo" I say to the NAY sayers!!

    This show will make a come back even if it is renamed and all new cast. Even in it's premature judging stage it still held many to their seats. DAN,loving father,devout husband,brother, friend and employee, struggles to maintain a "normal life", whatever that is, while shuffling between time present and past (future?). As with many other shows we know all will be set right in one episode or by two at least, however, it's was always the JOURNEY that held me to the television every time it was on.
    "If it's not broke, don't fix it!"
    once again "Boo" I say to the NAY sayers!!
    Bring it back!! Please and thank you.
  • This was a great show; one we'd try really hard not to miss.

    Not everyone likes reality shows. Everytime the networks have a good drama, with good actors and a good story line they kill it just when we the fans get invested in it.

    Don't think I'm going to watch any new series on the networks this fall (2008); I'll wait until they make it to at least the second year and then catch up.

    I don't know what problem NBC had with it. If it didn't garner enough of their favorite demographic (15-30) they shouldn't have expected it to. It was a show about a married couple with a child, his ex-girlfriend and his brother (his wife's ex-boyfriend!). Also, in some ways it was like Quantum Leap, but with some interesting twists, so you have to appreciate the leaps back in time.

    It was just getting really interesting too!
  • Journeyman is the story about an involuntary time traveler, and the drama that creates in his daily life. It featured great storytelling and great acting all around.

    I found Journeyman to be a very intriguing and innovative show. I am very sad that the option didn't get picked up as I think it featured great acting and a very evocative storyline.

    The show is about a journalist who finds that he, without control over his abilities, can travel through time. He learns that he is sent back in time to help unravel things, put people on the right path and avoid mistakes. He never learns what or why, but the story of it all is very compelling.

    Dan, the time traveling reporter, has a iffy relationship with his brother, Jack the police officer. Dan is married to Jack's ex-fiancee. While Dan's ex turns out to be another time traveler. It might sound soapy, but it works, and works well.

    Too bad we'll never find out where the story was going, but I'll always fondly remember the 13 episodes of Journeyman.
  • Dan Vassar is a journalist who, without his consent, is repeatedly thrust backwards through time by unknown forces. He must help to finish a chapter in the lives of the people he is tracking before being allowed to return to the present.

    "Journeyman" is a show that really caught me off-guard. I wasn't expecting a whole lot out of it. I thought it was simply going to be a guilty pleasure for me as a sci-fi fan, similar to "Sliders" and "Stargate" (i.e. terribly fun, but with very little substance). And, for the first few episodes, it was. But as the first (and only) season (thanks, NBC) progressed, the show really seemed to come into its own. Thanks to an excellent writing team, the episodes became more and more interconnected, rather than stand-alone plots. And as events that Dan changes in the past begin to affect his present-day life, the Vassar family drama becomes even more interesting than the time-travelling missions. The set-up for the show allows for the possibility of near-infinite episodes, but had the series continued, it would not have been the "missions", but characters like Katie, Jack and Langley who would have kept it going.
  • Interesting idea, Some really good characters and storylines - This show had great potential but unfortunately got cut short!

    It's a shame this show didn't have more time to develop, I held off writing a review because I thought there was still a chance it would come back - but that doesn't seem to be the case.

    So the story is about Dan - who just so happens to be able to travel back in time (although not whenever he wants to!). It wasn't the most original story out there, but it was still done in a really interesting way. I loved the relationship between Dan and Livia and thought that story had such potential. I liked that they both had a variation of the same ability (Dan went into the past, Livia into the future) - and thought that the Livia storyline could have been so much more that it got the chance to be. I was never a big fan of Katie, just because I didn't get the chemistry between her and Dan, although I liked her with Jack (the brother) - that was an interesting dynamic!

    The actual stories were also really well done, the way they showed how one change that Dan made could alter so much wasn't done in a cliche way (and if it had been done differently, it could have ended up being quite cheesy - which thankfully it didn't). The people Dan encountered had interesting lives - and I did end up caring how he helped them, and what they would end up doing after he saved them.

    The show could probably have done with a little more humour for me, but it's worth watching (despite it being cut short) for the relationship between Dan & Livia, and the people Dan helps when he goes back in time. This show definitely had the potential to last a least a few more seasons for me, a good show that is definitely worth watching!
  • A show about time travel, but only within the confines of the experiences of the main Character, Dan.

    I started watching this because the character "Dan" was in the HBO series "Rome"...I thought he was great in that and I wanted to see how he acted in another venue. I was soon hooked as Dan disappeared and reappeared in random places and times in history. I was curious to see if Dan would time travel back to Ancient Rome (LOL), but soon learned that his time travel would not allow him to reach a time in history that he did not already live. I didn't care for the actress that played his wife, I couldn't find the chemistry there, but I did find "Dan's" character to be interesting and riveting. I would have liked the show to at least reach a point of closure before it was taken off the air. Good premise, confusing, and made you think. Left me wanting to see more.
  • Right from the start NBC I feel has a winner. The show I believe in it so much I wanna go back in time and do what Dan is doing. This show is about a guy named Dan Vassar. He has Headaches on and off which translate him going back and forth through time.

    I totally believe in it so much. Ill go out on a limb unless something drastic happens in the next handful of episodes and bombs or there company gets bought up or dumped. I like how the lead character is straight to the point and no nonsense. All the characters seem to know there stuff. I hope they keep the cast together. Im not to fond of the brothers character of Dans. I see this tv show going in my mind to two or three seasons easy. Like alot of new shows out there now I believe this one will top the ones that just started up back in September. Along the way this show will get interesting. I will be keeping close attention. And see what happens down the road.

    Its been awhile since this has been on. Im thinking the strike had something to do with this awesome show being canned. I just wish some good things didnt have to end. Only one season to. Mostly good acting. It was great while it lasted. I hope NBC can find the time to get this on dvd. It would be nice to own down the road. I also hope to see what else NBC is working on.
  • A show that should never of been cancelled.

    This review will be of the complete season, so will contain "Spoilers". One day Dan Vasser is transported back in time and there he see's his ex dead girl friend (who advises him on why he is there) Unfortunatly he is now married... what makes it worse is that he is married to his brothers ex- girlfriend Katie. The show works alot like quantum leap and each episode Dan has to protect/save a person and each mission he is advised by his Ex-girlfriend Livia. what makes it more intereseting is that she never died but she herself is inflicted with the same problem as Dan, that she timetravels, the only difference is where Dan travels to the past each time, she travels to the future and is really supposed to live in the 50's.
    Dan's brother plays the role of synic, and is always on his back, but at the same time as you learn from episodes it has always been that way because he loves his brother.
  • did not deserve to be cancelled

    You hate to hear it about a show: cancelling. I hate hearing it especially when its a show I really like; like Journeyman. Journeyman when I first heard of it, was a show I could definitely get into. With sci-fi plots, drama story lines and action-action-action Journeyman had everything a tv show addict could dream of. Well almost everything- hot women. Oh no wait Journeyman has them. What is missing? I reckon more confrontation on the brother-brother level, and more journeyman could've made show a little more exciting. Though not too many journeyman- we need our main star to shine.
  • Best show on television, but it never got the chance it deserved..

    First of all, I'm a sucker for time travel. Many of my favorite movies and tv series involve time travel (Back to the Future, Doctor Who, Samurai Jack, and Deja Vu to name a few.) but this was and still is my absolute favorite story of time travel ever created.

    The reason for this is simply because it's so different from anything presented before, the series focused on the they feel, what they're thinking, their relationships with one another, their minor problems and of course their major problems all pretty much stemming from Dan Vasser's jumping through time. It had all the traditional fantasy elements needed for a good and pure science fiction show but built upon them with a unique, even touching love story plus all the drama of an intense Jack McCoy closing argument in 'Law & Order'.

    It was amazing how the show could shift focus from family life to the person in the past Dan and (consequently) Livia need to help to Jack Vasser being skeptical and helping Dan in his own way to Katie Vasser doing the best she can with Dan's situation. A prime example of this being the eighth and my personal favorite episode, 'Winterland'(the Revelation Episode as I like to call it). This episode was where the series REALLY took off, wrapping up several mysteries only to create more and pave the way for Aeden Bennett and the remaining five episodes.

    All 'Journeyman' needed was a chance and it would have found more viewers in time. Unfortunately, it was dealt a very rotten hand with the writer's strike and lack of advertising with NBC backing 'Bionic Woman' instead it seems..but in summary, 'Journeyman' was an incredible, intelligent series with a terrific cast, characters and storyline. It will be missed, but it really gave one hell of a ride and I will gladly hold my breath and keep hope up for new episodes someday. ^^

  • Journeyman is a time travel show in the same vein as Quantum Leap and Sliders.

    I really love TV shows about Time Travel, and Journeyman was one such show. It was really well done and had just started to get into the real details of the time travel paradox. It is similar to Quantum Leap and Sliders, two other shows that I really enjoyed and which were cancelled before their time! Bring Journeyman back! I would love to see the USA Network, the Sci-FI channel, or TNT grab this series and make more episodes. The original 13 shows were great, and as far as I know that is all there will be. It would be a huge waste if this show goes off the air forever.
  • I jealously guard my limited time on the couch. Journeyman is the rare emotive and thought-provoking show that I am eager to let into my world. It was one of only two must-see shows for me in 07. It's loss will be second in tragedy only to Firefly.

    Television listings are flooded with shows that are mediocre at best and I have precious few hours in front of the TV each week. I am determined that the shows I do make time for won't simply pollute my brain, but rather will inspire and move me.

    Journeyman was one of the few shows I've ever seen that immediately strike a chord with me and hold my attention. The characters are real and convincing, the premise rich and original, and the pace of the drama is plaid out in a masterful blend of fun weekly installments and well-woven long-term plot developments.

    It was fun, intense, thought-provoking, and emotional. Journeyman was one of only two shows in 2007 that I considered a must-see and went out of my way to catch each week. It was meaningful and to let such a fantastic fiction fade away to make room for another attempt at meaningless filler is a foul against all viewers.

    I sincerely cared about Dan and his family and wish them well on their Journey. Here's hoping that somehow we can go back and save them.
  • or at least better for every episode

    In the beginning I thought the show was just OK, but after a few episodes, I feel Journeyman was getting better and better. Fascinating plot, which could really become something.

    At the end it really started to get interesting! The professor seems to know some of what is going on, and Dan seems to start getting some answers. I really liked the ideas with Livia going into the future and Dan going back. There seemed to be some greater purpose behind the whole thing, and I would love to see how it would evolve.

    The story really deserves to be completed. I'm not necessarily saying it should go on for season after season, like some shows I won't mention, but they could at least complete the story for those of us who have come to love the show. With 13 episodes it couldn't be that expensive to at leaste create one more season to wrap it up, or a DVD or two that sums it all up. However, the best would be for it to return for several more seasons!
  • Clearly "Bring it back" is not gonna happen

    Which is a shame. One of the best new shows that was on this year and its pooched. Can everybody let me know about how much advertising they seen for this show. I think they spent about 8 million dollars on marketing for Bionic Woman and spent about the equivalent of 7 grilled cheese sandwiches on Journeyman (I estimated that to be roughly $6.48) Thank you NBC for the generous marketing plan for Journeyman. I almost stopped watching your network all together but I didnt. I hope every new show fails, Bionic Woman - FAILED, Knight Rider - FAILED, Life - I hope FAILS.
  • This show was one of the best shows of the new season and should not have been cancelled.

    From the very first episode this show displayed excellent writing, directing, and acting and it is a shame that it got cancelled so early. The plots were very intriguing and it pulled you in with every episode and got you interested and invested with the cahracters and it had an awesome plot as well as an awesome cast to go with it. NBC executives were stupid to pull this awesome show from there Monday night lineup and if it had been given enough time and effort to promote it, it would be a huge hit and wold not have been cancelled.
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