Season 1 Episode 12

The Hanged Man

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Dec 17, 2007 on NBC

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  • Great episode to end on!

    Excellent penultimate episode to an excellent series, just wish there was a season two!

    I liked the idea of something as simple as a camera now being super-high-tech not so long ago, and how the camera being left behind affected different technologies.

    One extremely annoying part though was when they first recovered the camera in the office, the office manager came and told them to give it back to the boy... and they did! What the hell? Why were they bowing to her authority? She had no authority over them. Very annoying plot hole!

    This episode is also notable for the eye-popping sight of Moon Bloodgood crawling around on the floor in lingerie! My god, that woman is adorable.
  • Dan and Katie are messing about in the bedroom, taking some innocent pictures with the digital camera, then Dan jumps into the past and onto an rv hanging over the edge of the cliff, he gets the 2 occupants out, before it slides down the cliff face.

    There is more of a family gathering, Katie's sister is in town, so there is a small dinner party, all are there including Hugh, when Dan jumps back, into a building, where a semi-clad figure of Livia is looking embarrassed, they see the lady from the rv, then the son, Dan is unable to get his camera back and they have to leave the offices. He gets back after the dinner party is over, and discovers that he now has a daughter rather than a son.

    Katie doesn't remember Zack, Dan is getting worried as he has changed the past, he goes upto Zacks room where Dan and Katie talk through the conception dates and events surrounding his daugters birth. It soon becomes very apparant that by taking the digital camera and losing it in the past, has had a major technological advancement than should not have occurred.

    He has to change things back to how things were and he realises that he can only get things back into line when he gets the camera back. He manages to get to talk to Mrs Supper regarding her son, as he had the camera last.

    Nat, Katie sister manages to persuade her to have a psychic do a reading on the future, whom confirms that something is unfinished and has been turned upside down, the answer is within, just then Dan walks in - she tells him that she has not met anyone with his presence before, that he is in turmoil and he needs to find something, someone, Zack.

    Dan tries to get back, he succeeds and Livia is there and he tells her about Zack and he's gone, they say they have to get the camera back and are walking into the office building as before.

    Nat and Jack talk in the kitchen, he manages to tell him that he knows that Dan has not gone back to gambling, they chat through alot of stuff before he admits that he's knocked his girlfriend up. Nat laughs and tells him that his life is sooooooo over and laughs again.

    Meanwhile, Dan and Livia go into the building, track down chris and they get the camera back, there's a lot of arguements about getting the camera back, but results in Dan taking the camera, him and Livia leave the building and dispose of the camera in a crusher on the way out, they both jump just as the security guards open fire killing the biotch head of security, which i thought was poetic justice.
  • Good, but probably too late.

    This episode started on an up beat with Dan and Katie starting to get...intimate when Dan gets zapped away to 1984 in the back of a mom's and son's mobile camper as it's teetering on the edge of the cliff.

    Dan helps the two innocents escape, but gets trapped in the RV as it tumbles down a mountain. And, through no fault of his, Dan leaves a digital camera at the feet of the people he saved. Dan completes his tumble down the stairs of his newspaper's office building. He then goes home to regain his bearings, where he meets his daughter, Caroline for the first time. Zack's gone. First clue he did something to change the timeline. Cool.

    Dan recounts with Katie the time they conceived Zack, but Katie sets him straight with the story of how Caroline was born. Katie doesn't remember Zack, and she doesn't want him to do anything to "restore" the timeline. Nice conflict. When Dan goes back to the newspaper, his boss holds up a digital video flimsy with info on a story assignment (2nd clue), and he finds a virtual 3D GUI in place of a pedantic solid screen and hard drive tower (3rd clue). I want my own hyperadvanced personal computer, but I expect to wait a decade or two for tech in this timeline to get to that point.

    Dan does some research and sees that a computer company has been behind some major breakthroughs for the last 20 years, which everyone else takes in stride.

    He flashes back, meets up with Livia, and try to recover the camera, which the son is trying to sell to the computer company his mom just joined. No joy on the first try.

    Meantime, life continues as normal with Caroline instead of Zach. Dan's brother, Jack, is dealing with getting his girlfriend pregnant accidentally and Katie's sister, Annette, is urging her to leave Dan before he does something to hurt her. When Dan zaps back, he runs into a psychic, who Katie brought over to the house to ask about life, fortune, etc. The psychic gushes over Dan, saying she never met someone with his aura. Apparently, time travelers aren't too thick on the ground.

    Dan sees that nothing's changed, and he's got an uphill battle. When he contacts the mom in the present, he sees that she's blind and her son is missing. Dan and the viewer put two and two together, realizing that the son was apparently offed for the camera.

    He flashes back, meets up with Livia, and tracks the son as he mets with a company nerd to sell the camera to get enough money to help his mom, who's going blind from diabetes. It goes without saying that his buyers are dying to get their hands on "advanced technology that people will kill for." The company security chief, one very wooden lady, has some security guards pursue Dan and Livia when they take the camera. Dan tosses the camera into a trash compactor, where it goes CRACK, and he and Livia zap away as the security goons fill the space they'd occupied with lead--and nail their boss instead. The son runs off safe.

    When Dan flashes back to the present, his Star Trek PC is gone, the son is on his way to inventing a digital ocular implant that'll give sight back to the blind, and Zach is back. Dan gives his son a squeeze that takes the blood from his head.

    And the psychic reappears to tell Dan that he and one other (Livia) were born during the passing of the Joseph Lee Comet (fictional I believe).

    Good drama throughout. Regarding the Comet, I would think that if it's passing marked and linked Dan and Livia as special, there'd be others who'd be part of the time travelers club. That angle hasn't been developed in the previous episodes and won't be in the future if NBC doesn't pick up the series' option. I also feel that this sort of info needed to be included in the pilot episode to help new viewers suspend their disbelief and buy into the premise. Too little, most likely too late I expect.

    Rightly or wrongly, the show has bled viewers from the beginning, which led to a ratings plummet, and the series' likely death knell in NBC's eyes.

    Too bad because I feel this "Quantum Leap"-like show has the potential to improve and overcome its shortcomings, but it'll never be.

    Except in the alternate reality where the show's option has been picked up and a full first season is ordered. Being a leaper would be helpful about now.

  • If you're looking for a word to sum up this episode, then maybe they should make up a new word to describe outstanding, amazing, interesting, different, mind-blowing, shocking, emotional etc.

    If you're looking for a word to sum up this episode, then maybe they should make up a new word to describe outstanding, amazing, interesting, different, mind-blowing, shocking, emotional etc. etc. Did I mention amazing?!

    I absolutely love this show, and this episode by far is probably the best to date. The episode shows just how much Dan's life can change by something so little as leaving behind a digital camera in the past. I was utterly surprised when he went back home to find he'd never had a son, Zack, but a little girl called Caroline. I'm disheartened by the fact that this series may get cancelled. It truly is one of the best shows on TV, and it'd be a big mistake to throw it away. Especially now after this episode!
  • excellent

    Dan goes back in time and finds himself inside an RV with a mother and teenage boy who are about to die by falling off a cliff. Before Dan travels back to the present, he drops his digital camera and it brings problems in his current life. The digital camera brings a lot of suspense in this episode. Every time Dan tries to get it back, there are people who are preventing it from happening. This episode ends in a cliffhanger, something else changes in the present and Dan doesn't know what happened. This can be something that will play out in future episodes, it could be a very interesting future episodes.
  • Review

    The best episode of the series yet which leaves you wanting so much more from the show and makes it a sad thoought knowing that the next 42 minutes are going to be the shows last ever. I do think this episode was the best episode that has ever been written by the Journeyman staff, with "The Butterfly Effect" kind of thing happening from Dan losing his camera in the past and also getting a little bit of information from about why Dan has this ability to travel through time. We now know the reason behind why he is able to do what he can do, now the only question is why does Livia travel foward while Dan travels backwards. I think the "case" in question was pretty much irrelevant, the main focus of the story was the fact that Dans entire world changed from something as simple as losing his digital camera trying to save someone. Overall, best episode of Journeyman so far - cannot wait for next week.
  • A powerful and exciting penultimate episode

    With every new episode of "Journeyman", it is ever more clear that the writers had a very strong sense of direction. More than that, the scope and depth of the concept had been explored, and the writers were ready to take the logical consequences of Dan's situation to the bitter end. This episode is the perfect example of taking progressive steps with previously established rules. The possibility was always there, but how many writers would have gone so far?

    The twist in question, of course, is the latest exploration of the "butterflies and hurricanes" concept. As seen in countless other films and shows, the idea is that a single event, however seemingly meaningless, can result in catastrophic consequences. In this case, Dan drops a present-day digital camera into 1984 Silicon Valley. Generally speaking, very little has changed; technology has advanced more quickly, but that's about it. For Dan, however, it means his son was never born, instead "replaced" by a daughter named Caroline.

    Dan's reaction is the emotional core of the episode. The writers had long since established that Zach was more important to him than just about anything else, including Katie. For him, this is a crushing blow, and more than enough reason to go back and restore the timeline. Of course, that's not how Katie sees it, because she has no shred of memory of the "true" version of reality. Because nothing else has changed, she understands exactly what Dan's reaction implies, and from her perspective, it means the loss of a daughter.

    What makes this so interesting is that the cast sells the dilemma completely. Dan's loss of Zach was a complete accident; he has no choice but to make things right (even as Caroline tries to understand why Daddy is acting like she's done something wrong). From Katie's perspective, Dan is essentially planning Caroline's murder, callously wiping her out of existence. Nothing Dan says is going to make Katie realize that her own memory of the "new" timeline will disappear as if it never happened.

    Meanwhile, Katie is searching for answers, and her sister happened to have a psychic ready to offer a Tarot reading and advice. At first, this seems like a way to address Katie's growing sense of hopelessness, and the reading reinforces her worst fears: she cannot control the situation in her household. Then Dan walks in on the session, and things take an unexpected turn. The psychic is stunned by Dan's presence, and mentions Zach by name. Considering that this is within the time where Zach never existed, it's a chilling moment.

    One might have assumed that the role of the psychic was then complete; in a compelling twist, she further reveals that a specific astrological event took place on Dan's birthdate, an event that only happened once more during the century: Livia's birthdate. At the same time, Jack was investigating the FBI file on Dan, and discovered that their father had taken a picture between young Dan and Dr. Langley in the 1970s. The implication, of course, is that Dr. Langley knew that Dan was someone to watch in the future.

    All of these elements come together (along with some additional compelling character work) in a stunning episode that highlights everything great about "Journeyman" and the potential still waiting to be exploited. Unfortunately, this is currently the penultimate episode for the series. Those interested in seeing the series survive beyond 2007 should visit and join the effort to save the show!
  • One thing can affect another...

    I love the way that the writers used the lost camera to affect the birth of Dan's child. One could only wonder what kind of rift would occur if somebody with today's technology were to go back to the past. Would it be a good or bad thing?

    I also thought it was pretty cool to have both Zack and Caroline to draw butterflies. An excellent installment that kept me glued to the set thru the entire episode. Poor Katie, getting all aroused only to have Dan vanish once again.

    And what about the mysterious Mr Langley, what does he know? and why did he act so strangely?
  • Jumped the shark

    I like this show, and I really want to see it stay on the air. But having the psychic link Dan and Livia with a comet? I've always felt that the underlying "science" of the time traveling is one of the things the show has going for it. Mystic revelations are just going to clutter the search for how and why this is happening to Dan. What is Langley's role? I will admit the scene where the psychic predicts that Dan needs to find Zach was thrilling, but it feels like this whole new thread cheapens the great build up toward the Truth, whatever it might be.

    On a side note, I believe Langley is simply covering his tracks by pretending not to know the travelers who have contacted him at the lab. His work must continue or they would not continue to make journeys.
  • In this episode, Dan is transported to he past where he loses his digital camera - at a time when that technology did not exist. The ramification of this for Dan is devastating

    This was one of the most interesting storylines of this or any series this year. Dan is transported back to 1984 where he saves a mother and her teenage son whose RV is abou to go over a cliff. In doing this, he loses his digital camera. When he returns back to the present, everything is as he left it except for one thing - Katie asks Dan to say goodnight to Caroline. Who is Caroline he asks? It's you daughter, she replies. At this moment, the hair on your neck stands up as it becomes clear that Dan's actions in the past have affected the present - He no longer has a son, he has a daughter!! It seems that the advanced technologies have fallen into the wrong hands and the subsequent rise of that company and their affiliation with the newspaper affects the night that Zack was conceived. A desperate Dan goes back into the past to retrieve the camera and repair the present. This is an amazingly exciting episode. This series gets better and better each week and if Wednesday's show is truly the end of the road for Journeyman, then a SAVE JOURNEYMAN campaign needs to start as this show is INCREDIBLE!!
  • Best! Episode Ever! If NBC kills this show while Bionic woman/Chuck/LIFE go on, I quit the channel!

    Its insane this show might be getting canned now, sub par shows like Chuck AND LIFE got full seasons and crap like Bionic woman coming out with higher chances of surviving the strike This week Journeyman took all the elements it had been building up all some long and did something tottally unexpected and original, this episode will exceed your expectations in everyway.

    The lame episodic , go to the past-save this dude-rise-repeat , stuff that was in the early episodes has been tottally done away with. After that brilliant episode were Dan had to travel to the past to save himself this show has been on a huge upswing and the Hanged man basically made it the best new show on tv

    This show is always better when both timelines are interacting and this episode basically took that idea and blew it out the water. Dan goes back and saves someone but this time he looses his 2007 futuristic camera which gets into the wrong hands and completely changes the present not only is the world now 30 years ahead of itself in techology but Dan's own family situation had changed. Leaving Dan with a much more personal reason go back Not to mention how increabably the shows overarching mystery of why extractly Dan and Livia have me traveling in the first place, and how that got payed off with A massive plot twist at the end of this already perfect episode

    dear good it would be impossibale to bring all this stuff home with just one more episode and if they could,who would want that? It would be criminal to cancel this show now
  • Dan travels to the past where he encounters a woman and her son in peril. While saving them he leaves something behind that the timeline is not ready for. Very good episode....

    It is a shame that they are considering cancelling this show. No only is moon beautiful but the series gets better and better every episode. This episode was exceptionally good. I am a hugh sci-fi fan and I love the way they illustrated the effects of altering the time line. I think the Actors do a great job and the writing is coming along very well. I really hope they give it another season or if they do cancel it i hope another station picks it up(SCI-FI Channel). There can never be enough moon on T.V.,. and this should be 100.
  • Christopher was such a liar I could just scream. Everyone knows that saving your son is more important than saving your eye sight (No Offense). I'm just glad that everything returned to normal at the end. Now how come the professor had no memory of Dan?.

    I'm so disappointed Journeyman is being canceled now thats the thing I don't like about NBC they cancel the good shows and keep the bad shows. Now when Dan and Livia disappeared and that Security Chief looked where they were and came back out did those two security guards shoot her on purpose if you have a answer email me VIA I love the entire series Journeyman and each episode that was created in it's name. Now those types of computers after Dan jumped back to the office and turned his computer on with that monitor I can't wait till those are invented.
  • Questions are answered and the paradoxes are heavier than before.

    At last this show takes some serious steps into the paradoxes and anomalies surrounding time travel. A minor mistake is made in the past (leaving future technology there) that makes a major change in the present. On top of that, there are further developments concerning why Dan is a time traveller, more of an explanation of the FBI's role (perhaps a full government conspiracy), and Livia's life in the past is developing even further. I would much enjoy seeing more of Livia's life in the past. The best part about this episode was definitely the paradox that arose from Dan's mistakes in time travelling (he really should've held on to his camera much more tightly). Oh, and Elliot Langley is back leading to a weak cliffhanger.