Season 1 Episode 5

The Legend of Dylan McCleen

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on NBC
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The Legend of Dylan McCleen
While alone with Zach Dan gets one of his headaches. In the past Dan finds himself digging into the life of Dylan McCleen, an Army Ranger who stole money for a good reason. Katie is questioned about a robbery that happened the night of her big party.moreless

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  • The family has to deal with Dan and Zack getting seperated at the market, then Dan trying to solve the mystery of the legend of Dylan McCleen, his money and the urban legend that surrounded him.moreless

    We have a family day out to the marketplace, Dan, Zack and Katie meet up unexpectedly with Jack and his new girlfriend, they chatter and all head off to the cheese man, leaving Dan and Zack to look at the clowns and entertainers, when Dan feels a jump coming on, he tries to maintain a grip on Zack, but he jumps when he ends up getting knocked.

    He ends up going back in time, to a hillside, a rainy night and he ends up untangling and saving the life of a parachutist, who is only concerned with a black attache case and knowing how he knew where his jump zone was gonna be. He gets to the case, loads a gun, but Dan has travelled forward and is getting the third degree from his brother regarding where he's been and why he just left his son alone.

    We then cut to a meeting of the paper people, they are talking about making cuts in order to make or at least reduce the losses. He follows up and gets more information, gets some info on a type of tattoo he saw on the man's arm. Then he gets sent to the past, where he is in a dry cleaners looking for a Cambodian man, he follows him and then ends up talking to Dylan McCleen about the parachute jump site.

    Then he goes for a hot dog with Livia, then is advised to get hold of old currency, before his goes back, talks to Katie about the up coming game and is told that Jack would go. He meets the Cambodian man, persuades him to stay in San Fransisco, takes his necklace and then disappears once more. He then goes back to the present and the next time Dan jumps in is in front of Zack.

    He is trying to find his Capt Rich, but just misses him at the bus stop, but Livia persuades him to go and see one photo journalist, his father, which he did, then he tracks him to a bar, gets his story and then takes him to see him in the restaurant where he works, they venture outside to leave, swap coats and then he goes back to find that the guy helped the Cambodian man get his family out.

    Dan kills the story of the legend, shows Katie the mad money of Dylan McCleen, then gets told by Zack that he thinks his jumps are magic.moreless
  • A very interesting episode with an action-packed storyline and even more character development.

    Journeyman is one of those shows that seems to get better with each episode. At first, I thought the show was kind of lackluster. It had some good ideas, but it didn't seem to execute them as well as it could have. The storylines were somewhat boring, and the show overall failed to hold my interest for as long as it should. This episode makes up for that with the most action-packed storyline yet.

    I like the original idea for the storyline in the first place. The whole man-hijacking-a-plane-and-stealing-money-and-then-disappearing thing is original and intriguing. From the moment that Dan went back in time, the story got right on track and didn't let up.

    I also like how the primary focus of this episode was on the present. Jack and Katie's relationship seems to have more to it than meets the eye, and Dan's son now knows about his time-traveling. It's going to make for some interesting conflicts in the show down the road.

    Finally, the twist in the past story about how Dylan McCleen wasn't really the bad guy was good, too. Overall, this episode was well-written and exciting. Definitely good.moreless
  • Review

    A third person now knows about Dan being able to go back into the past, with the person being his young son. I dont know how this will affect the writing in future episodes, but it should be fun to watch. I didnt really get the point of the Katie Vasser filler scenes with the cop asking about the man robbing the store. I guess it was character devolopment between Jack / Katie, but it could have been something else. Im not too interested in Jacks character as a whole, I dont think he is important at all to the overall storyline. Loved the scene with Dan asking the man about time travel, I think that guy might be the man Dan turns too from now on. The standalone episode was very good, but it also incorporated several aspects of the show into an arch of sorts, with the present life being much more dominant in this episode then in episodes past. Overall I thought it was a better then average episode for the Journeyman writing staff.moreless
  • Dan has to help a Cambodia veteran

    Excellent episode, the best of the series so far in my opinion.

    There were two stand-out scenes. The first one was at the market when Dan felt his was going to travel yet was the only one with Zack. The panic and guilt when he realised he was going to abandon Zack was very well written and acted. The environment in which he ended up was a perfect match for that.

    The second stand-out scene was when he disappeared in fron of Zack. That was just a fantastic scene to watch. The boy dropping his ball was a very nice touch too.

    Can't wait for the next episode.moreless
  • Sooner rather than later!

    Well now his son has found out but it had to be sooner rather than later as Dan travels back to help a Army Ranger who has stolen some money but with good reason. Meanwhile, we hardly know anything at all about Livia. As Dan seems to hardly know anything about her at all. While she maybe letting on why he was choosen for this. As a scientist seems to be coy in this but knows about why Dan is in this game of time travel as well. At least Dan knows that he has money to spend in the past. Well, that is a good start to keep him on his journeys.moreless
Joel Gretsch

Joel Gretsch

Frank Vasser

Guest Star

Jeffrey Pierce

Jeffrey Pierce

Dylan McCleen

Guest Star

Ariel Felix

Ariel Felix

Choung Seng

Guest Star

Lisa Sheridan

Lisa Sheridan

Theresa Sanchez

Recurring Role

Tom Everett

Tom Everett

Elliot Langley

Recurring Role

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    • Langley: The rules haven't changed much since Einstein. Ultimately Whether it's wormholes or warp drives, time travel requires you to go 186,000 miles per second.
      Dan: The speed of light.
      Langley: That's the rub because, so far, nothing has demonstrated an ability to do that.
      Dan: What about tachyons?
      Langley: Theoretical particles never proven to exist.
      Dan: So, time travel's impossible.
      Langley: No, just not proven. Five hundred years ago, we knew Pluto didn't exist. Five years ago, we knew it was a planet. Now, we know it's not. Did Pluto change? No. Did our understanding of Pluto? Yes.

    • Dan: Imagine. Uncovering the identity of Dylan McCleen.
      Katie: Sounds like you're enjoying yourself.
      Dan: It has its adrenaline moments, that's all.
      Katie: And the Livia part?
      Dan: No.
      Katie: You're an adrenaline guy, Dan. You liked the action when you were gambling. Maybe you want two women in different time zones.
      Dan: Katie...
      Katie: No, I mean, you know, technically, it wouldn't be cheating if it's in the past. I was sleeping with Jack, maybe you should sleep with Livia back there.
      Dan: So, if I'm with Livia back there, you can start sleeping with Jack here? What, not funny?

    • McCleen: Do you know where we are?
      Dan: I don't know when we are.

    • Katie: (describing Jack's ideal woman) Someone who will order in Chinese with you and watch South Park? Jack: Oh, please. I'll die alone if I wait for perfection.

  • NOTES (3)

    • Music in this episode:
      "Shooting Star" by Bad Company
      "Shelter From The Storm" by Bob Dylan
      "Dance With Me" by Orleans
      "Black Water" by Doobie Brothers
      "It's Just As Well" by Pieta Brown
      "The Getaway" by Fenton Robinson

    • Did not air in some parts of California due to news coverage of the wildfires.
      In San Diego the NBC affiliate broadcast this episode on October 28 at 7 pm.

    • This episode was originally called Veterans


    • Jeff: First of all, it's Special Ops. So it's not like there's a Facebook.

      This is a reference to Facebook, the popular online social network.

    • D. B. Cooper

      On the eve of Thanksgiving in 1971, D. B. Cooper hijacked a plane and parachuted into the night with a ransom payment of $200,000. To this day, this remains the United States's only unsolved skyjacking.