Season 1 Episode 5

The Legend of Dylan McCleen

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • The family has to deal with Dan and Zack getting seperated at the market, then Dan trying to solve the mystery of the legend of Dylan McCleen, his money and the urban legend that surrounded him.

    We have a family day out to the marketplace, Dan, Zack and Katie meet up unexpectedly with Jack and his new girlfriend, they chatter and all head off to the cheese man, leaving Dan and Zack to look at the clowns and entertainers, when Dan feels a jump coming on, he tries to maintain a grip on Zack, but he jumps when he ends up getting knocked.

    He ends up going back in time, to a hillside, a rainy night and he ends up untangling and saving the life of a parachutist, who is only concerned with a black attache case and knowing how he knew where his jump zone was gonna be. He gets to the case, loads a gun, but Dan has travelled forward and is getting the third degree from his brother regarding where he's been and why he just left his son alone.
    We then cut to a meeting of the paper people, they are talking about making cuts in order to make or at least reduce the losses. He follows up and gets more information, gets some info on a type of tattoo he saw on the man's arm. Then he gets sent to the past, where he is in a dry cleaners looking for a Cambodian man, he follows him and then ends up talking to Dylan McCleen about the parachute jump site.

    Then he goes for a hot dog with Livia, then is advised to get hold of old currency, before his goes back, talks to Katie about the up coming game and is told that Jack would go. He meets the Cambodian man, persuades him to stay in San Fransisco, takes his necklace and then disappears once more. He then goes back to the present and the next time Dan jumps in is in front of Zack.

    He is trying to find his Capt Rich, but just misses him at the bus stop, but Livia persuades him to go and see one photo journalist, his father, which he did, then he tracks him to a bar, gets his story and then takes him to see him in the restaurant where he works, they venture outside to leave, swap coats and then he goes back to find that the guy helped the Cambodian man get his family out.

    Dan kills the story of the legend, shows Katie the mad money of Dylan McCleen, then gets told by Zack that he thinks his jumps are magic.
  • A very interesting episode with an action-packed storyline and even more character development.

    Journeyman is one of those shows that seems to get better with each episode. At first, I thought the show was kind of lackluster. It had some good ideas, but it didn't seem to execute them as well as it could have. The storylines were somewhat boring, and the show overall failed to hold my interest for as long as it should. This episode makes up for that with the most action-packed storyline yet.

    I like the original idea for the storyline in the first place. The whole man-hijacking-a-plane-and-stealing-money-and-then-disappearing thing is original and intriguing. From the moment that Dan went back in time, the story got right on track and didn't let up.

    I also like how the primary focus of this episode was on the present. Jack and Katie's relationship seems to have more to it than meets the eye, and Dan's son now knows about his time-traveling. It's going to make for some interesting conflicts in the show down the road.

    Finally, the twist in the past story about how Dylan McCleen wasn't really the bad guy was good, too. Overall, this episode was well-written and exciting. Definitely good.
  • Review

    A third person now knows about Dan being able to go back into the past, with the person being his young son. I dont know how this will affect the writing in future episodes, but it should be fun to watch. I didnt really get the point of the Katie Vasser filler scenes with the cop asking about the man robbing the store. I guess it was character devolopment between Jack / Katie, but it could have been something else. Im not too interested in Jacks character as a whole, I dont think he is important at all to the overall storyline. Loved the scene with Dan asking the man about time travel, I think that guy might be the man Dan turns too from now on. The standalone episode was very good, but it also incorporated several aspects of the show into an arch of sorts, with the present life being much more dominant in this episode then in episodes past. Overall I thought it was a better then average episode for the Journeyman writing staff.
  • Dan has to help a Cambodia veteran

    Excellent episode, the best of the series so far in my opinion.

    There were two stand-out scenes. The first one was at the market when Dan felt his was going to travel yet was the only one with Zack. The panic and guilt when he realised he was going to abandon Zack was very well written and acted. The environment in which he ended up was a perfect match for that.

    The second stand-out scene was when he disappeared in fron of Zack. That was just a fantastic scene to watch. The boy dropping his ball was a very nice touch too.

    Can't wait for the next episode.
  • Sooner rather than later!

    Well now his son has found out but it had to be sooner rather than later as Dan travels back to help a Army Ranger who has stolen some money but with good reason. Meanwhile, we hardly know anything at all about Livia. As Dan seems to hardly know anything about her at all. While she maybe letting on why he was choosen for this. As a scientist seems to be coy in this but knows about why Dan is in this game of time travel as well. At least Dan knows that he has money to spend in the past. Well, that is a good start to keep him on his journeys.
  • now the kid knows

    his son saw him travel into the past which was a great idea & a good scene. at least now the son won't resent his dad fo never being around. the scientist showed up & was coy about talking to dan in the past & about the possibility of time travel. we will obviously being seeing that chracter again which is good. the headaches before he leaps at least give him a chance to try to get out of the way but he should get his son a cell phone. livia still isn't giving us any information about herself. she can't be from dan's future because she looks the same age as him so they will have to explain where she is. now he has money to spend in the past & it is possible that no one will be able to track the money being spent because his travels in the past are usually years apart from each other.
  • great episode

    Dan takes his family to a city fair. It seems just a normal day until Dan gets the headache. A few moments later, he vanishes and go back in time leaving his son alone. It's a cool episode. He starts off finding a man in the rain in the middle of the forest. He meets a guy from the green beret with a case full of cash. He finds out that this guy is legendary for a mid air heist. The writers came up with a really cool episode. I really enjoyed this one, I love the ending, I can't wait for the next one.
  • Cool!

    The best episode of the series so far. The storyline was very engaging and touching, I also liked how the episode continued to deal with Dan's personal life, especially around being able to care for his son. His wife is incredibly loyal and supportive although she's clearly having a hard time - very well done. And totally cool was the kid's reaction in the end. Yeah, if anyone would understand it's probably a seven-year-old.
    I was very intrigued by the tachyon-guy showing up again. He was very enigmatic and I look forward to more to come.
    All in all this episode sets a very high standard for the series, one which I certainly hope it can live up to.
  • Another solid episode for the freshman series

    It's a shame that this series is struggling so much in the post-"Heroes" timeslot. It deserves a better showing, given the storytelling at play and the consideration given to the effect, rather than the simple existence, of this extraordinary burden. As always, the best element is the focus on personal relationships, both positive and negative.

    The writers were smart to make Kate an ally in Dan's situation, exploring some of the practical issues of running a household, parenting a young child, and maintaining a career while dropping in and out of time. The beginning of this episode was an immediate hook to any parent in the audience, because it's the sort of incident that was bound to happen, sooner or later. And of course, Jack is there to manage the fallout of Dan's disappearance.

    I'm once again convinced that Livia's role in the time travel is more substantial than it seems, given how often she appears to help Dan through each new crisis. It's quite possible that she's come to the conclusion that any "real time" attachments are impractical. Livia's decision not to reconnect with Dan after the plane crash supports the notion that she had learned that lesson earlier in life, and chose to make a relatively clean break.

    This could lead in a couple different directions. First, Dan could find his "real time" life so complicated by the accumulation of career, family, and legal issues that the alternative of dropping off the grid with Livia could be very attractive. This is currently tempered by Kate's support and Zach's knowledge of his circumstance, but Jack is a thorn in his side and the current stability is dependent on his job at the paper.

    The second possibility is that Livia's assumptive isolation drove her to find a companion, and by whatever mechanism the time travel is initiated, she pushed for Dan to join in her reindeer games. This might explain why she's been such a presence during his travels. I'm also beginning to wonder if the physics professor is aware of Dan's situation, and always has been, given how he seemed to prod Dan during their discussion.

    The more I see the scope and depth of this series, the more I worry for its viability. It may survive for a bit longer at the current viewership level, but the impending writer's strike could be a major problem. If a hastily-constructed reality show gets better ratings in the same timeslot, "Journeyman" could get the short end of the stick.
  • A fun episode with a slight change of pace. As Dan hunts for the ranger this is the first case in which the resolution isn't handed to him. He had to hunt and fight against the ranger and the person he was trying to help to get the job

    A fun episode with a slight change of pace. As Dan hunts for the ranger this is the first case in which the resolution isn't handed to him. He had to hunt and fight against the ranger and the person he was trying to help to get the job done. We also see Dan travel and leave his son stranded which once again makes me ask what the hell Katie is doing not taking better care over Dans ability. A good move on the writers part in letting the kid see Dan disappear which solves the issue of what to do with him and dealing with Dan never being there. Plus we have from the previous episode Dan being in the same area as a robbery and being investigated but despite this fact he keeps and uses money from 1975. Which was taken in a robbery and since the FBI logs the serial numbers from such money I can't wait to see what trouble awaits him once they catch on. Great episode and kudos for all the build-up the episode has given us for future episodes.
  • Finally something more than the same old-same old!

    Excellent character building and less of Livia and the typical wife troubles make this one of the better episodes to date. While Dan it at a public event, he jumps leaving his son stranded. We don't know he's okay until later that night (present) when he returns home. The finding out key information about a past news story and exploiting it to further his career was a great move, and using the money as a way to give him cash for his leap was imaginative. The whole idea of the professor that now has visited him being able to change time is intriguing, but we'll need to see more character development there. I'd love to have a whole episode revolve around him.

    Even with all this character building, I fear it may be too late for Journeyman. It's progressed too slow and has been too predictable to date to warrant a second season. Time will tell. Maybe Dan can leap back and make th previous episodes more interesting. Are you listening NBC?
  • great episode...join Kevin Falls on my radio show tonite at 8pm PT / 11pm ET

    This show just keeps getting better and better.

    Journeyman is the best show of this new much as I liked Jericho..I like Journeyman as much if not more..

    A drama that mixes a little bit of wonder.

    NBC I hope shows confidence in this show and gives it time to grow.

    All the actors have a great familial feel to them.

    Kevin McKidd is outstanding as Dan.

    This show makes a great follow up to Heroes. I wonder what is behind this?? Or who??

    Lampley is a bit creepy. I wonder if he is behind all of this and where is Dan's dad?? Is he dead??
  • Excellent episode...

    The preview for this episode had me when I saw that Dan pops out when watching his kid and really let you know that although time hopping can be cool it has it's major problems. Dan now realises that he can't be alone with his own child due to him popping out randomly. The story Dan is involved in this episode was really good but I thought the family issues were better. The scene where his son sees him leave was excellent.
    One thing I really want to happen is for Dan to score a big story with his jumping. He really needs a break here and there. The money he got from this job was nice but I don't want him to lose his job.
    This is a great show and I really hope it gets the full season it deserves.
  • Viajes de pronto

    Es interesante ver a Dan desaparecer de pronto, pero más interesante es en qué momento lo hace, dónde va a aparecer y en qué condiciones. De este episodio en particular me llamó la atención que desapareció estando el hijo cerca, y en una multitud, por lo que el hijo de apenas 7 años se perdió por unos momentos hasta ser encontrado por su madre. Pero ¿qué hubiera pasado si en el momento que va a desaparecer toca a su hijo?, ¿se van los dos al pasado?, porque como ya sabemos, puede viajar con cosas materiales, ¿pero podrá con personas?. Este capítulo me gusto mucho porque su hijo lo ve desvanecerse en el aire en uno de sus viajes, y al final se lo dice, eso dejo para la siguiente semana la reacción de Dan, ¿Qué explicación de va a dar?. Ahh, queda también pendiente la investigación del robo en el que Dan es sospechoso.