Season 1 Episode 5

The Legend of Dylan McCleen

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • Another solid episode for the freshman series

    It's a shame that this series is struggling so much in the post-"Heroes" timeslot. It deserves a better showing, given the storytelling at play and the consideration given to the effect, rather than the simple existence, of this extraordinary burden. As always, the best element is the focus on personal relationships, both positive and negative.

    The writers were smart to make Kate an ally in Dan's situation, exploring some of the practical issues of running a household, parenting a young child, and maintaining a career while dropping in and out of time. The beginning of this episode was an immediate hook to any parent in the audience, because it's the sort of incident that was bound to happen, sooner or later. And of course, Jack is there to manage the fallout of Dan's disappearance.

    I'm once again convinced that Livia's role in the time travel is more substantial than it seems, given how often she appears to help Dan through each new crisis. It's quite possible that she's come to the conclusion that any "real time" attachments are impractical. Livia's decision not to reconnect with Dan after the plane crash supports the notion that she had learned that lesson earlier in life, and chose to make a relatively clean break.

    This could lead in a couple different directions. First, Dan could find his "real time" life so complicated by the accumulation of career, family, and legal issues that the alternative of dropping off the grid with Livia could be very attractive. This is currently tempered by Kate's support and Zach's knowledge of his circumstance, but Jack is a thorn in his side and the current stability is dependent on his job at the paper.

    The second possibility is that Livia's assumptive isolation drove her to find a companion, and by whatever mechanism the time travel is initiated, she pushed for Dan to join in her reindeer games. This might explain why she's been such a presence during his travels. I'm also beginning to wonder if the physics professor is aware of Dan's situation, and always has been, given how he seemed to prod Dan during their discussion.

    The more I see the scope and depth of this series, the more I worry for its viability. It may survive for a bit longer at the current viewership level, but the impending writer's strike could be a major problem. If a hastily-constructed reality show gets better ratings in the same timeslot, "Journeyman" could get the short end of the stick.