Season 1 Episode 5

The Legend of Dylan McCleen

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 22, 2007 on NBC

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  • The family has to deal with Dan and Zack getting seperated at the market, then Dan trying to solve the mystery of the legend of Dylan McCleen, his money and the urban legend that surrounded him.

    We have a family day out to the marketplace, Dan, Zack and Katie meet up unexpectedly with Jack and his new girlfriend, they chatter and all head off to the cheese man, leaving Dan and Zack to look at the clowns and entertainers, when Dan feels a jump coming on, he tries to maintain a grip on Zack, but he jumps when he ends up getting knocked.

    He ends up going back in time, to a hillside, a rainy night and he ends up untangling and saving the life of a parachutist, who is only concerned with a black attache case and knowing how he knew where his jump zone was gonna be. He gets to the case, loads a gun, but Dan has travelled forward and is getting the third degree from his brother regarding where he's been and why he just left his son alone.
    We then cut to a meeting of the paper people, they are talking about making cuts in order to make or at least reduce the losses. He follows up and gets more information, gets some info on a type of tattoo he saw on the man's arm. Then he gets sent to the past, where he is in a dry cleaners looking for a Cambodian man, he follows him and then ends up talking to Dylan McCleen about the parachute jump site.

    Then he goes for a hot dog with Livia, then is advised to get hold of old currency, before his goes back, talks to Katie about the up coming game and is told that Jack would go. He meets the Cambodian man, persuades him to stay in San Fransisco, takes his necklace and then disappears once more. He then goes back to the present and the next time Dan jumps in is in front of Zack.

    He is trying to find his Capt Rich, but just misses him at the bus stop, but Livia persuades him to go and see one photo journalist, his father, which he did, then he tracks him to a bar, gets his story and then takes him to see him in the restaurant where he works, they venture outside to leave, swap coats and then he goes back to find that the guy helped the Cambodian man get his family out.

    Dan kills the story of the legend, shows Katie the mad money of Dylan McCleen, then gets told by Zack that he thinks his jumps are magic.