Season 1 Episode 4

The Year of the Rabbit

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on NBC
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The Year of the Rabbit
While Katie sets up for her big charity event, she is stunned to find that Dan has yet again disappeared. This time around, Dan travels back to the 1990s in order to help a woman on a blind date, but when Livia arrives to assist Dan with his mission she seems more interested in Dan's relationship with Katie.moreless

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  • I am falling in love with this show.

    Katie prepares for her big charity gala but is devastated when Dan goes missing. Dan's latest mission takes him back to 1995 to help a young woman on a blind date. Livia arrives to help Dan with his mission but she seems to have more questions about Dan and Katie's relationship. Meanwhile, Katie decides to invite Jack to be her date for the gala.

    I can understand Katie's panic. You have been working on something special for so long, wanting it to be perfect and you would like a little support from you time traveling husband. Asking her ex-boyfriend, brother-in-law was a bit flabbergasting.moreless
  • Livia is getting more annoying than helpful!

    If you ask me, Livia is more annoying than helpful as Dan is trying to find the will to live a life but fate keeps stepping in. As Katie is trying to put a charity event together only to find Dan disappear yet again. This time to 1995 as he helps a woman with her blind date. As Livia comes in and helps assist him in his quest. He finds out about not being involved with the mission from her but instead is only interested in Dan & Katie. As Dan is really about had it with her as well as with this time travelling thing. Katie in the end, walks right past Dan as he seems late for everything and disappears. But he still love Katie no matter what happens. Nothing will keep them apart at all despite this time travelling thing.moreless
  • this show is turning into law & order except the thunk-thunk sound is just replaced with the fade to white as he travels.

    this was dumb. she knows he can't control but she kept getting mad at him. are they trying to make her character annoying? they really need to make jack's date a part of the show. that would be really good. the past storyline was really dumb. usually whenever he alters the past it creates a large amount of good in the present. last week the gambler went on to free innocent people from jail. but this time all he did was clear some cop of suspicion. that's it. it doesn't seem worth the effort. the only good part of this episode was when the professor called dan in the past on the old phone. they have a lot of explaining to do. what phone # is dan's old phone? it can't be the same as the present one. is the professor monitoring him? they are dragging these questions out very slowly which is good because they need to have some answers.moreless
  • great episode

    Dan and Katie are on their way to a charity event. Katie insists that Dan needs to be there for her. Dan promises, until he feels a headache. He gets transported back in time and meets a girl on a blind date. Dan meets Katie's ex husband who gets into a fight with him. Dan goes back to the present. He gets back to the charity event. It's a great episode, Dan goes to the past throughout the night. It's really awesome, it's fast pace. It never gets boring, I can't wait for the next episode. I really enjoyed this episode.moreless
  • Brilliantly made a usual and I'll never stop watching this show because it's so well written.

    I think that Katie should understand that the time travel thing is out of Dan's control and he can't stop it no matter what so why does she keep blaming him?. I love this show and it's storyline and storyboard. So I love the opening movie intro I like the music in their and I love all of the characters in this series and episode. So I wounder if this time travel ability could be stopped?. And how did Dan get this ability?. So many questions I wounder if their going to be answered one day?. I give this episode and series 5 out of 5 stars.moreless
Brittany Ishibashi

Brittany Ishibashi

Melissa Waters

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Josh Daugherty

Josh Daugherty

William Johnson

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Geoffrey Owens

Geoffrey Owens

Matthew Tarbell

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Lisa Sheridan

Lisa Sheridan

Theresa Sanchez

Recurring Role

Tom Everett

Tom Everett

Elliot Langley

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Langley: Tachyons? Are you sure you're not trying to build a time machine?
      Dan: Well, you got me.

    • Dan: You should stay a little. Maybe he's the one.
      Melissa: Spoken like a guy who hasn't been dating for a while.
      Dan: Spoken like a guy who believes life's full of surprises.

    • Livia: In the present, you abide by the law. In the past, it's the wild, wild west.

    • Dan: Why am I answering all your questions when you never answer mine?
      Livia: 'Cause you're a guy and you can't resist talking about yourself.
      Dan: Katie was with my brother then. I was with you. I was totally with you.
      Livia: You don't even seem like Katie's type.
      Dan: What's her type?
      Livia: I don't know. Jack's a cop. Edgy, commitment-phobic, a bad boy. You're...
      Dan: I'm a recovering gambling addict who travels through time. I got some edge. You're jealous.
      Livia: Of course I am. Wouldn't you be?

    • Dan: I need a favor.
      Matthew: Are you looking for more mathematical formulas to help you count cards?
      Dan: (laughs) I never counted cards.
      Matthew: Maybe that's why you never won.
      Dan: I had my good days. Uh, I'm doing some research.
      Matthew: On what?
      Dan: Tachyons.
      Matthew: Tachyons?
      Dan: Particles that travel faster than the speed of light.
      Matthew: I'm the, uh, science editor, Dan. I know what Tachyons are.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Songs in this episode:
      - "Two Princes" by Spin Doctors
      - "Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground
      - "I've Got You Under My Skin" by Cole Porter, performed by Tierney Sutton
      - "We Will Not Grow Old" by Lenka


    • The priest muttering "Oh boy" upon seeing Dan is an allusion to the series Quantum Leap, which had a similar premise to Journeyman. In Quantum Leap, the main character would regularly use "Oh boy" as a "catchphrase" shortly after arriving in a new time and finding himself in unusual situations.