Season 1 Episode 4

The Year of the Rabbit

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on NBC

Episode Recap

As a couple is having their wedding rehearsal Dan wakes up in the back of the church with a wrench in his hand. The priests thinks he's homeless and tells him to talk to another priest for help. Dan leaves the church and goes into Cafe Luna. There he meets a woman named Melissa who is waiting for a blind date, someone she met on the internet. While waiting her ex shows up and Dan gets into a fight with him.

When Dan returns home Katie is trying to clean up the mess from a broken pipe, which explains why he was carrying the wrench. Katie is on edge which Dan thinks is because of Livia. She reminds him about her big charity dinner she's running. Dan promises to be there even though they both know he can't really be sure that he will.

Dan goes back to 1997 and into Cafe Luna where Livia is waiting for him. Livia asks him about Katie wanting to know if he always had a thing for her. After Dan leaves her he sees William (blind date) in the ally buying an illegal gun. He later tells Melissa who passes it off that he bought it for her because he doesn't like the neighborhood she lives in. Dan sees Greg (the ex) in a car watching her.

Dan gets in touch with Elliot Langley for research on an article he's working on. At home Katie asks Dan about who he is tracking and once again about Livia. One of Katie's friends brings in the centerpieces for the party, so they can't continue their conversation. While doing research on Melissa Dan finds out Greg who was a cop was charged with killing her. Dan calls Jack interrupting him on a date to find out about Greg. As Dan and Katie are getting ready for the party Dan gets a headache. Katie is upset when she goes back upstairs and sees a note that says Sorry on the mirror.

Dan meets a hooker in an ally who tells him it's 1998. Jack calls to talk to Dan but can tell Katie is upset. Jack goes over to the house, seeing how upset Katie is he offers to be her escort to the party.

Dan finds William and Melissa's office. He hears them arguing about money then sees William pull the gun on her. Dan rushes in to save her and they escape.

Dan shows up at the party. Katie notices the blood and that he's sweaty and out of breath. He admits to Katie that Livia is also a time traveler. Katie is upset about this. After Dan looks up about Melissa he finds out that she ends up killing William. Jack goes looking for Dan to find out what's going on with him.

When Dan goes back to 1998 he sees Katie doing a news story in China town, she almost sees him but Livia steps in and distracts her. Katie asks Livia about her new look and says in makes her look more mature. Dan gets a phone call from Elliot Langley while still in the past. It seems as though Langley realizes and tells him he'll talk to him tomorrow. Dan goes outside and sees Greg walking a beat in Chinatown. He convinces him that Melissa is in trouble and they rush off to help her. As they get to her office they see her shoot and kill William. Dan tells them he can't testify and he's sorry but he puts the gun he had taken from William earlier and puts it in his hand so they can prove self defense.

Jack and Katie are talking at the party when a song that was special to them comes on. They talk about their past a little then Jack asks her to dance. They both realize that it wouldn't be a good idea. Jack leaves. Katie gets up to leave and sees Dan, she walks right past him and he follows her. She can't find her coat check so they go into the room to look for it. Dan tells her that he saw her doing the news report and also lets her know that Livia knows they are married. They kiss and have made up for now.
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