Season 1 Episode 4

The Year of the Rabbit

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 15, 2007 on NBC

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  • I am falling in love with this show.

    Katie prepares for her big charity gala but is devastated when Dan goes missing. Dan's latest mission takes him back to 1995 to help a young woman on a blind date. Livia arrives to help Dan with his mission but she seems to have more questions about Dan and Katie's relationship. Meanwhile, Katie decides to invite Jack to be her date for the gala.

    I can understand Katie's panic. You have been working on something special for so long, wanting it to be perfect and you would like a little support from you time traveling husband. Asking her ex-boyfriend, brother-in-law was a bit flabbergasting.
  • Livia is getting more annoying than helpful!

    If you ask me, Livia is more annoying than helpful as Dan is trying to find the will to live a life but fate keeps stepping in. As Katie is trying to put a charity event together only to find Dan disappear yet again. This time to 1995 as he helps a woman with her blind date. As Livia comes in and helps assist him in his quest. He finds out about not being involved with the mission from her but instead is only interested in Dan & Katie. As Dan is really about had it with her as well as with this time travelling thing. Katie in the end, walks right past Dan as he seems late for everything and disappears. But he still love Katie no matter what happens. Nothing will keep them apart at all despite this time travelling thing.
  • this show is turning into law & order except the thunk-thunk sound is just replaced with the fade to white as he travels.

    this was dumb. she knows he can't control but she kept getting mad at him. are they trying to make her character annoying? they really need to make jack's date a part of the show. that would be really good. the past storyline was really dumb. usually whenever he alters the past it creates a large amount of good in the present. last week the gambler went on to free innocent people from jail. but this time all he did was clear some cop of suspicion. that's it. it doesn't seem worth the effort. the only good part of this episode was when the professor called dan in the past on the old phone. they have a lot of explaining to do. what phone # is dan's old phone? it can't be the same as the present one. is the professor monitoring him? they are dragging these questions out very slowly which is good because they need to have some answers.
  • great episode

    Dan and Katie are on their way to a charity event. Katie insists that Dan needs to be there for her. Dan promises, until he feels a headache. He gets transported back in time and meets a girl on a blind date. Dan meets Katie's ex husband who gets into a fight with him. Dan goes back to the present. He gets back to the charity event. It's a great episode, Dan goes to the past throughout the night. It's really awesome, it's fast pace. It never gets boring, I can't wait for the next episode. I really enjoyed this episode.
  • Brilliantly made a usual and I'll never stop watching this show because it's so well written.

    I think that Katie should understand that the time travel thing is out of Dan's control and he can't stop it no matter what so why does she keep blaming him?. I love this show and it's storyline and storyboard. So I love the opening movie intro I like the music in their and I love all of the characters in this series and episode. So I wounder if this time travel ability could be stopped?. And how did Dan get this ability?. So many questions I wounder if their going to be answered one day?. I give this episode and series 5 out of 5 stars.
  • I think this show peels away at everything you think it is suppose to be,it hooks you

    Dan travels back to 1994 meets a woman in a bar who's exboyfriend is following her as she is about to meet someone she met on the World Wide Web. I've got to think about that one. Anyway Katie is have this big fund raiser and she wants Dan to be there, he promises but just as it's time, he does his travel back in time, to stop a murder. He meets Livia again she wants to know about Katie from the future and Katie wants to know about Livia in the past, because she is jealous, she can not rap her head around the time travel thing with Dan. She keeps dragging Jack Dan's brother her exboyfriend into their mess the sticky stuff that she can't talk about. The thing is Dan has to stop a murder and he has a gun, Dan is uncomfortable with this and Livia tells him the past is the wild west.the thing is that with episode and everyone I have watched so far Dan makes changes to events and turns them around. If you ahve not seen Journey I suggest you give it a look. I hope more will be revealed because it is building I will not spoil it but something is going to happen. Note to NBC rerun Journeyman on Sci-fi Channel. Say a marathon on the weekend for those who missed it.
  • Finally, a new plot twist.

    After 4 episodes, they finnaly decide to throw us something fresh. The phone call from the scientist about tachyons (sp?) was a much needed breath of fresh air. It shows that perhaps there's something happening that might be controlling Dan as he jumps.

    It'd be great if the writers of the show read these because they need to know that the whole love torn ex fiancee thing is so *so* SO annoying and redundant, and *boring*, that when I see him meeting her, I don't care to watch - even slightly. Now, not that my opinion should make them write differently, but if I wanted a soap opera, then, you know, I'd TiVo it.

    And while I'm at it, for the love of god, would you PLEASE have the wife make up her mind all ready? Or at least find her character? Either she understands that Dan has no control over this, or she doesn't. This back and forth, back and forth EVERY EPISODE, it's too predictable. We get it. She doesn't like him jumping, but the primary focus, or at least a major focus of this show should NOT be if Dan is going to get the proverbial rolling-pin-in-hand wife treatment when he returns. Either give her more compassion, or divorce them all ready so he can be with Livia.

    I think if this show can escape the mold that makes up SO many other shows (estranged couples type drama), and focuses more on what Dan can do during his jumps, than what's going on in his present, that there's promise here.

    If that doesn't happen, then I'm about ready to chalk it up to another time-travel show that's bound fade into memory - it's not faring too well in "the Axe", here either.
  • Another solid episode

    As with the first few episodes, the strength of "Journeyman" is the exploration of personal relationships. This episode is no exception. The best elements involve Dan's decision to admit to Kate that Livia is alive and that he sees her during every new mission through time. Those personal consequences are far more interesting than the complications of the mission itself.

    It may feel like the writers are belaboring the point, especially for those looking for more exciting time travel concepts, but I see it as a statement of intent. The emphasis on personal consequence puts the story into a framework well understood by most of the audience. We can relate to how Dan's secret and inability to control his travels can affect his work performance. The threat to his marriage is far more obvious, yet every new nuance feels genuine.

    The writers have made it easy for themselves to a certain extent. Making Dan's brother Jack both Kate's former love interest and a policeman is a massive convenience, yet it keeps a solid set of consequences within a small set of characters. Dan's seemingly erratic behavior makes it difficult to pay attention to Kate's needs and desires, and Jack is right there to step in. Jack is also in the right position to hear about any possible legal problems caused by Dan's travels, like the gun-waving in this episode. Jack's ability to call up various legal issues could temper the impression that he's simply an opportunist.

    This idea could be taken several steps further, and the seeds have already been planted. The question is whether or not the writers will be willing to keep a running tally of every question surrounding Dan's behavior. For instance, will Jack look for connections between Dan's car crash, the incident at the airport, and his supposed weapons possession (caught on film)? If not, it could be some other agency, perhaps connected to the scientist Dan speaks to in this episode. There are a number of possibilities, but the important part is the continuity.

    That principle, as mentioned in the previous review, applies to the past as well as the present. While there's reason to believe that Dan would be left out of the official report for this case, his face continues to come up in unusual places. Livia seems to think that the rules are more flexible than one would suspect, but if people remember Dan's face in passing over a span of several years, it's possible for someone to investigate that fact.

    What this episode emphasizes is the casual hostility of Dan's new existence. It has no respect or concern for his desires; he is simply expected to act according to unknown rules and undefined goals. One is left to wonder what power or agency would use someone in such a manner. One interesting possibility is that this was a choice Dan made for himself, in some future time, based on knowledge he doesn't have during the period we currently perceive. That's simple conjecture at this point, but it would make for one heck of a twist.
  • While barely managing to keep his marriage alive in the present, Dan has to save a relationship, and something more than that, in the past...

    This was a boring episode. The only good moment, that leaves me hanging until next week, was the phone call of the professor when he was in the past. I think some revelations about why and how may be coming out in the near future... About the rest it was a repetitive episode: in the present we have seen that before, in other episodes; in the past there was absolutely nothing interesting to hang on to. The worse episode so far, though it keeps me hanging til next week. But the show has to give me more to keep my atention...
  • More drama with Katie and Dan trying to build a life around his ability. Plus Livia gives some insight into the travelers parameters while navigating the past. As to the marriage strain Dan's travels are putting on Katie. Katie

    More drama with Katie and Dan trying to build a life around his ability. Plus Livia gives some insight into the travelers parameters while navigating the past. As to the marriage strain Dan's travels are putting on Katie. Katie made it hard for me to sympathize with her bring Dan's brother into the equation and almost revealing the gun Dan had acquired on his most recent trip. At this point one has to ask if her personal problems trump Dan losing everything in the present. I really feel she needs to cope better given the circumstances. As to Livia's insight she tells Dan that anything goes in the past to meet the objective. This disturbed me and makes me wonder how she could be so cavalier about how the future could be impacted. On another note a person from the present made contact with Dan while in the past opening a greater mystery. I like where the show is going with this development and all the personal drama I look forward to what will come next.
  • A repetitive episode that is only saved by good writing, good acting, and the possibility of the time travel episode finally being revealed.

    I didn't much care for Journeyman this week. It was a fairly decent episode overall, but the actual story from the past just seemed generic and boring. It was the same story as in the past few episodes, and didn't really have anything new going for it.

    However, I perked up on account of one scene--the guy that Dan went to about tachyon particles actually called him while he was in the past. It was freaky, nerve-wracking, and made me scratch my head and wonder the details behind all this time-traveling. I also enjoyed the interactions between Kate and Jack, and Dan and Livia. This, quadrilateral is becoming quite interesting and definitely has the potential to become a major story arch in future episodes.

    I just think this whole "saving people" formula is incredibly repetitive and needs something to shake it up. I'm still going to keep watching, I really like the science fiction aspect to the show and the acting, I just hope the storyline next week is more up to par.
  • This episode was amazing. I can't wait for next week.

    I thought this episode has some really great things going on. You can't help feeling sorry for Katie, a very important night for her and Dan goes missing. I love the dynamic with the brother and Katie. I'm kind of glad that she's also struggling a little with her feelings for him. Should help her understand a little about Dan and Livia. In the past I love how we actually see him making little mistakes, at first he tries to get her away from the ex and move on with the blind date then in the end has to use the ex to help her. You can't help but wonder how does this affect everything in the future. Dan's brother knew the cop and knew that Dan asked about him, now my guess is that he obviously doesn't lose his job and could be working with the brother now. I also liked how Livia stepped in with Katie in the past to keep her from seeing Dan. I'm wondering if the Livermore Lab has something to do with the time travel since they called him when he was in the past. Great episode I know I'll be tuning in next week.
  • Review

    This is about your average episode of Journeyman. The writing was solid, but the standalone structure of the show is going to be the shows downfall in the end. The present storyline isnt strong enough to carry the show from week to week. Other then Dan having problems with his wife, there really isnt anything in the present to look forward too. Every now and again the people that he saves show up in the present storyline, but that actually hurts the show by messing with the space time continum. The acting between the characters is all there, but I think the writers doesnt have too much else that the show could go with. This may be a rare show where the pilot is the best episode of the series. There was so much going on in the pilot and it was all new. Everything now seems almost the same. The solid acting and the possibility for the story arch of the old girlfriend to explode is what is keeping me interested.
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