Season 1 Episode 8


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 12, 2007 on NBC

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  • It starts off with Dan talking to the wine reporter regarding the bottle he brought for the dinner with his wife, Hugh gives him a gentle heads up that there will be another squeeze of personnel and he needs to do a real good follow up piece.

    Then he jumps back to a swingers party in the 70's, where he meets Livia, they watch the Nixon speech on the tv and then the party hosts daughter enters the mum's room, see's her swapping and then Dan poofs out of the party and back to the romantic dinner with Katie.

    The following day, Jack gets a visit from the FBI regarding the money that he took from Dan, in the end he gives up Dan's name as the person he got the money from, then he goes see Dan but ends up getting verbally told to leave.

    Dan jumps to the road, where Abby's car has broken down, he prevents her from going with a guy in a pick up truck, but then she goes with some people who are going to Winterland and Neil Young.

    He jumps back and ends up talking to the FBI agent briefly as he issues a search warrant, but he mages to get the money out from under their noses. Then jumps back into a cafe, meets up with the group but is unable to get Abby away from them, but does stop the cafe owner taking a shot at them.

    Then after showing Katie around the paper and leaving her with Hugh, he jumps for the last time, this time into a liquor store that they are robbing, Livia appears and they give them the Dylan McCleen money, get Abby to leave the store, they leave and the others in the group are killed in a gunfight with the police.

    Dan talks to Livia, is told that she's from 1948, that she was left in the late 80's without a mission of some sorts, then had to fend for herself, which she did by going to law school and getting her dipolma, and then meeting up with Dan etc.
  • Livia comes from 1948? Dan's time-traveling could be part of a new revolutionary anti-terrorism weapon? Dan is wanted by the FBI? They really had wife-swapping parties in the '70s? Revelations abound in this excellent episode.

    One of the best episodes of Journeyman this entire season. The possible complications set forth in the previous episode arrive here in full force. The FBI is very interested in Dan and the possibility that he possesses the stolen money from Dylan McCleen. They actually go so far as to go and snoop around Dan's house looking for answers.

    I think that this has been one of the most relatable episodes overall. The young hippie girl that Dan is sent back to track is instantly likeable and the audience comes to feel a great deal of sympathy for her as Dan progresses throughout her life. He sees her get deeper and deeper into the worst aspects of the '70s. Needless to say, the lack of a shower turns out to be the least of her problems. The entire narrative is wrapped up beautifully in an hour, with an especially powerful scene in the convenience store.

    Livia. She lives in 1948. I was completely taken aback by this piece of information. Now that I examine it, it makes sense. I just never really thought that that was how it went. I definitely never expected the trips to increase in length either. It's going to be even more difficult for Dan to maintain his life in the present if he starts to be gone for weeks at a time. The fact that Livia's time-traveling seems to have led her to Dan brings me to the next, and in my opinion, most exciting aspect of the show.

    Dr. Langley. The stuff that he hints at in this episode could spell out a season arc, and possibly even a story arc for the whole series. He seems to imply that Dan's time travel abilities are a part of some futuristic anti-terrorism force. He doesn't tell him any details, and he doesn't even come right out and say that he knows about him...but you can tell. And it begs the question: Why? Why is this happening to Dan? Why is it happening to Livia? Are there others? Who is behind it? How does it work?

    Journeyman seems to be hurtling towards those answers, and giving us one hell of an entertaining ride in the mean time.
  • great episode

    Dan goes back in time and finds himself in a hippie party. The owner of the house asks Dan who he is, Livia comes in just in time to save him from being kicked out of the house. Dan bumps into a girl who happens to be the hippie's daughter. He goes back to the present and finds himself being investigated by the FBI regarding with the dollar notes that he got from Dylan McClean. This is a really exciting episode, the appearance of the FBI agents raises the stakes for Dan and his big brother Jack. It's an excellent episode.
  • And it keeps getting better and better

    If the previous episode was all about setting up the impending complications, this episode is when the complications arrive in full force. The FBI investigation mentioned at the end of the previous episode becomes a major issue of contention, as Dan, Kate, and Jack all react to the potential disaster such attention might bring.

    At first, I though the quick misdirections and Jack's evasiveness would be enough to get the FBI off the scent. After all, that's what usually happens in most shows dealing with the same plot element. Instead, the writers took the more ambitious and satisfying choice. If anything, the FBI is more interested than ever, and they seem to be very focused on Dan's possible activities.

    This brings me to Dr. Langley. Dan's previous conversation with him suggested deeper knowledge of time travel and its potential sources, but Langley seemed to be more intrigued than anything else. At this point, it's far more likely that Langley knows the truth about Dan's situation, and he's trying to keep himself out of the spotlight. The idea that Dan's situation is related to some kind of experimental anti-terrorism initiative is intriguing, especially the notion that Langley wants to keep the government from getting the technology.

    Along with that new insight into the time travel origins, we are given more information about Livia. The idea that Livia comes from 1948 was completely unexpected, and it introduces a number of new possibilities. First and foremost, it suggests that Dan could find himself falling into longer and longer missions, especially if Livia was displaced in time for several years. Her time with Dan also adds to the overall sense that the two of them were chosen to work together by some unknown agency.

    After all, at this point, only Dan and Livia have been shown to travel through time. Livia had been doing so for quite a while, and then she was displaced for years in a time seemingly designed to bring her into a relationship with Dan. Now she seems to be assigned, for lack of a better term, to helping him during his own travels. The underlying message is that a certain rationale is at work, something that has been assumed for some time but now has solid information to substantiate it.

    All of these issues contribute to Dan's growing sense that he's losing control, and that is reflected in his mission. He can't escape his roller coaster ride, but he can help Abby survive hers. It's a tenuous thematic connection, but it works, especially since the intersections give Dan and Livia enough time to talk. One very nice touch is the strain on Dan and Katie's relationship. No matter how understanding she might be, Livia's presence gets under her skin, and it's starting to show.

    The constant escalation of overarching elements is taking an already great show and making it that much better. Considering the ratings situation, the additional effect of the writers' strike is incredibly frustrating. While the strike forces the network to make full use of the material on hand, it works against the possibility of eventual renewal. I hate to think that this show may very well come to a premature end.
  • The best episode since the excellent Pilot.

    JOURNEYMAN is a show which rewards patience and this episode finally gave its audience one of those rewards (I'm not going to spoil it for you here - go and watch the episode for yourself).

    There were so many things to love about "Winterland" - the opening scenes where Dan finds himself at a wife-swapping party in the seventies, the explosive confrontation between the two Vassar brothers, the cryptic words of the mysterious Dr. Langley (who, having previously called Dan in the past, now indicates that he knows about Dan's journeys through time), the revealing exchange between Livia and Dan, and the final scene which redeems Dan's brother.

    These were just some of the great scenes present in this episode and I haven't even mentioned Dan's mission in the past (the scene at the robbery had me biting my fingernails!)

    I previously said to a friend that JOURNEYMAN is one of the most intelligently written shows around at the moment and this episode has proved my claim right! I can't wait to see what happens next.
  • Review

    And everything slowly begins to come together as far as a storyarch for the season is concered. As you watch the season progress, episodes 1-4 almost seem like standalone episodes while episodes 5-8 begin to form the connection between the past and the present as a whole. The episode itself is amazing, with Dan learning about Livia and how she got trapped in the future. That was a pretty blockbuster reveal and it explained the mystery of Livia very well. Its such an easy answer but one that we all looked over when watching the series. Jack seems to be on the verge of getting to know his brothers secret, maybe even by next episode. I thought there was a lack of filler scenes in this episode, which is a good thing. This was the turning point of the season as the biggest mystery (or one of the biggest) was answered in the scene where Dan and Livia talk in front of the stake-out. Overall, I thought this was prolly one of the best episodes of the show, ranking right up there with the pilot.
  • Nice and engaging episode with an encounter with the scientist who knows about time travel and Dan's investigation by the FBI heats up. It's nice that the scientist obviously knows about Dan's time travel. This

    Nice and engaging episode with an encounter with the scientist who knows about time travel and Dan's investigation by the FBI heats up. It's nice that the scientist obviously knows about Dan's time travel. This will hopefully open him up to just help him and not do the hide the secret dance. The FBI came after Dan real hard but thankfully he was able to get the money out and leave it in the past. Jack also did his brother a solid by getting rid of the twenty from the past that Dan had brought from the future. We also find the Livia is really from the late forties and has been jumping into the future. Good episode with nice revelations about the characters and good story progression.
  • Makes you feel for Katie!

    Really you begin to feel for Katie as Dan is putting her through a lot. Not just with the federal investigation about last episode's money thing. But also the strain of her wondering where Dan is as he unexpectantly disappears everytime she is out with him or doing anything with him. Livia as we find outk, has been doing the time travelling thing since the 1940's and this is her way of surviving and that she is used to it by now. Despite Dan wanting to get out of this as you can tell it has taken a toll on him and his relationships with others. Jack & Dan are now strained ever since Jack told the feds about the money. It will only go from bad to worse here.
  • In which we learn more about Livia and Dan's brother gets a little closer to figuring it out.

    It's nice to learn that Livia was out of her home time in the first place when she met Dan and that her airplane exit must have been a way out from that. Clearly, the FBI man knows more than he is letting on, or at least has his suspicions. Dan's brother seems to be getting closer to believing what's really going on, but he's already made a big mess with bringing that bill to the attention of the authorities. It will be interesting to learn how much the scientist knows and whether he is responsible to some extent or just an observer...
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