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  • Thouching my heart

    Joyce you have touched my heart .Today you hit it on the neil. 10/15/2014 thank you so much for teaching the real word.

    Thanks Dianne Frazure
  • To the point

    Joyce Meyer pulls no punches, and she gets to the heart of the message in a way you remember. Best of all, the title of the show is really what its about. God gave you your life to enjoy, and to help others enjoy theirs.
  • Joyce has always had a way about her that has you learning about your own mistakes through her's sometimes. Then again she is funny and serious at the same time. Watching her and only her messages, on T.V., has been a wonderful gift. Wish more watched.

    She is better than anyone out there today to teach and not get "preachy" about it. She tells us to pick ourselves up and walk on with the Father and Our Savior Jesus Christ with the knowledge that everything will right itself if we just believe and continue on speaking, praying and allowing God and Jesus to guide us and keep us on the right path. We know what's right and wrong without being told. It's told to us through Him every time we go to do something that is right or wrong. She teaches us that if we do something that we know is wrong but, do it anyway, we tend to blame God when it's really ourselves that made that choice. This is a top "10" minister. Watch, Listen and Learn from her.
  • The funny preacher lady with "that voice."

    I never knew how God's word could be used to heal the heart and mind until I started watching this program and reading the books by Joyce Meyer. The first time I watched it I exclaimed to my mother, "This woman isn't a preacher, she is a comedianne." Life In The Word, and Enjoying Every Day Life are very thereputic and entertaining. I do not think a person could sit through a single episode without engaging in side splitting laughter. Joyce is truly gifted at sharing the gospel and keeping people interested. She takes examples from her own life to help others relate, and applies scripture to those examples. She's awesome! Oh and since there is no "religious" category on this site perhaps you could put Joyce Meyer under "comedy."