Season 1 Episode 2

A Fine Bro-Mance

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Jan 15, 2008 on CBC



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    • Kam Fong: And look, what do we have here? Its an expensive ceramic replica of a Tang dynasty dragon. Dozens of young children sacrificed an elementary education to work in factories so that you could enjoy the beauty and magnificence of my ancient culture. And yet, it leaves you cold?

    • (One of the immigrants points at Ethan's lamp and talks excitedly in Chinese.)
      Greg: He says thats his lamp.
      Ethan: I bought that on sale at Pottery Plantation!
      (Immigrant continues in Chinese pointing at lamp.)
      Greg: Uh, I mean he actually made it in his factory south of Beijing.

    • Ethan: Greg's trafficking in humans, this doesn't bother you?
      Carol: Ethan, you're a grown man, don't be a nark, no one likes a nark.

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    • 99 Red Balloons:

      When Ethan's father asks Kam Fong if he has a good German accent, and Kam Fong replies, "Neun und neunzich luftballons", this is actually a song title. Its by Nena, and the English version's title is "99 Red Balloons".

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