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  • A bunch of programmers whose surnames start with the letter "J" are put into the "jpod" group to design games at whatever the name of the game company is (which is apparently a stand in for Electronic Arts).

    I don't know what is worse: Alan Thicke's lifted and botoxed face or the painfully unfunny writing. The jokes and old and unoriginal. The plot is uninteresting. The obvious attempts at make this show seem "edgy" through death and drugs are about as edgy as your dad cutting his hair into a faux-hawk. The acting is stilted and no one's ever heard of comic timing. The premise might have seemed cool when the internet was first invented.

    The main character's zany parents are particularly noteworthy. Wow. A mom who grows pot and a dad (played by a plasticine Alan Thicke) going through a midlife crisis who bangs chicks his sons age. And the jokes. Crossword puzzle jokes? Subway diet jokes? Really? Wow. How original. I wish I was filled with such wit. In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.

    If you want to watch a funny show about game programmers, go watch Code Monkeys. This is just painful.

    I haven't read the book this show is based on, but I definitely want to now. I gotta know if it's as god-awful as this show. My guess, it couldn't possibly be. No way in hell.
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