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  • JPod follows a group of game programmers whose all last names begin with the letter "J" and the way they live their lives in the pod as well as out.

    JPod is a new quirky Canadian show that took me by surprise. It is loosely based on the book "JPod" by Dougland Coupland. By loosely, I mean the characters and their personality, and the rare bits of story line that are transposed from the book.
    The comedic TV series has an original feel to it, a certain edge that hooks you in and doesn't let go until you find yourself counting the seconds til the next episode starts. Backgrounds of characters such as being raised in a lesbian commune, or one's mother growing weed give the show its quirky, yet somehow realistic feel. The characters are vivid and well portrayed and of course there are some clichés such as, " boy falls for new girl". However characters like Kam Fong ( a Chinese smuggler) and Jim Jarlewski ( a washed up actor but an avid ball-room dancer) really bring this show to life and make the side plots as, or even more, interesting than the main plot. Overall JPod is a nice new show that will keep you entertained once a week, and will inevitably end up with you starting to read the book, just as I am!