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  • A boat carrying a pile of money just left CBC's harbor and set sale for obscurity. Good job Ceeb.

    The greatest crime in the history of Canada is probably the whole Robert Picton fiasco followed by the Paul Bernardo mess. But the cancellation of jPod is probably pretty low on the list... But a crime nonetheless.

    I can't think of another show on any network on the planet that sums up the folks straddling the X and Y Generational lines better than jPod. There's literally nothing on television to compare it to. In the literary word you can compare it to the works of the man himself, Douglas Coupland along with his contemporaries Chuck Palahniuk and Max Berry.

    CBC missed the money train on this one because this is the first show that transcended television. Not only was it a modest hit on CBC (of which the audience grew week to week) but it was a huge hit on the web. People from around the globe were downloading this off of file sharing sites and really digging it. You can make a strong argument that jPod was indeed the first true international hit show. Think of the profit margins. Think of the evolutionary possibilities.

    Onto the show. It's the wittiest thing on TV by a league or two and it has such an incredible cast of which there is no Lisa Simpson (ie weak link). The acting can be kind of cardboard like at times but show me a show that doesn't have those moments in the first season. Fantastic, just amazing. 10/10.
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