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  • Jpod=cult classic Sadly for some reason CBC refuses to see this is a great show/product when most of the stuff they make is boring trash. voices the peoples outrage for the show being cut

    So as for the review...
    Well jpod is a smart sexy mix of That 70s show/The IT crowd/entourage like feeling. Why the CBC would cannibalize there own product when it is of a quality far surpassing all of there other content i will never understand. It is like what the automotive industry did to the electric car. Which is why everyone should really watch "Who Killed The.Electric Car". How crap like the border n such are renewed when this is not i will never be able to understand. It really blows the mind...

    Anyway back to why Jpod is so great. This is because the series is not the same crap force feed to the sheep masses by the sh!t tones. Lawyer this doctor that and lets not forget the cops. Instead of doing the same thing over and over again this show does what Dexter/psych/the Tudors does and shows what original programing can achieve. Smart funny witty sexy hilarious i could go on and on forever...

    However instead of my view lets see what the vast majority of the people posting on the CBC site said. Here are some excerpts. LauraHalliday wrote:
    jPod was fun. Quirky. Differnt. Messing with time slots is always a good way to kill a show.

    Brian303 wrote:
    I just created an accont on CBC's website to lament the cancellation of jPod. It's the only show I care about on TV and I'm frustrated that my tax dollars will be used to fund fearmongering drivel like The Border and other homogenized tripe on the CBC.

    AnthonyTsui wrote:
    The writing was so much funnier than other programs that are returning (*little mosque*), I really had high hopes for little mosque, but it just wasn't good.

    Djinn_PAWN wrote:
    jPod cancelled? How unfortunate. I'm not really sure how you gather your 'accurate' ratings for shows but my household, and my friend's households made an effort to watch jPod every week. Not on-line, or recorded, but as soon as it hit the CBC's airwaves. We are that excited about the show. (((( Yes ratings thats what is important even tho they are not really accurate)))))

    AndrewL wrote:
    I want to you thank you CBC...

    Thanks for canceling one of the last two shows I actually still watch on television: jPod.
    Thanks for demonstrating that modern, intelligent, witty, Canadian-created comedies have no place on a television station that gobbles up my tax dollars.

    Raven119 wrote:
    As a 40-something myself, I thoroughly enjoy jPod. When I first heard back in early 2007 that the novel was going to be made into a series, I could hardly wait for the first episode. RobOrszulik wrote:
    Once again the CBC has seen fit to cancel inventive, creative and edgy televsion series like jPod and Intelligence, and kept the bland, formulaic, post-9/11-its-all-about-security The Border. I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

    jPod Mama wrote:
    I have had a sick feeling in my stomach ever since CBC announced the cancellation of jPod. So much so, I have decided to sign up and let you know what a horrendous mistake the CBC is making!

    I have 4 kids, and my time is valuable, television is not a top priority for me and if I am going to invest my time to watch a show, it has to be great - and jPod is brilliant! What were the "Powers that Be" at the CBC thinking when they decided to not renew the best show CBC has rolled out since, well, I can't even remember? And it goes on and on forever. It is funny that the CBC seems to have reset the Peoplerecommendedthis per comments down to a fraction of what they used to be. Some comments had 200-300 Peoplerecommendedthis thumbs up. Tho maybe the cbc system uncounts them i donno... As for the show watch it online at cbc and there is other ways to download it as well (ITunes etc)

    ALSO CHECK OUT search for jpod to see find the artical that renews pure crap and cancels greatness for many many many more comments about how great Jpod was :*( Here are 20 Reasons to Save jPod - Pictures(at * Reason #1: Awesome Fans * Reason #2: Distinctively Canadian * Reason #3: Kam Fong * Reason #4: Internet Audience * Reason #5: Word of Mouth * Reason #6: Younger Viewers * Reason #7: The Novel * Reason #8: Relevant * Reason #9: Humour * Reason #10: More Appropriate Timeslot * Reason #11: Online Advertising * Reason #12: DVD Sales * Reason #13: New Viewers * Reason #14: International Exposure * Reason #15: 15 LEO Nominations * Reason #16: There's Nothing Else Like It * Reason #17: Creative Genius * Reason #18: Canadian Culture * Reason #19: Douglas Coupland * Reason #20: Podsters