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    • The Road of No Return
      The Road of No Return
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Bantaro is injured, so they take him to Shiro's mother, as she is the head nurse at Hontsuru Hospital, to cure him. Shiro soon spots a mysterious guy outside - Hajime, Shiro's twin brother. Hajime asks him to rejoin the clan and defeat Jubei II. Shiro refuses. Later as the Ruffians approach Jiyu's house, they see a crudely drawn character trying to break in and attack the him. The figure pulls out a sword and says he's Tenchi Muyonosuke and has come to kill Jubei II. Jiyu transforms and defeats him.moreless
    • Men's Hearts Were Swaying
      Men's Hearts Were Swaying
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      While Bantaro and Shiro are trying to confess their love to Jiyu, the two new teachers, Ugoro Kanzaki and Sanoyo Kanzaki, attempt to fight her.
    • My Next Enemy is Yesterday's Ally
      My Next Enemy is Yesterday's Ally
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Shiro tells Koinosuke that Jubei II's weakness is that the eye-patch inhibits her peripheral vision. He then brings Jiyu to the dojo and tells her that she has a weakness. He wants to teach her to overcome this, but Jiyu refuses to take part. Things get worse as Jinza shows up at Jiyu's house and challenges her. Jiyu transforms and soon realizes that without Koinosuke she'll just have to fight without a sword.moreless
    • But the Path Curves Ahead
      But the Path Curves Ahead
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      Possessed Shiro stabs Mikage in the chest, then they fight. Mikage loses and is seriously wounded. Sai find the wounded Miakge takes her home, strips her, and proceeds to apply first aid. He explains his loathing of doctors. Jiyu, who sees everything, tells her dad that Miakge's not her mother.

      Then Shiro breaks down the door.moreless
    • Dad's Premonition of Love
      Dad's Premonition of Love
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Shiro wakes up at Jiyu's teacher's house. The teacher tells him that he found him at the Netasuyama Park, where the battle took place. Shiro realises that Hajima has the Lovely Eyepatch.

      At Jiyu's house, they're having a rice cake party. Maro then goes to Sai and feeds him. Kozaru and Sachi are in an argument. It turns out that Kozaru and Sachi are engaged. Jiyu sits down with Koinosuke who is depressed but Jiyu leans on him and says he should start a new life. Bantaro gets jealous of this and asks Ozaru to ask interrupt Jiyu and Koinosuke. However, Ozaru is with one of Otome's friends, Kocho. So with everyone around him, Bantaro sees that he is the only single guy.

      After Maro, Sacchi, Sai and Mikage leave Hattori and the ninja's surround them. After the ninja's reveal their plan about taking Jiyu back to Hajime Jiyu agrees to go with them. Koinosuke tells her that she shouldn't do this, but he has no effect. The Ruffians follow too but get tied up. At the hideout Hajime asks Jiyu what the power of the eye-patch is.moreless
    • She Had Grasped the Secret Before She Knew It!
      Shiro challenges Jiyu to a duel on behalf of his clan and cuts the Lovely eyepatch off her face. What will Jiyu do now?
    • Night Gave Way to a Brand New Day
      Night Gave Way to a Brand New Day
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Shiro has the upper hand and is about to kill Jubei. But just as he is about to stab her chest, the real Shiro retakes his body back (after seeing Jubei's chest) and holds back the thrust. He tells Jubei II to defeat him while he is holding himself back. She defeats him.

      However Sai calls on the spirit of Daiyu Taiko to possess him. He then says that if he wins Jubei must return Jiyu to him. During the fight, Sai calls out to Jiyu and tells her to jump out on his mark. She does this and Sai splits from Daiyu Taiko and Jiyu splits from Jubei II. Jubei then kills Daiyu Taiko.

      Koinosuke then takes the Lovely Eyepatch and runs to the cliff to summon Jubei Yagyu. He asks die and go to heaven as he has been nothing but a nuisance to the Nanohanas. He then disappears.

      The series ends with a party including Jiyu, Maro, Sai, Sacchi, Shiro, the Ruffians and all the people Jubei defeated.moreless
    • Falling in Love with the Enemy
      Falling in Love with the Enemy
      Season 1 - Episode 2

      Jiyu leaves her Lovely Eye Patch at home because she doesn't think she will need it at school. Seeing this, Koinosuke heads to her room to get the Lovely Eye Patch so that he can give it to her. However, her father, Sai, reminds him that he should not go into a girl's room.

      At school, Jiyu has a new teacher named Hariu Tessai, who quickly develops a crush on her. After school, Hariu challenges Jiyu to a duel. Jiyu gives Koinosuke permission to go into her room to get the Lovely Eye Patch. Koinosuke quickly retrieves it and gives it to her. Jiyu transforms into Jubei II and defeats Hariu.

    • The Birth of Yagyu Jubei II
      The Birth of Yagyu Jubei II
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      300 years ago there was a legendary swordsman named Yagyu Jubei. One day, he sought out and fought the heir to the Ryujoji clan. However, he got severely wounded in the fight. Before he died he gave a Lovely eye patch to his servant Koinosuke and told him the description of his heir. With that, he died. In the present a young girl named Jiyu starts her first day of school. What will happen when Jiyu learns about the Lovely eye patch? And what power does it hold?moreless
    • I Had Met a Daughter That I Never Knew
      Possessed Shiro explains that he is Taiko Daiyu and has been waiting for Shiro to replace Hajime because Shiro is the best swordsman in the country. Mikage says that she will fight Shiro, they both leave fighting. Jiyu follows.

      In the forest Shiro and Jubei fight. Sai find Mikage by a tree and despite his hatred for doctors takes her to one. Sai then runs to the forest to find Jiyu.

      Jubei is on the ground and sweating. Shiro knows that she's getting weak and will continue fighting little by little until she is completely overwhelmed.moreless
    • I Attached This Thing to My Head
      I Attached This Thing to My Head
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      After being defeated, Jiyu catches a high fevor. Will she make it? And, how will Sai cope with it all?
    • The Enemy Brought a Memory with Them
      A new assassin, Francoise, attacks Jubei II. What's worse - she targets her friends!
    • This is Where to Make the Effort
      This is Where to Make the Effort
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Hajime is trying to get the information about the Lovely Eyepatch from Jiyu when Shiro intervenes.

      There is a flash back where Daiyu Taiko tells Shiro's father Amon that if he were to have twins, the elder one would be his. As Amon had twins Daiyu Taiko takes one away. On his deathbed, Amon wants Shiro to save his brother.

      After this Jiyu then transforms into Jubei II and defeats Hajime and his ninjas. Hajime then joins the Ruffians.

      Shiro then leaves to see the old teacher who helped him but the teacher is Daiyu Taiko and he possesses Shiro.moreless