Season 1 Episode 1

The Birth of Yagyu Jubei II

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 1999 on

Episode Recap

300 years ago there was a legendary swordsman named Yagyu Jubei. One day, he sought out and fought the heir to the Ryujoji clan. However, he got severely wounded in the fight. Before he die, he gave a Lovely Eye Patch to his servant Koinosuke and told him the description of his heir. With that, he died.

In the present, a young girl named Jiyu starts her first day of middle school. Koinosuke, who has remained faithful and has been looking for Jubei's heir this entire time, stumbles across Jiyu. She matches the description Jubei told him, and he introduces her to the Lovely Eye Patch. Jiyu doesn't believe Koinosuke at all.

However, when Jiyu's in trouble she unknowingly calls upon the power of the Eye Patch and transforms into a samurai, Jubei II. She easily dispatches of the Ryujoji clan's henchman. After the battle, she still doesn't believe Koinosuke 100%, but decides to keep the Eye Patch.