Judge Hatchett

(ended 2008)


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  • Judge Hatchett's a nice woman, but nice don't pay the bills

    Her judgeship's style of law is being laid back and allowing the participants to speak their mind. I think in another life she was probably a therapist because she goes out of her way to change the hearts and minds of young people. I'm confused about whether or not this is a court show or a talk show because sometimes there are no rulings. Also, she's a little too soft spoken to really stand out in this growing genre.
  • Male Bashers

    The score should go to negative infinity because that is where shows like this belong.

    Why is it that they rule against a male in a male vs. female case most of the time. Is it because 1 - you do not beleive that a male can tellthe truth Nno mater what they state, 2 - iT would hurt your ratings, 3 - You have a cokplex against males, or 4 - You are purely and simply just a male basher. They need to realize that if there were no males on this planet, then the blanks and the blank wanna-bes, like them would die off and that would be a blessing to this civilzation.
  • judge hatchett i love your show. i watch it everyday. even at work.You have inspired me to write something for you.I think you will enjoy it.The last show, a teenage girl went to reailty check i felt so inspired to write a theme song for the show.

    I love your show.Your not just a judge your a motivator. You expect greatness, and im striving for greatness.I have been through so much in my life and when i attended your show it was a great experience. I won my case and when i got home i made alot of changes. When your show comes on, you have my undivited attention. Hopefully one day i will be able to tell you in person, just how much influence your show has had on my life. Stay positive and keep motivating. Your great ! Thank You for caring, Ileisha Anthony contact:310-707-6599 or 562-639-0644