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Monday 3:00 PM on The CW Premiered Sep 22, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • If anyone can remind America of this you can

    Its appalling how the President and his family are being attacked by the Clinton and Hollywood losers

    Have these Americans any respect for this country? Just a few years ago Hank, Jr was fired from Monday night football for his comment about incoming President Obama - and quite frankly the game has not been the same since. It is time to bring him back to the game. What is fair about allowing the SNL writer to attack an innocent 10 year old child without consequence? To all of the Hollywood elite and overpaid wedding singers like Madonna, Katy Perry, what is the last thing that you have done for America? Madonna, why didn't you adopt a couple of children from Seria to help with the problem? Is your money in US banks or another country? Yeah, didn't think you would answer that one. George Clooney: overrated from day one. Where is your money - which country? What have you done for America lately other than berate our leader and President? Barbara Streisand - saw your concert in Houston - you were great until you openly bashed the US President. Will never waste another dime on you. You along with Meryl are no longer to be respected. You quite frankly disgust many Americans both pro and con of our President. Perhaps you should just shut your mouth. If you supported Hillary so much why didn't you help her win? Why didn't your people get off their butts and go vote? Too stoned? Too dead or just too lazy? yeah we all thought so. Judge your show is fantastic and we watch it daily. My grandchildren know who you are and listen to you. Thank you for always being fair and truthful.
  • She's Truthful. Brilliant and tells it like it is!

    I look forward to watching Judge Jeanine Pirro. She is the most honest reporter of the TRUTH, Politically and in other venues. Thank you Judge Pirro for your fine show and your honesty some can't handle. Most of us CAN and DO handle it well and enjoy your show!
  • No clever title here

    I'm looking forward to Judge Jeanine's Sat show where I'm sure she will address the horrible Jordanian pilot situation and detail her homeland country's response since then.
  • Measures to protectt police officers in their vehicles

    I was outraged when it dawned on me that the two would have survived if the windows

    were BULLETPROOF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thousands of police have perished for lack of this safety

    measure. does this mean that a piece of glass is worth more than an officers LIFE ended at the

    devilish hands of a demon? And how can protesters destroy business es and hundreds of jobs and

    not be held accountable? it is sickening to see Mr. Deblasio and Mr Sharpeton laughing and chatting ,head

    to head as if everything is hunky dory! Judge , keep telling the truth! It hurts,doesn't it?

    Sofia Mehas -DePalma

  • I refuse to watch another episode

    My entire family and in laws will never watch this garbage again. I am disappointed in how she believes these racial crimes are not a problem. She obviously never had to experience police harassment. After serving my country I still get harassed and nothing ever gets done about it. In her eyes because someone has a badge, he is always in the right and we must do as the officer says. Well I got news for her! This is the land of the free and the home of the brave. We will not sit down and take ignorance lightly.
  • I love The Judge

    I have been watching Judge Jeanine for 2 years I have to say that she is really intelligent hard working woman she has so much compassion towards people and she loves animals She has so many supporters behind her and I am one of them
  • Take The Judge Off

    I personally don't like the judge because she forces her personal opinions on the listener.

    She is a viscous animal rights supporter (think PETA). I can't believe she is pro gun or hunting.

    Report the news and keep your personal opinions to (herself).
  • Judge Jeanine America's Spokeswoman

    I vote for Judge Jeanine to be America's spokeswoman anytime, anywhere after seeing tonight's broadcast Sep 7, 2013. As a retired military member and a child survivor of a marine infantryman who was killed in Vietnam, Judge hit the nail on the head tonight in every aspect with every word she spoke. Thank God, Yahweh, for her and I hope and pray people, Congressmen, Obama, listen to common sense.

    Stand strong Judge, we are behind you.

  • this woman story needs to be HEARD....

    This woman story needs to be HEARD there are problems that other mother's who stay at home to raise there children and are losing them and there homes and any sort of income to provide for these children for a BIAS judge who is making calls that are not in the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN.

    I Need Advice on how to handle this situation, I need to know how and what can be done. If someone would please take this into consideration, recently my dear good friend just got divorced, and I'm trying to help her in any way I can, because it is so unfair. Because this is an outrage that a mother who gave birth to these 2 young children has to suffer like this, where is the JUSTICE IN THIS? I recently sat in a court room observing a relocation case. This divorce dragged on for 3 years and after 2 years of standing before a judge, the mother was kicked out of her home along with the father of 2 minor children. This case had no domestic violence, no drug or abuse or any other negligence. This case was nothing but A VICIOUS EX-HUSBAND SEEKING REVENGE ON HIS FORMER WIFE AND TRYING TO ALIENATE THE 2 YOUNG CHILDREN FROM HER AND BRAINWASHING THEM. The mother whom was a stay at home mom for 7 years of marriage went before a judge to obtain residential custody and after 3 years was throw out on the street with no job, no health insurance, no car, and no savings, and no money, while losing residential custody to a man who makes over $100,000 a year and played the sympathy card of being daddy of the year. It was later found out that the judge allegedly could have been BIAS to the case due to his own Personnel Situations. This JUDGE has no RESPECT for stay at home moms or tolerance for keeping accurate notes during the testimonies given because his decisions are always in favor of the men. Plus, her ex- husband was going around the house with a tape recorder tapeing her and harassing her in front of the children, getting her upset. Is this normal for her ex- husband to have residential custody of these children, Plus this man WIRE TAPPED the phone to get all the info (OF COURSE HER EX WORKS WITH COMPUTER'S AND HE'S A SUCCESSFUL GENIUS). If she was talking to her lawyer or a family member and a minor also was talking on the phone with his grandparents he knew everything that was going on. So he was one step ahead of contacting his lawyer. This woman had no knowledge of this happening. This is a FEDERAL OFFENSE. And if she would send a text message to her ex- husband in regards to the children he changed all the wording. (cut and paste) THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW. This is very important, that this ex-husband WIRETAPPED the house phone and gets away with this. JUSTICE SHOULD BE SERVED. Also, when you put your hand on the BIBLE to tell the truth and only the truth you tell the truth, but this man put his hand on the bible and he lies and lies and had his friends lied also for him, and the courts believed hm. PLEASE, IS THIS JUSTICE FOR THE WOMAN AND CHILDREN? This mother had a well know attorney with no criminal record, her only crime was being a LOVING NURTURING MOTHER who was there 24/7 for her children, that spent the last 7 years raising her children. A judge who could recommend cutting out food and therapy for the children vacations and utilities by living in a one bedroom shack that was provided for the mother to live with her small children through the COURTS RECOMMENDATION while the father remains in the residential home in a 5 bedroom 3 bath THIS JUDGE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE BENCH. Plus, the residential home is in foreclosure is this the way to raise 2 young children. Her ex -husband has residential custody. Sorry to say, this case had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND I MEAN NOTHING to do with the BEST INTEREST OF THESE CHILDREN, NOTHING, It had to do what was the best interest of an ex- husband who had ENOUGH MONEY TO CONVINCE THE JUDGE AND HIS LAWYER. This man is a SOCIOPATH he lies and everyone believes him. Something needs to be done to this respect. Even her lawyer did not fight for her which is a real shame. Is there anything or someone that could at least give advice or something? Justice really needs to be heard. ESPECIALLY FOR WIRETAPPING.

  • gun ownership

    Publication of guan owners is a very good for gun owners. Any burglar that be shot by gun owner is

    justified and he (burglar) was warned
  • First time Viewer!

    I watched Judge Jeanine's show for the first time and she is great. I have recorded it and will be watching it every week.
  • The father of the Navy Seal + his children were on the show~

    I attempted to "share" via face book & was unable to, I REALLY WANTED others to view the EXCELLENCE of The JUDGE!! HELP!! Lizzie Hirschberg JUDGE JEANINE PIRRO, you ARE

  • Scott petersen indignation

    The judge is indignant Petersen might get off. Nobody to blame but people like herself, Nancy Disgrace and other talking head ex-judges and lawyers. Pirro has a history of hiding facts and Railroading the innocent like Officer Richard DiGuglielmo. Disgrace haunted a victim into suicide, and many others rush to judgement before the evidence is in. Re: the Duke Lacrosse team. No wonder juries hear these people declare someone guilty and knowing thier history of lying vote otherwise. These television people poisen the well then are indignant because the jury system fails.
  • not a review but a comment

    judge you said on fox zimmerman could not envoke the self defense / stand your ground rule.

    now that people have come forward that martin knocked him down and grabbed his head and used it to hit the ground again do you still think that its not self defense.
  • Judge Jeanine Pirro: A No-Nonsense Judge Who Lays Down The Law

    I have always been a courtroom TV junkie. Every year, it seems the big studios push out at least five new court shows for me to hone in on. Most of them quickly fall of the radar and disappear within' their first season.

    This show was the only one this season to strike me as a winner. Jeanine Pirro, the controversial former Westchester County District Attorney, known for her tough stance on crime and domestic violence, presides over her daily CW program, "Judge Jeanine Pirro", with a feisty and passionate fight for justice. This show isn't about simple small claims. It isn't about "who broke someones camera" or "who smashed my window"; this show digs deeper, to understand the relationships between the Plaintiff and the Defendant, with the aim of not just a judgment, but a lasting and helpful verdict.

    One can tell by closely watching that Judge Pirro truly cares for the litigants and wants to help in any way she can. She doesn't talk down as Judge Judy often does; she tells it like it is with a hope she can make a difference.

    Although the CW will not be renewing her show on their network, I do hope that Judge Jeanine Pirro will go into syndication; Pirro's show is destined for long term success.
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