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Something is Wrong with this Individual

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    Not much of a TV person but have to make a comment about this individual, 'Judge ???' J.B., This fellow is either under the influence of something or is experiencing amedical problem that is clearly signficantly affecting His judgement/behavior. How is this person still allowed to practice any kind of Law on/off television? Does anyone actually care that this person is ill and should not be allowed to impact the lives of others. Can't determine what the problem; Not qualified to make any judgement other than that there is definitely something very wrong in this person's mind, thinking, behaviors. Is it about Money thattis guy is on the air? Does He have Family or anyone who will confrontHim/Get Him Evaluated? Sorry. Just have to say something particularly when Our Young People come forHis assistance/guidance only be disappointed/confused/berated/disrected. Perhaps the network that carries this fiasco is only concerned with the dollars generated without concern for the image of buffoonery that is occurring perpetuating the already poor image of certain segments of Our Society/Nation.Early Onset of Alzsheimers or Dementia continues to be my thought that with all due respect is what is occurring with Judge JB. Most Sad for Him as well as those who present their cases for Him to consider/rule upon.

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