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  • Great Judge

    Good luck with the DA running, got my vote.

    I would like to know how to clear my record am starting over, got out of the troubles of the past got married and just got into a home but we may lose it if I can't get a job. All the hard work I did getting my life together and now I can't get employment to maintain my new life plan. Desperate to keep on track. My dad watches your show I can't afford cable right now and he mentions that you had information on this if so please advise. Debra Rennie aka Debra Bebee before married.


  • Do as I say not as I do

    Really Judge Brown how are we supposed to explain this to our children.

    Judge Joe Brown was jailed on a contempt of court charge issued by a Tennessee juvenile judge Monday

    My Voice: Legislature must address child's best interest

    Two parents, whether married or divorced, are better for kids

    Jan. 14, 2014

    Our state legislators will discuss a lot of topics in the coming months. Many issues are heating up now. One of those is what is in the "best interest of the child" when it comes to divorce and custody arrangements, which is preached from high by lawmakers, attorneys and judges.

    I have some questions for our lawmakers, the media and the public as we begin a new legislative session. When you have two loving, fit parents who both were part of the kid's lives before the divorce and who want to be afterwards, is it truly in the best interest of any child:

    To see one parent almost every day and the other parent four days/month immediately after one parent files for divorce, regardless of the caretaking duties prior to divorce? This is in the current statute.

    To have a judge who is not trained in child psychology, development or current research on the best interests of the child make a ruling that affects children and families the rest of their lives?

    To have extended family members such as grandparents removed to minimal involvement in this process as well?

    To have our lawyers encouraging conflict between parents and promoting false allegations of abuse? If you don't think this is happening, your head is stuck in the sand.

    To encourage the ongoing use of a system that makes money off keeping parents fighting? The more power and custody given to one parent, studies show, the more parents end up back in court.

    The more one parent is removed from placement, the higher child support payments. The more money states receive in child support payments, the more money states receive from the federal government.

    Yes, that's right, the state makes money on keeping parents away from children.

    To have our lawmakers ignore the voices of their constituents and instead take recommendations from an industry that is financially profiting from keeping parents out of children's lives?

    To have a system designed for one parent to be able to use a child has a pawn to get back at the other parent?

    To exclude a fit parent who is most often the parent who creates a sense of stability and protection for them through laws designed to do just that?

    The fact is, our laws are anything but in the best interest of the children of our state.

    They are, rather, in the best interest of the state, the federal government and one parent not the family as a whole.

    The term simply is misleading, if not dishonest, in this scenario. The true best interest of any child is a loving, intact family where both parents can love him or her without the state's interference.

    The next best thing would be a divorced or separated family where two fit parents can love their child(ren) equally, sharing time and decision-making abilities.

  • i wish for a pic

    hello judge joe brown I watch your show everday I never miss a show my name is Christina rebello I live at 697 Oakland beach ave, warwick ,ri 02889 I wish I could have a signed pic of you thank you judge joe brown you rule

  • the best

    My granddaughter is 3 and just love whiching you she knows when it's time for you to come

    she set's there and whichs name is send her a picture of you she would love that you..

    Chloe Jarrett

    1818 Highway J

    Fredericktown, Mo 63645

    Again thank you
  • Joe must go

    He's ill mannered, rude, will not listen to the side of the one he has already decided is not going to win the case. He loves to make fun, humiliate and demean people. I will be so glad when his azz is off the air. I hope he never gets another show on any station.
  • Judge Joe Brown is a pathetic excuse for a man, let alone for a judge. 0

    Point blank, Judge Joe states that he is about promoting manhood in our young black men. The only thing that I have seen this Judge do is humiliate, provoke, degrade, and emasculate any young black man who challenges his authority. No nurturing, despite obvious mitigating circumstances in ones life that clearly has lead this person down the wrong path. This man is a man who got his, so get yours or suffer the wrath. He is a coward to the tenth degree. I honestly felt this way about Judge Mathis at first, but I then took the time to watch his show and there is no comparison. Judge Brown needs to take a page out of Judge Mathis's life lessons. One day you will meet someone who will not take the crap you dispense and will give you the long overdue tongue lashing you deserve. Anything outside of that, you are not worth it. J Mitchell
  • Moms can't raise boys to be men????

    First time I heard this prejudicial comment was the last time I watched his show. I was a single mom with 2 boys and 2 girls. One daughter has a degree in early childhood development, the other daughter is a supervisory manager with a national store chain. One son served in the military for 12 years, the other son is studying computer science. None of my children have ever been arrested, used drugs or drinks. None of them are abusers or abused. All of them have children who are in the top percentile of their age group. I'm not saying that I was a perfect parent or that my children are perfect, but they turned out well adjusted, well balanced, and very productive without a male role model and JUST a woman raising them.

  • Joe Brown is No Judge

    I've watched Joe Brown a few times and can not believe what comes out of his mouth. The man is an idiot! He already has his mind made up before hearing the facts, lets the conversation wander off in unproductive directions and talks over anyone smarter than himself. He is a courtroom clown. But then I suppose that's entertainment. Unfortunately, too many peoples reputation and character is ruined by Joe Brown. It is a sad commentary to what we have stooped to and call it entertainment. Complete Nonsense. That's my 2 cents
  • Disbar Judge Joe Brown

    CLICK HERE TO GET JUDGE JOE BROWN OFF THE AIR: http://www.tncourts.gov/boards-commissions/court-judiciary/file-complaint

    Judge Joe Brown may be on tv BUT he is a judge frst! His duty as a judge is to hear all cases fairly and ensure the rights of both parties equally before the law.

    Report Judge Joe Brown to the Tennessee Judicial Ethics Committee. They can revoke his judgeship and get this sexiest, classist, prejudiced slimeball OFF THE AIR !!!!!!

    You can file a compliant for this and more:

    1. Bias/appearance of bias toward a particular class

    2. Inability to perform judicial duties

    3. Nonperformance of judicial functions

    4.Failure to ensure rights

    5. Demeanor/Decorum

  • Sexist

    Judge Joe Brown is a sexist jerk, who seems to pick on women whatever side they may be on. Im right and you know it, watch a few shows and watch how he will not let them get a word in, explain the situation or their side of the case. He's an ass and I will never watch his show again, if he can't be a fair judge he shouldn't have his own tv show
  • English class

    In his attempts to talk over everyone, this guy absolutely massacres the English language. He uses words out of context, mispronounces words, or worst yet, uses words he obviously doesn't know the meaning of. Regardless of how much knowledge he possesses, he sounds ignorant.

    The fact that he is so blatantly prejudiced on some issues, only reinforces the notion.
  • retphxfire

    Joe is so inconsistent. One day he's yelling at someone for not abiding by 'house' rules and owner has right to make rules for roommates, next he's yelling at homeowner for being too much of a mom...recently the owner didn't like the roommates walking around in skimpy clothes in front of 4 year-old. Doesn't listen..not a boyfriend, is a boyfriend...sheesh. Too much inconsistencies, too much subjective rulings on who he likes better. Watched out of boredom, no cable, but gone, again...then there is his 'protect women...etc', riiiggghhht, that has been inconsistent, too. The only tv 'judge' (sic) that is worse, is the yelling, rude, judy, who has NEVER listened to anyone and rules based on personal prejudices and ratings. She is the ugliest (personality, narcississtic) person on tv.
  • No more chances

    I had stopped watching judge Joe Brown because of all the bickering in the courtroom. I don't like jerry Springer-like programs. But I decided to give it a chance again until today's program with the ?Grobbenstatter's?? -not sure of spelling. The judge went off on this man who was trying to get his life together after going through rehab for drug abuse and having endured child abuse. The Judge was really hard on him for not paying his mother back money he owed her, which he should have done, but went on to compare this man with himself. Well not everyone is Judge Joe Brown. I don't know what difficulties he experienced as a child but I am sure it was not his mother burning his hands on the stove or making him stand naked waiting for his father to come home and beat him with a belt like this man did. That kind of abuse is hard to get past but this man was doing his best. Any mother who would do this to a child is the one deserving of scorn and humiliation, not the one trying to better himself. I noticed in the after court interview she was not denying it happened just outraged that he would tell everyone! The judge was so wrong.
  • He's fair and patient.

    He puts a lot of people into their places. This show is more entertaining than other judge shows because I think Judge Brown recognizes that it's FOR tv. However, his final decisions are fair.
  • I Like the Guy!

    I'm surprised at the number of people who don't think he's "real". The decisions that are handed down are legally binding and are legitimate. I doubt that an actor would have this authority, and the litigants who appear there sure don't seem to be actors, either! I find him very entertaining, and though he can be abrupt and impatient, it's usually with goof-offs who are trying to pull something over on him. If you really want rude, watch the no-class Judge Judy.
  • Bobbi Bolton

    Judge Joe Brown is cool!!! He is very intelligent and has wisdom. I, personally, was on his show and he was very fair. He is outspoken but at least he's not fake. He has lived a long time, he has to be intelligent to even go to law school and pass the bar exam(s), and on top of that to be in the position he is in financially...He can be a little rude (that sometimes comes with age) but over all he's a very good, honest black man doing his thing, in his way! On top of that he's from Watts and from what I've heard he's not a punk either! Look up to our black role models, because we don't have many, and aspire to be more like them, don't put them down. He is educated, financially situated, and not too bad looking! Be blessed all~
  • Bad Judge or bad comedian?

    Judge Joe-abysmal-absolutely! Is he a bad Judge or a bad comedian? Either way he is bad. I won't make the mistake of watching him again.
  • Yes, Judge Brown IS A Judge!

    I hate to say it, but he is really a judge from Memphis, TN. My son was in front of him ten years ago. In fact, it was his last day on the bench when my son went up in front of him for the last time that day. He had taken off so many times in his court room for his airing of his show on tv. They told him to make up his mind one way or another as he was holding up the cases..Yes, he is just as arrogant then, as he is now. Sometimes he does give good advice, other times no..But, he was a judge in the Criminal Courts in Memphis.
  • Poor Judge Joe Brown.....

    Something is wrong with this guy, I think he's confused. He sounds like a total wanna be Jerk! He wants to sound tuff or something but he is really just a RUDE OLD MAN! He doesn't even listen to what people are sayin.... Is he going deaf???

    When I watched him on TV today all I could think is "What the F@&k is wrong with him"! Yuuuuck!
  • He isn't a good judge

    This show is an improvement to Judge Judy, but is not that much better.

    Rumor is that he's not a judge, but as long as we don't know that for a fact, I can't complain about it. Either way, he thinks that he can do anything he wants, as long as he has the gavel. In fact, he was in jail at one time. I don't see how he could be a judge after that.

    The reason why I said that he's better than Judge Judy is because, unlike her, he actually has a gavel. You have to have a gavel to be a judge, but that's not saying that Joe is a judge. This could still be fake.

    Overall, I'm not impressed with this show. The People's Court is better.
  • My sister and I both HATE this show.

    Joe Brown is too negative and far too harsh w/ the young african-american males on his show. He tears the brothers down instead of trying to uplift them and be positive. Joe Brown is a Jerk. That\\\\\\\'s why no one I know watches, or even likes his show. Piss off Joe! Retire.
  • I hope this show crashes and burns.

    Brown is the most sexist and predictable judge on the circuit. When watching this show I can look at a woman and know the outcome of her case before hearing any facts. I dont even know why any women associate with this program. Its unfortunate that our judges still use such prejudicial emotion to judge cases. I am embarassed as a woman that the bailiff and reporter are women. How can they support the hatred that spews from Browns' lips. Get another job... you can't be that hopeless; have some pride. This show set us (women) at least 3 decades back. Id rather strip that deal with a man like him. (I do not strip by the way). He is partially the reason why women would rather strip.. but i guess Jacque and Hally think they are "better," I think not. There is nothing wrong with pride and independence. Joe Brown is the type of man to punish a women for having her own mind and thoughts and not being solely dependant on him.

    Joe Brown You Suck!
  • Judge Joe Brown is a disappointment to the legal system.

    Judge Joe Brown is a poor representation of what I grew up to know as justice. He is obviously racist/prejudice against the underpriviledged and African American community. He has poor listening skills and therefore renders injustice based on his own ignorant bias. Every case he has handled ought be reviewed and handled properly by someone who knows the law and is passionate about truth and fairness. Hopefully, this show is all just an act, because if this is what we are really subject to in the court system ( a bigot with power) then we really need to pray and put our trust fully in God to remove such fools from having any influence in this system.
  • Judge Joe brown needs to be taking off the air!

    rown is always putting down pit bulls! Its awful!! He thinks he can sit up there and play God! I can not stand him and will not be watching him any longer! Take this show off the air. He generalizes the pit bull breed...they ALL must be aggressive! I am a certified dog trainer and have been for the last 12 years, since when did joe Brown become an expect on dogs! I have trained many pit bulls who have become therephy dohgs...visting people in hospitals. judge Joe Brown get off your high horse. Take him off the air!!!!
  • I watched it today and he blasted a couple who were engaged and 8 months pregnant. Who the h e l l is he to give his 2 cents and judge that. It had nothing to do with the case. We don't have to be married anymore!!!

    He needs to keep his personal opinions to himself. He's a jerk. He is intentionally rude to the female, especially. He had absolultely NO RIGHT to blast her and tell her that she should do things the "right way" by getting married ASAP. Excusse me, but they are engaged. Even if they didn't want to be engaged, there is no law that says they have to. I'd like to go into that courtroom and smack that stupid right out of him. I actually yelled at my TV at Judge Joe. Personal feelings of his had nothing to do with their defense OR the case at hand. He's just a jerk!!!
  • This has got to be one of the worst shows on the air and it needs to be cancelled as soon as possible.

    I watch a ton of judge shows, but I have to say that Judge Joe Brown is the absolute worse one of all of them. He doesn't listen to anyone, judges everyone, insults, degrades and humiliates almost everyone who is on his show. If this man was ever a real judge I would be very surprised. This man needs to be off the air..and now. I'm glad to see there are many others who agree how horrible a show this is. I cannot believe that they air a racist judge like Joe Brown. I for one will not watch his show again!
  • Please get the Judge to control his courtroom!!!

    I like Judge Brown; I think he's a good judge and a reasonable man. However, the major problem I have is that he does not control the courtroom. He lets the litigants mouth off to him and actually does not make them listen while he's trying to speak. They are talking at the same time as the Judge is making his ruling and giving advice.

    I think that Judge Joe Brown is very laid back and almost befriends the litigants....I can deal with that because I understand the forum of the show and the cases that are brought to the judge. The quality of people are not the best. All that is fine, but there is no excuse in not respecting the Judge, and he should insist upon it. I absolutely hate that about the show; Judge Brown needs to control those people and stay in charge!
  • people talking out in court

    i used to really enjoy watching your show but it got to the point that i end up with a pounding headache after watching it.you allow some people to yell and speak out in court at other times people can't say a word out of turn.i think you should regain control over your court room and have the same rules for everyone.until theres one set of rules for every one i'll be watching other judges and court cases.its a sin that you allow people to make fools of them self on television.to be honest with you i don't even know how you can tell what the people are yelling about
  • Pit attack on another dog because the couple decided taking pictures with their dog in front of a water fall was more important than walking a few feet away from an upset pit bull.

    I never really watch this show because I think Joe Brown only hears what he wants and doesn't know how to shut his own mouth to listen. The episode with the pit bull attack pissed me off. The couple knew the dog was upset and the owner of the pit moved out of the way. Instead of standing in front of a barking, lunging dog move away, allow the dog to be removed from the area then proceed with your picture taking. That should be for any dog that is aggressive. But the issue I have is is that Brown stated all pits are aggressive, well Brown your an idiot. Not all pits are that way and all dogs should be consdiered vicious, reguardless of their breed. My chihuahua is 100 times more aggressive than my pit mix. I have owned 6 pit bulls in my life I have never had one become aggressive, never had one attack anyone. The problem with the dogs probably started because they were probably both unnuetered males. But reguardless of that Brown needs to educate himself and refrain from making blanket comments reguarding certain breeds of dogs.
    Also he might want to shut his mouth once in awhile and listen before shooting off his mouth and making himself sound like the idiot he probably is. Very bad show too bad its still on, even Tyra is better than him.
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