Judge Joe Brown

(ended 2013)


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  • No more chances

    I had stopped watching judge Joe Brown because of all the bickering in the courtroom. I don't like jerry Springer-like programs. But I decided to give it a chance again until today's program with the ?Grobbenstatter's?? -not sure of spelling. The judge went off on this man who was trying to get his life together after going through rehab for drug abuse and having endured child abuse. The Judge was really hard on him for not paying his mother back money he owed her, which he should have done, but went on to compare this man with himself. Well not everyone is Judge Joe Brown. I don't know what difficulties he experienced as a child but I am sure it was not his mother burning his hands on the stove or making him stand naked waiting for his father to come home and beat him with a belt like this man did. That kind of abuse is hard to get past but this man was doing his best. Any mother who would do this to a child is the one deserving of scorn and humiliation, not the one trying to better himself. I noticed in the after court interview she was not denying it happened just outraged that he would tell everyone! The judge was so wrong.