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BBC (ended 2007)


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  • Refreshingly different from American TV

    Super fleshed out nicely. Deed's main fault is eventually dealt even high court judges cannot get away with everything. Learned a great deal about the British justice system. Also found a new "hero" in an older Martin and Inspector George Gently are excellent! Just wish America had gotten him instead of the UK, LOL! Keith
  • From the first time I saw it,I knew it's like nothing else I saw before.Great script,great actors,what more do you need?

    However,if I understand corectly,it's not going to be continued. In our days,when all the channels are full with degradading shows,who satisfy the lowest needs of the human kind,without even trying to stimulate at least 1% of our brain,Judge John Deed is like fresh air for the last remaining people who would like to use their minds for a change when watching television.
    So, if there is anyone who is reading this review and has the power to make a change,please, do bring back the series.
    We need more shows like this one.
    Do not give in to the masses wishes and lower your shows' quality.
    We need to improve our thinking and not lower it near to zero.
    Thank you.
  • life is more interesting outside the houses of the holy.

    John Deed is fabulous in many ways. First of all praise to the writers of the series, and too bad that the show (seems to be) no more.

    What is the success here? well first there is the main part, Judge John Deed. This is not a person of immaculate approach. he is a person, and like all others he is riddled with weakness. The usual like enjoying life and beautiful women. He is a bit of a womaniser, but not in the bad creepy way. These flaws make for an interesting character. He is also very principal in his work as a judge. The law is all. This makes him +0 friends in high places and plenty of political enenmies. This sets for an excellent piece of debat, discussions and disturbance. Add to this the interesting cases, which in a few episodes were bordering disturbing and you have the play of plays. Martin Shaw is Judge Deed in every way. He plays the part perfectly and gives it that extra that makes a good series a classic. It is however not just him that gives it color. Our two non-lovable weasels named Simon Chandler and Fraser James, playing Sir Ian Rochester and his assistant mr. play the political game for promotion Laurence James are both superb in their roles. The part is that even though you wanna hate them, they aren't evil, or even corrupt. this is a debgate on principle, which gives it a lot more power. Judge Deed seems to give another inside into the law and does it a lot better then these 42 minute epiosode chasers.
  • One of the best shows ever

    This show not only shows the workings of the legal system but gives insight to both sides, that of the victim and that of the one being charged. Along with this the viewer is involved with the human side of the main actors,some good some not so good. The viewer is also given an insight into the political issues associated with the legal system, many which appear to be underhanded. The main characters portray their roles exceptional well especially Judge John Deed who displays a very personal side and Jo Mills who is a strong character will no apparent weaknesses,a woman who knows what she want.
  • This is the best show on TV. The plots are full of conspiracies and the characters are interesting and not boring. The acting and script writing are the best I have ever encounted.

    This is the best show on TV But no one that I know seems to know that it is on. The plots are full of conspiracies and the characters are interesting and not boring. The acting and script writing are the best I have ever encounted. Every week I look forward to watching another episode as they are filled with suspense and intrigue. There is a different plot ever week but there is a continuous story running in the back ground that joins all the episodes together. At the end of each episode I can’t wait until the next one.
  • Hilariously ridiculous.

    I have to say that when I first saw an advert for this show I thought it would be rather dull, but then when I tuned in it turned out to be relatively good. However not for the reasons you might expect.
    This is one of the most ridiculous shows I have ever seen, Judge John Deed is always being threatened by the sinister forces of the establishment, what with the Home Secretary hiring assassins to 'get rid' of him and the government blackmailing judges and forcing them to judge 'associates' not guilty. It is just not a realistic portrayal of government or the law courts, but that doesn't make it any less compelling. I always watch it just to see what the government will do next and how Judge John Deed will get out of it.
    Overall although it is silly to the extreme it is still a jolly good watch and I would recommend it to most people.
  • A show about a high court judge with corrupt members in the government thrown in for good measure.

    This is by far one of the best shows on tv and nobody seems to know what it is. Everything about this show is great, from the plots to the actual characters themselves. The acting is some of the best around and at the end of the episode it always seems to leave you wanting more.

    What is good about the show is in the later seasons they had a continuous story line and suspense-filled shows where you wouldn\'t know what was going to happen next and the episodes kept you guessing about what would happen next week.

    This is a must see show for everyone.