Judge John Deed

BBC (ended 2007)


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  • Season 5 Episode 4: Silent Killer

  • This is the first episode of Judge John Deed to be directed by Darcia Martin. She is a young director and had previously directed more than twenty episodes of another BBC production, Doctors.

  • Season 1 Exacting Justice

  • High Court Judges in England and Wales can be referred to in one of a number of ways:
    Judge John Deed (as per the title of the show, although few High Court Judges are actually go by the title of 'Judge')
    The Honourable Mr Justice Deed (as his name would appear on official court documentation)
    Mr Justice Deed (the correct way to refer to a Judge in conversation)
    Sir John Deed (this is the correct way to refer to Judge in his presence as all High Court Judges are Knights and Dames of the Realm)
    and Deed J ('J' meaning 'Justice', the appropriate legal abbreviation for Judges' titles in all English law reports)

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