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The people are real. The cases are real. The rulings are final. This is Judge Judy. Judge Judith Sheindlin tackles real-life small claims in her courtroom with her no nonsense attitude. Having made a name for herself as a tough but fair judge in New York's Family Court, Judge Judith Sheindlin retired from the bench in 1996 and segued to television to host this syndicated series. Judge Judith Sheindlin brings her trademark wit and wisdom to the widely successful half-hour series that takes viewers inside a television courtroom where justice is dispensed at lightning speed.
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  • not a fan

    I can't believe anyone would go before Judge Judy and let her demean and belittle them. She treats people like they are uneducated imbeciles. I don't know if she realizes that the reason she has a show is because of those individuals who present their cases before her. Judge Judy is one of the worst and most degrading show on television and she should be ashamed of herself for her behavior. It is her job to represent those who feel they have a case to be heard and whether she is the smartest person in the room or not she needs to treat others with the respect that she clearly feels she is entitled to. There are other shows like this on television and viewers should tune in to them rather than this side show. Not a fan and wont waste my time watching this horrible woman.moreless
  • dog attack on dog, both leashed

    I love her fairness and handling court and highly respect her ability to read people! I had a huge problem with this particular circumstances where both dogs were walking on leashes. The big dog was close tight with owner.. small Chihuahua was on a retractable leash and Allowed it to such a length that it approached the big dog to the tune of injuries surpassing $7000. The Chihuahua owner was awarded $5000 as is the courts cap. The chihuahua owner DID NOT HAVE CONTROL OF HIS DOG AND ALLOWED IT TO GO UP TO THE BIG DOG! THIS WAS WRONG! He should've had to pay his own vet bills for having the retractable TOO far out!! The lady with the big dog had her dog Right next to her! How is this her fault! I rarely disagree with judgements but when it comes to reading should consult Ceasar Milan. Those little dogs... I've owned many in my lifetime.... they THINK they are big and will approach and attack big dogs! Owners need to not let them have free reign of the entire area! The big dog owner couldn't do anything. Stupid Chihuahua owner allowing so much lead! He didn't have control! That's the issue!! HE Should pay! The big dog did instinctively what it should have! Defended it's space and owner!!!! NOW I WATCHED ANOTHER TODAY AND SHE DID THE RIGHT THING! NOT THE BIG DOGS FAULT AND SHE RECOGNIZED IT. PEOPLE WITH LITTLE DOGS NEED TO KEEP THEM CLOSE! I LOVED IT! JUSTICE!moreless
  • Big Bully

    Judge Judy is a disgrace!! She bullies and belittles the people on the show. She is the most arrogant person I have ever seen!!
  • If they keep her there because she's smart, they might want to let her go...

    Although I watch the show a lot, my main complaint about Judge Judy is that she claims if something doesn't make sense, it's not true. While that might be true in a lot of cases, the majority of the people who come on her show are the very type of people who don't act with common sense, so it kind of negates her view. Another complaint is that when she makes up her mind one way or the other, it doesn't matter if her judgment is legally wrong or not, she rules the way she wants to. I just saw an episode where she asked the plaintiff if he was driving his car going the speed limit and a 3 year old darted out into the middle of the street and he killed the child, who would be responsible, him or the 3 year old? We all know the answer she was looking for, but sad to say it would be neither. Sorry Judge Judy, the true responsible party would be the negligent parent who wasn't supervising their 3 year old.moreless
  • A comment about this Judge Judy Sheidlin

    I don't know how this woman who said she was a judge for 16 years can get away with what she does on her show. She insults people even if they have the evidence. She doesn't care about the evidence. Maybe it is because it is a TV show, her show. However, these people think they are going to a real court but it is a sham. I only started watching it a few weeks ago and I have stopped watching it.

    Lawyers and judges are probably shaking their heads with what she is getting away with on her show. That's about it, it is her show and she can do whatever she wants.

    I hope BBB and Consumer Affairs will shut her show down and charge her in court. She makes millions insulting people.moreless

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