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The people are real. The cases are real. The rulings are final. This is Judge Judy. Judge Judith Sheindlin tackles real-life small claims in her courtroom with her no nonsense attitude. Having made a name for herself as a tough but fair judge in New York's Family Court, Judge Judith Sheindlin retired from the bench in 1996 and segued to television to host this syndicated series. Judge Judith Sheindlin brings her trademark wit and wisdom to the widely successful half-hour series that takes viewers inside a television courtroom where justice is dispensed at lightning speed.
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  • Dismiss w/o prejudice

    What is up with dismissing cases without prejudice and sending them back to the original court? I just watched 2 shows back to back where she did that. I tune in to watch her ajudicate the case. I'm disappointed.
  • The US Flag and Judys June 16th airing

    Hello, not sure if your interested in this, was told by the Sun that you may. I was on Judge Judy and it aired the 16th. There was a few things needed to be said. One, the producers tried to get me to look money hungry to increase the amount I was suing for, I told them I didn't want to be outed and I was, I told them that my witness was a friend but they made it look as if she was my neighbor and she seen this guy cut down my flag pole. I told them that was a lie and I wasn't going to lie, that it would be a field day for Judy. When the shooting began, Judge Judy began her speal, it was the opposite of what they were to change the story line to and if I didnt agree, saying partner when I was going to say Room Mate, she would of said, room mate, it says partner here, which is it, room mate or partner, outed no matter and I wasn't going to give them that luxury of destroying me on national tv. Judge Judy, who always tells people not to assume anything, never tell her what others have said, but what you know, seen, though when she was delivering her wrath on me, she stated " One can assume with the amount of people living in that community, there would be angry people" assuming isn't a matter of law, One can assume that with my was with the ladies, I'm Henry the 8th, but one can assume.. She then goes into saying " I would be angry about that If I lived there" she is the judge, not the one testifying and there fore her opinion whether she would be angry puts me at risk since she is to be impractical to each and every case and she was angry that I flew my flag in a matter the disturbed her. Im thinking ratings and that 47 million dollar check by 2020 makes her do some wild and crazy things. Is it worthy?moreless

    Jerry Sheindlin said it best in People Magazine, 1999, in which he was quoted as saying, "She could be very nasty," when referring to his wife.


    Judge Judy is the rudest person on TV. I don't know why anyone would have their case heard by her. She won't let anyone present any information without interruption. I believe she thinks she is some kind of supreme human simply because she is a judge and on TV. Unless you get a thrill by seeing this kind of behavior, don't bother watching. I know I would rather turn off the TV than give her show any of my time.moreless
  • Don't understand ...

    How Judge Judy can be so impossibly horrible, rude, disrespectful and belittling to people in her courtroom. She's an embarrassment, and Judge Wapner, a dignified gracious person who was the first judge on the show, said pretty much that once when asked about her. Have we as viewers sunk that much that we deserve her?

    Judge Alex, for example, had a great sense of humor, listened to those before him, and seemed to apply the law in a much more even way. But, he's now off the air, sadly. Judge Marilyn Milan thankfully is still going strong, and she seems to actually listen to the litigants and only loses it when seriously pushed, unlike Judge Judy who does it for sport.

    Why do so many people find it fun to watch people get bullied? And why the heck do people go on her show? I guess they do it so if they win they can collect, and if they lose they don't have to pay, but no $$ seems worth agreeing to be humiliated on national television by a sadistic judge.

    I get that it's an entertainment show, but the times I watched her, I was left wondering what the story of the other side even was, because she wasn't giving them time to give a few more details. It would be nice as a viewer to be able to actually learn something, but not only did I sit through cringe-worthy disrespect and behavior, but learned nothing.

    She decides who is lying and who isn't based on what makes sense to her, what decision she - or one of her kids/grandkids - would make in a given situation. But that ivory tower life experience is just not the same as many of the litigants before her.moreless

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