I'm new here.. so don't know many things.. let me ask some questions..

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    I've just registered now... so.. my question is.. can I watch judge judy video regularly in this site?

    I really want to get judge judy video because I want to improve my english.. I looked for other video too, but I found that judge judy is the best video for me.

    because most other videos, they just talk for fun, but judge judy is a real and serious show I think..

    again, where can I get judge judy videos regularly? in here? or any other site? anybody knows? please let me know.

    P.S: if there are script of the video, then it would be more helpful , where can I get the script too??

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    Yes, Judge Judy is a serious show, as it says on the show summary "The cases are real, the people are real..." and all that. I know that there are many parts of the show on youtube.com that you can watch for free. There are possibly videos on this site and as far as I know, only those from the U.S.A can view them. As for the script, I don't know. I hope that helped
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