The Rudest Most Unprofessional person In The World....

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    Judge judy has got to be the most rude person on the face of the earth.She wont listen at what the people has to say about their cases.How can judges possible no whats going on in the cases in such a short period of time..I would probably last 4 seconds in her court room..2 sec to walk in and 2 to turn around and walk right out.There was one case where a federal investergater was theplantiff and a married couple was the defendant.I knew right off the ripp the fed was gonna win,even though he was dead wrong.He was a bully in his neighborhood and got away with you no the law stick up for other law enforcement.she give judges all over the world a very badd name.The television show should be taken off the air.shes usually 99.9% wrong on the majority of her cases,im surprise that mouth hadn`t been glued shut by sombody.the people that go on that show must be paid very well for her to talk to them the way she does.I dont think they print enough money for her to talk to methe way she does those people.She hides behind thta robe and i do believe that the show is a fake,because certain people will not let her talk to them the way she does.better them than me.

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    Do remember that Judge Judy does read the cases and prepares for them before she reaches filming. She also uses the law to decide on the verdicts rather than feelings and often makes it quite clear that she regrets having to give a particular verdict/award but has to follow the law.

    As for the people who go on the show getting paid a lot - you do realise that all payments awarded are paid by the producers and that all the litigants are bought to LA and put up in a hotel all paid for? If I owed someone $5000 I'd go on the show because I'd get a free holiday and if I lost, the money would be paid for me! Who wouldn't put up with a little humiliation for that?
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