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  • not a fan

    I can't believe anyone would go before Judge Judy and let her demean and belittle them. She treats people like they are uneducated imbeciles. I don't know if she realizes that the reason she has a show is because of those individuals who present their cases before her. Judge Judy is one of the worst and most degrading show on television and she should be ashamed of herself for her behavior. It is her job to represent those who feel they have a case to be heard and whether she is the smartest person in the room or not she needs to treat others with the respect that she clearly feels she is entitled to. There are other shows like this on television and viewers should tune in to them rather than this side show. Not a fan and wont waste my time watching this horrible woman.
  • dog attack on dog, both leashed

    I love her fairness and handling court and highly respect her ability to read people! I had a huge problem with this particular circumstances where both dogs were walking on leashes. The big dog was close tight with owner.. small Chihuahua was on a retractable leash and Allowed it to such a length that it approached the big dog to the tune of injuries surpassing $7000. The Chihuahua owner was awarded $5000 as is the courts cap. The chihuahua owner DID NOT HAVE CONTROL OF HIS DOG AND ALLOWED IT TO GO UP TO THE BIG DOG! THIS WAS WRONG! He should've had to pay his own vet bills for having the retractable TOO far out!! The lady with the big dog had her dog Right next to her! How is this her fault! I rarely disagree with judgements but when it comes to reading should consult Ceasar Milan. Those little dogs... I've owned many in my lifetime.... they THINK they are big and will approach and attack big dogs! Owners need to not let them have free reign of the entire area! The big dog owner couldn't do anything. Stupid Chihuahua owner allowing so much lead! He didn't have control! That's the issue!! HE Should pay! The big dog did instinctively what it should have! Defended it's space and owner!!!! NOW I WATCHED ANOTHER TODAY AND SHE DID THE RIGHT THING! NOT THE BIG DOGS FAULT AND SHE RECOGNIZED IT. PEOPLE WITH LITTLE DOGS NEED TO KEEP THEM CLOSE! I LOVED IT! JUSTICE!
  • Big Bully

    Judge Judy is a disgrace!! She bullies and belittles the people on the show. She is the most arrogant person I have ever seen!!
  • If they keep her there because she's smart, they might want to let her go...

    Although I watch the show a lot, my main complaint about Judge Judy is that she claims if something doesn't make sense, it's not true. While that might be true in a lot of cases, the majority of the people who come on her show are the very type of people who don't act with common sense, so it kind of negates her view. Another complaint is that when she makes up her mind one way or the other, it doesn't matter if her judgment is legally wrong or not, she rules the way she wants to. I just saw an episode where she asked the plaintiff if he was driving his car going the speed limit and a 3 year old darted out into the middle of the street and he killed the child, who would be responsible, him or the 3 year old? We all know the answer she was looking for, but sad to say it would be neither. Sorry Judge Judy, the true responsible party would be the negligent parent who wasn't supervising their 3 year old.
  • A comment about this Judge Judy Sheidlin

    I don't know how this woman who said she was a judge for 16 years can get away with what she does on her show. She insults people even if they have the evidence. She doesn't care about the evidence. Maybe it is because it is a TV show, her show. However, these people think they are going to a real court but it is a sham. I only started watching it a few weeks ago and I have stopped watching it.

    Lawyers and judges are probably shaking their heads with what she is getting away with on her show. That's about it, it is her show and she can do whatever she wants.

    I hope BBB and Consumer Affairs will shut her show down and charge her in court. She makes millions insulting people.
  • sarcasm about people on disability

    I am a big fan of Judge Judy but I take issue with her sarcasm regarding people on disability. As she says, she and Bert are footing the bills for people on disability. Disability is NOT WELFARE!! I have worked for 40+ years putting into Social Security and now that I'm disabled with a spinal fusion I don't appreciate her sarcasm as though I'm a slacker looking for a free ride. I admit I'm overly sensitive about being on disability, but it's for this very reason! Thanks
  • Judge Judy doesn't like men

    Judge Judy doesn't like men on one show she said that she is still trying to decide what there good for .When it comes to men she always puts them down in one way or another. She gets very arrogant and nasty when things don't go her way. She loves to embarrass people and doesn't let them express their feelings. The only thing that's going for her is her memory she does not forget anything . I would call Judge Judy the Iron lady with the big mouth. The reason she doesn't retire is because she makes 45 million dollars , is anyone worth that kind of money ? She is all about getting paid .
  • Is she getting Senile?

    I used to watch this show, but it has gone downhill. Judge Judy is making some bizarre decisions and is unable or unwilling to listen to what the plaintiffs and defendants have to say. Her arrogance and nastiness are unpleasant to listen to. If it really is a popular daytime show it can only be because in her time slot there is little to no choice.


    Google: JUDGE (JOKE) JUDY
  • Love Her

    Of course most of you wanting the normal pity party and boohoo effect, thats whats wrong with the world today, we need more people like her, with a strong voice and able to tell it like it is........ everyone has a right but no responsibility..... thats why this world is going to shit because of whine bags who are so worried about being offended rather than hearing the truth of the matter lol go Judge Judy
  • Are you kidding me?

    Judge Marilyn Milian is superior to Judge Judy in every way. She is more intelligent, knowledgeable, and patient. Judge Judy has no talent. She just bullies people to a decision. She asks questions imprecisely and then gets angry when the person answers the question she asked instead of the one she meant to ask. I am watching an old episode right now and she just asked for the total rent when she meant the monthly rent and belittled the woman for adding up multiple month's rent. I can predict who will win the case in the first minute based solely on who strokes her ego. I only watch if the case sounds interesting and every time I am disappointed by Judge Judy's disrespect and know it all attitude. Also, Judge Marilyn Milian actually has a sense of humor.
  • I'm outraged again

    I watched the eisode of Judge Judy with the female college student suing because her mother had her car repoed. When asked how she bought the car she answered "with the rest of my student loan". This became the focal point for "Judy" she attempted to embarrass this young lady for purchasing a car AFTER she paid for all of her school exoenses. She did not allow her to explain and attempted to portray the loan as a type of "welfare" her and the bailiff would be paying back later!! How dare she!! Also confronting this child saying she did not "work for" her school tuition when she was working! She didnt earn enough to live in campus and moved off to work which is why she needed the car!! Sorry she didnt just settle Judy or have rich parents to mooch from!
  • SMART lady

    I always watch the show. Sometimes the cases get boring, but she is never not, that's for sure. She is fair 99.9% of the time, unlike Judge Marilyn M. whose decisions are not always wise. Please Judge Judy, never retire! What will we do?
  • Judge Judy therapy helps me to cope!!!

    I love Judge Judy, however I just watched an episode where 3 teens moved into an apt together and I didnt really agree on JJ's ruling, the girl signed a lease and left and JJ said that it was ok, most times unless they can prove they had a good reason to leave then it is not ok to walk out on a lease, and her boyfriend/2nd roommate done the did however hold him accountable for half of the remainder of lease he didnt stay, I was just wondering why sometimes its different?

    With that being said

    Yes I love Judge Judy because I work with the public and people act so stupid, I would love to be able to tell them what JJ does but because I dont want to lose my job of course I say, yes ma'am yes sir etc, so when I watch JJ and she is letting one of these idiots (as she calls them) have it , I pretend it is me saying that very thing to the ridiculousness that I deal its so therapeutic!!!

    Go Judge Judy Go!!!!
  • Judges are professional

    Judges,Doctors,Lawyers and Bankers are all forms of a professional. Judge Judy should act like a professional. If you went to see your Doctor for a serious problem or your banker to talk about a mortgage would they call you names and make smart comments while your having a conversation about your issue? No they would not. If your Doctor talked to you he would loose his customers and his Job. Just because Judge Judy works for the Government and a Judge she owns you. She can talk to you how ever she wants but you cant. She bullies the people. Judge Judy sits way above the rest of us.
  • hates her job

    if she hates her job so much she should quit she should remember those people pay her wages
  • Capital B is what she is!

    I would like to know why she can call people names disrespecting them, but you can't do that to her. She really needs to get a grip on her lips and take a good look in the mirror and realize that she looks like the woman on Planet of the Apes! You needs to listen to people and let them tell there story and not what you think happened just because you are a judge doesn't means you know everything!!! Stop being a capital B and lies ten some times!!!!
  • Judge Judy is great and does not suffer fools

    Most of the imbeciles appearing in her court should leave the USA. They are terminally stupid as is Margaret Wilson who thinks her opinion counts
  • Worst role model on TV,

    She is a rude arrogant women! Treats the people who come onto her show like they are all stupid and complete liars! Why does she think she has the right and knowledge to tell someone that what they say is wrong and say they are liars? She wasn't there, and she ain't god!!! She is a horrible example of someone in a profession that we are supposed to trust in and respect, .why would anyone after seeing how she treats people??? She is a lousy, disgusting role model to the youth of today! She shouldn't be on TV!!!
  • Get the trash off the air!

    I hate it! Judge Judy doesn't shut her mouth long enough to hear the case or the situation in it's entirety. Every time she starts screaming, I reach for my Aleve Liquid Gels. She honestly needs to get over herself, her loud mouth attitude isn't getting her better ratings and I don't give a damn what she thinks!
  • Today Case about Former Girlfriend and Boyfriend (Dave)

    I thought you would be fair and smart enough as being a Judge but I don't believe the result you gave is more favor on your gender, Woman.

    That's not FAIR! You should know better than that!
  • great judge

    Very entertaining watching judy cut through the lies and embellishments. She is fair and only comes across so tough because the people involved are American and have no respect for the law, arguing with the judge, blatently lying to wriggle out of responsibility, with that arrogant national attitude of entitlement. I love seeing her make people take responsibility for their behaviour. People who think she is rude or too hard don't get it, its the only way to get to the truth, to rattle these people, she knows exactky what she's doing.
  • Judy Judy is sad and should be retired LOL

    I hate this show its about time they retire the airing and get something better on in its place. Judy S. is an idiot who should be doing something else. Its NOT EVEN GOOD ENTERTAINMENT.. all DRAMA.
  • Judy is way much better than Karen

    Judge Judy always be fair to everyone, no matter the race. But Karen always play racist card to let black people win with all those lies n bullshit!
  • Put A Sock In It!!

    I am amazed how many people enjoy the Judge Judy Show. I haven't watched for a few years because she was so rude, annoying and NEVER shut up! Maybe She has read about the cases but the audience hasn't and I'd like to hear what they have to say. She asks people to explain and then interrupts constantly whey they try, people rarely are able to finish a sentence. She yells at people and always says: "I don't care" which is very unprofessional. She offers nothing worthwhile, just degrading criticism. What she says is "here say" the other judges accept. She is rigid, judgmental, self absorbed, mouthy, annoying, smug, rude, All Knowing and so arrogant to think she never makes a mistake! She has made millions with her foul personality. Just escapes me this show is continually renewed! Not a good example of how a Judge should treat fellow human though she thinks IS NOT GOD!
  • what gives?

    how come there are no full episodes of this show anywhere on the internet. not even on

    Judge Judy is a lazy judge who is only interested in getting the case overwith and having lunch and collecting her outragious pay check. She acts like she is doing everyone a favor for being the judge. I think anyone is crazy for going on her show and expecting a fair hearing, she only wants to get simple cases which involve no critical thinking. To see how a real judge operates a court room tune into Peoples court, the judge there is very smart and enjoys her job.

    i use to watch judge judy; but i feel she has become very nasty; she treats everyone like their jerks and she just hasn't the time for them; thinks their all stupid, she's rude.
  • Horribly overbearing.

    I guess the only reasons why people come on her show is for the paid for trip and for the 15 minutes of fame because I couldn't deal with someone like her. I do understand some of the people on the show are losers and deserve to be yelled and insulted at, she only does it because she can and for higher ratings. Any real judge who does that in court could easily be suspended or removed from bench. She acts high and mighty and acts like she's better than everyone else. There are times where so does not listen at all to certain people, and constantly interrupts people. She hears what she wants to hear, and will ignore facts because she has already made her mind. She's ignorant about many subjects (look up what she said about Lupus), and obviously predetermines cases. I rarely watch, but only watch to see if someone has balls to talk back to her.

    Quick note to rdyaim: Most of us who do not like Judy, are not people who blame others for our actions like you say. You're assuming that we're losers who defend the losers on the show. Judges should NOT come down to their level. They must be as professional as possible. I guarantee you she did not act like this when she was in family court.
  • Good for JJ!

    see, most of you don't get it! one, you don't take responsibility for your actions. worse, you blame others and justify it, including lying. second, sometimes in order for someone to understand something, you have to come down to their level. she's correct in her approach, because most of them are ignorant morons. even after JJ tells one of the litigants how wrong they are and why, they still have the gall to deny it in front of the camera when the case is over. she is a judge, and has many a year behind her as she says of experience, especially in family court. she had a reputation then and didn't put up with any bullshit. i suggest, just for entertainment, go on youtube and see some of her episodes. third, when you go the court, there is, what i call, a dance, a process of fact finding. people do not know how to answer a closed question which is nothing more than a yes or no! they answer it as if it was an open question, and a lot of times, people hang themselves by what they say. if i ask you a closed question, i don't want your life history. when i ask the plaintiff questions, the defendant must remain quiet; the judge will then direct questions to the defendant, and go back & forth accordingly. it's called fact-finding and applying the law. people interrupt, do not know how to answer, so they deserve to be ridiculed in front of live tv, if anyone. maybe after viewing the tape, they may learn from it. learn from her, people! learn to know how to answer questions and when. you can't argue with a judge; they are the ones who went to law school; not the litigant.
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