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  • Too stupid, biased, and out of touch!

    My 2 year old nephew can use a phone better than she can!! She is so biased that if you aren't the best looking and best dressed you don't have a chance! Lately she goes after the Mothers and not the fathers no matter what the case or evidence is she always has a predecided judgement for the case before ever hearing either litigant. The same exact case could be reversed the next day and she will use different excuses for why the Dad is right again. I stopped watching her stupid biased show years ago but then turned it back on and she didn't make me too mad until today.

    NO JUDGE has the right to make any decision on anything other than the facts presented!!!!

    Randomly she decides what is and is not hear say and it seems to depend on if she likes the litigant and not the type of evidence! Calling police officers as witnesses is VERY MUCH legal in every kind of case even criminal much less civil and yet she has even denied that and notarized statements can also be admitted since civil cases has a much smaller burden of proof!

    She also has made so many statements about how she never knew people who did things like what a litigant discussed or has 100 grandchildren and never experienced it, well, the other 99% of the world does live differently! We don't go to exclusive private rich jewish schools that don't let colored, middle or lower class, or kids with parents that have any possible disease, problem, or loss of job!!!! So of COURSE YOU HAVE NEVER EXPERIENCED THE LIFE of ANY of your LITIGANTS!!!!!

    I am a very educated registered nurse whom first earned a BS in Zoology with chemistry minor and preproffessional emphasis, then RN, and was only one and a half classes from my masters in Nursing Education (thesis implementation and final paper). If I were to be in court I would be treated as a worthless drug addict because for ignorant Ass*** who judge without knowing me that is the assumption. I have been treated so in the ER of a hospital I used to work at when I was actually extremely ill and losing half a liter a blood a day and only sipping water for 2 weeks and this was day 5. By 2weeks I lost 25 pounds and was so week I couldn't even sit up! I was highly contagious and the ER made me walk myself to the restroom and after 8 hours on ambulance gurney I was dumped in waiting room! Luckily my mom was there to wheel me to her car and take me home.

    She would see exactly what the doctors saw and saw 2 days prior to my futile ambulance trip to ER. My first ER visit I was given pain meds for excruciating stomach pain but when I pushed sweater sleeves up for the nurse to start an IV she saw the same thing everyone sees and freaks out about, skin picking! It is a condition called Dermatilloma, and it effects up to 10% of the population and is hard to know because people don't report it and hide it. I have had it in one form or another since I was about 10. Only since my job was taken from me when I was black listed for claiming a workers comp case and then fighting so hard to work and to prove I could that I ended up permanently causing damage to my back. I now have severe back and neck pain and fibromyalgia on top of it. I also have permanent nerve damage causing nerve pain in my legs and loss of strength and numbness or tingling in my right arm. I can't lift my right arm above my head nor can I squeeze my hand very hard and frequently drop things. Unfortunately all these things are invisible other than my arm raising up and there is no resistance when someone else tries it's just I don't have the strength and it hurts but I have slowly lost the strength over 7 years and I definitely have tried to build it.

    So according to judy I'm out of work, don't deserve SSI, look like a drug addict so definitely on street drugs so I'm sure in her mind that is why I'm not working, I'm sure she would think an idiot because I cannot ever seem to find the words I want to say (a known side effect of little to no sleep due to severe pain), and if she asks are you crazy you know on psychotropic drugs well yes I've been very depressed unable to work and unable to do anything I used to do and spend most of my time now stuck in bed in severe pain because my doctors are too afraid of the feds to give me enough pain relief to live a sucky life. I was able to do some things in pain but then the feds visited my pain clinic discussing the new guild lines and scared my doctors so they decreased the medication level I was at for 4 years! Now I can't handle even sitting at the dinner table so 95% of my day is laying in bed and I'm 38 I had back surgery when 26!

    I used to be a person that was quick to judge others and even some of my patients as the pain tolerance of one compared to the next can have a huge difference! I learned I actually have a large pain tolerance as my muscles barely twitch when I have my spinal nerves ablated or burned. It is worse than epidurals but waiting for an IV for sedation that I never feel just isn't worth it. I always started to feel the sedation after the epidural or ablation was done.

    Anyway my point is now that I experience even more judgement than I did as a kid I am sensitive to when I see people being so rude and judgemental to others especially if they are in a place of power like judy! Her job is to NOT judge people and to only judge the facts of the case! She and trump need to go to a deserted island with the North Korean military and President. Let the bad leaders join together in misery and not ruin everyone!

  • Grouchy Judge

    Why do you have to be so mean to everyone all the time?
  • another reason everything costs so much. Millionaire slugs of hollywood sucking the life out of all they touch!

    What kunt.
  • How Judge Judy stole a boy's dog....

    I too was guilty of being a "fan" of Judge Judy, but like so many have watched her craggy attitude for the last time! While watching re-runs from 2012, we watched her give a "dog napper" a $2500 fine while a 10 year old boy lost his dog. The details were that a 5 month old puppy was found 1 block from his home, unattended he was picked up by the 20 year old defendant. Despite the fact that this defendant was informed by police and his brother's girlfriend (the next day) that the dog was being looked for, he decided he would make a better parent to this boy's dog. Judge Judy actually told this boy that sometimes we need to make adult decisions and to think of some other dog that he might like because she felt that the dog had adequately "bonded" with the dog napper's girlfriend. UNFU--ING BELIEVEABLE! If that was her dog, do you think she would have let the dog-napper keep speaking of accountability and how she uses her show to teach lessons, what lesson do you think that little boy took from her courtroom? How about the dog-napper?? Callous and cold you are Judge Judy!
  • Time for Retirement?

    I always liked Judge Judy but lately she seems to be easily irritated and her favorite phrase is "I don't care" She doesn't seem to have any interest in hearing anyone out and is very quick to say "I'm done" leaving the the people being tried with their mouths hanging open and looking astounded.. Maybe it's time for Judge Judy to retire and enjoy her retirement life.
  • Awesome

    I wish she appears on Family Guy. I Love her. She's so badass along with them. The ultimate Judge vs. The classic crazy ass Family guy.
  • Judge Judy Is Only Rude To People Who Deserve It.

    I am a big fan of Judge Judy and I can't believe how many people don't like her. I know at times she can be stern but she has to put up with people who have no common sense. Our society is going to hell in a hand basket and these losers that go on her show deserve to get yelled at. Has anyone ever seen her in interviews? She's such a nice, pleasant person. Say what you want people but Judge Judy has to deal with a parade of idiots. Plus she is funny too and always makes me laugh. Go Judge Judy!
  • Nov.3rd 2016

    I watched the show with Hispanic couple and the white college student, the old bags didn't allow the couple to defend their selves or give the boyfriend answer the questions, it was clear he had a problem with the language difference. JUDY IS A MENOPAUSAL NASTY BITCH.
  • rudeness personified

    total disrespect for human beings and their feelings .. she has no right to ridicule and scare people like she does.. it is one thing to uphold justice but not the way she does it .. she sickens me and i have stopped watching her show because of this! my name is laureen rugen .. i have been in front of a judge for murder .. i know how it feels to try and hold yourself together thank god i had a judge who was fair as well as tough but VERY human! the end to my story was happy.. but with a judge such as her i would never have had the chance to tell the truth! remember "judge judy" you are dealing with human beings .. you can uphold justice and the law without being a "WITCH" shame on you! btw mine was a domestic abuse case.. wonder if one of the judges in his earlier days treated him like that? makes you wonder about this world we live in!
  • Rude Judge

    This woman is over the top - she can run a tight ship/courtroom, but does she have to so darn rude - she doesn't let people 'explain' anything - she acts like she knows the answer - she is awful. No other Judicial Judge on TV is as rude and mean as she !! Perhaps this is what you like - getting people riled - am going to stop watching this horrible mean person. Wonder if she treats her family like this. I worked in the courtroom setting for 35 years and never ever in all these years have I ever encountered such a rude abrasive Judge as this --- Shame on you Judy !! YOU do not deserve to be called JUDGE !!!
  • Judge Judy

    Does it really matter what the public thinks?

    I am watching the Judge Judy show right now and I almost wanted to change my channel because of how rude and arrogant Judge Judy is to the people in the Court. She talks down to the individuals. She needs to be off tv for good. She is been paid millions of dollars to be rude to will someone put s stop to it?

    Correcting an adult as if she is in school. "You and I ". And the rudeness continues , over and over again and again. Everyone might not be getting anything close to her salary but not everyone is dumb. Get it together TV. Got the painting here.
  • rude and wrong

    She is too rude and hatful. My problem is that when the case starts judy has already got her mind made up before she even takes the bench. Its almost impossable for someone to present a case. If she doesnt like what she reads then when she comes shes rite or not she does what she wants. She hates the human race and no one stands a chance. She needs to quit. Rude dog!
  • Why Judge Judy is rude.

    I've heard her before talk about making court as uncomfortable as possible. You're supposed to be smart and not ignorant of the laws when you screw over some one for rent, not paying back debts, loans, rent, pay... or your pitbull mauls someone or another animal.

    Because she has this forum, she makes it clear if you decide to break the law, or not handle your responsibilities, or act the fool. ... Judge Judy is going to make it as uncomfortable as possible so you don't clog up the courts with moronic issues.

    On top of that, after ruling over tens of thousands of inept people, she has a duty to tell them to straighten their ass's out.

    If you don't want a judge being rude to you, take care of your responsibilities.
  • Ugly Attitude Pays Off

    People need to realize that Judge Judy is paid millions of dollars to be the Queen of Mean. Her ratings would go into the tank if she suddenly became polite, considerate, and totally fair. In other words, the opposite of what she is now. Nastiness pays, I'm sad to say. (Look at the big bully who's currently leading in the 2016 election polls - sorry, but it's true). I wouldn't want to be on her show, but if I were, I'd make sure that 1. I dressed appropriately for court 2. I had every single piece of documentation necessary and 3. I expected to win. Otherwise, fehgeddabouddit!! She'd be all over me like white on rice!
  • judge judy

    Why the hell is she banging always on her .... it's irritating!!! and unpolite! And you should learn how to listen wthout getting "MAD" all the times!
  • Vinegar vs Honey

    I'm a court TV junky so I watch them all. (I favor People's Court, Judge Mathis, and Hot It's interesting to watch the different styles of the judges and the results of those differing styles. One thing about all of them that frustrates me often is when a case involved a tenancy.

    Every judge, they always query why a tenant would stay somewhere they considered below standards, unlivable/intolerable, unsafe area, bad landlord, etc. Judges must forget (or come from a family with means and so can't relate) what it's like to be 'stuck' living somewhere unpleasant for varying reasons. They all seem to share the belief "Why didn't you move?" or "Why did you stay somewhere that made you unhappy? As if it's a simple matter, just pack up and move. Except it generally isn't

    Moving is STRESSFUL. Very often you have to shell out money for first and last month's rent; at the least, a security deposit; often a non-refundable background tenancy check; usually a non-refundable pet fee and a monthly pet charge ~$25-$35/month.

    Sometimes you have to pay a non-refundable rental application fee, a credit history fee. A charge to have the gas & electric, the water, garbage collection put back in the landlord's or the rental property organization's name. And then of course there's the cost of moving supplies--boxes, styrofoam peanuts, tape, hangers, plastic bags, etc.

    Finally, the cost of renting a U-Haul (use of the truck, filling the gas tank) if you don't have family/friends to help you pack, move, unpack. And of course updating every one, every company, credit card companies, your bank, post office, etc. with your new information.

    So no, it's rarely a matter so simple or inexpensive that one can "just (Particularly in major cities like NYC, Boston, Chicago, for Judges should keep that in mind.

    But Judge Judy specifically? She most frustrates me when she cuts off the defendant or plaintiff as soon as they start to relay what someone else said. She immediately interrupts them, shuts them down on grounds of "heresay; not Drives me crazy, lol. Obviously no one can bring to court every single person who uttered anything related to a case. You cannot get affidavits from everyone when you've no idea who you might need them from (nor is everyone going to be willing to fill it out, have it signed in front of witnesses, then notarized).

    Not to mention that context often matters a LOT. Many of the judges on the other shows aren't such sticklers on heresay, yet they pretty much arrive at the same conclusion, same points made, as on Judge Judy.

    I doubt anyone expects all judges should be alike, in temperament or style, but is there anything wrong with showing a little compassion? Even empathy or sympathy? It's probably why Mathis and Millan are my favorites. Equal parts stern and caring, they never lose their humanity or compassion, even while ruling against someone.
  • Clever is becoming Nasty

    I used to enjoy Judge Judy for her quick wit and cleverness. Now in the last year or so she is nasty much more often than clever. She is so rude to the participating parties that I wonder how anyone ever agrees to be on this show in the first place. She is cranky and unpleasant. Time to retire or clean up her act. I think if she just listened to a re-run of her voice ... she'd see immiediately what the problem is..
  • The apple doesn't fall far from the tree

    It's ironic that Judge Judy's Son Adam Levy is under fire for prosecutorial misconduct. a legal expert from Pace University says "It's either incompetence and unprofessionalism or he {Levy, Judge Judy's son} is going out of his way to get this lawyer, to deliberately destroy this lawyer by charging him with these Sounds sorta like Judge Judy, don't you think?
  • EpisODE!

    Anyone - What's your favorite Judge Judy episode?!
  • Dismiss w/o prejudice

    What is up with dismissing cases without prejudice and sending them back to the original court? I just watched 2 shows back to back where she did that. I tune in to watch her ajudicate the case. I'm disappointed.
  • The US Flag and Judys June 16th airing

    Hello, not sure if your interested in this, was told by the Sun that you may. I was on Judge Judy and it aired the 16th. There was a few things needed to be said. One, the producers tried to get me to look money hungry to increase the amount I was suing for, I told them I didn't want to be outed and I was, I told them that my witness was a friend but they made it look as if she was my neighbor and she seen this guy cut down my flag pole. I told them that was a lie and I wasn't going to lie, that it would be a field day for Judy. When the shooting began, Judge Judy began her speal, it was the opposite of what they were to change the story line to and if I didnt agree, saying partner when I was going to say Room Mate, she would of said, room mate, it says partner here, which is it, room mate or partner, outed no matter and I wasn't going to give them that luxury of destroying me on national tv. Judge Judy, who always tells people not to assume anything, never tell her what others have said, but what you know, seen, though when she was delivering her wrath on me, she stated " One can assume with the amount of people living in that community, there would be angry people" assuming isn't a matter of law, One can assume that with my was with the ladies, I'm Henry the 8th, but one can assume.. She then goes into saying " I would be angry about that If I lived there" she is the judge, not the one testifying and there fore her opinion whether she would be angry puts me at risk since she is to be impractical to each and every case and she was angry that I flew my flag in a matter the disturbed her. Im thinking ratings and that 47 million dollar check by 2020 makes her do some wild and crazy things. Is it worthy?

    Jerry Sheindlin said it best in People Magazine, 1999, in which he was quoted as saying, "She could be very nasty," when referring to his wife.


    Judge Judy is the rudest person on TV. I don't know why anyone would have their case heard by her. She won't let anyone present any information without interruption. I believe she thinks she is some kind of supreme human simply because she is a judge and on TV. Unless you get a thrill by seeing this kind of behavior, don't bother watching. I know I would rather turn off the TV than give her show any of my time.
  • Don't understand ...

    How Judge Judy can be so impossibly horrible, rude, disrespectful and belittling to people in her courtroom. She's an embarrassment, and Judge Wapner, a dignified gracious person who was the first judge on the show, said pretty much that once when asked about her. Have we as viewers sunk that much that we deserve her?

    Judge Alex, for example, had a great sense of humor, listened to those before him, and seemed to apply the law in a much more even way. But, he's now off the air, sadly. Judge Marilyn Milan thankfully is still going strong, and she seems to actually listen to the litigants and only loses it when seriously pushed, unlike Judge Judy who does it for sport.

    Why do so many people find it fun to watch people get bullied? And why the heck do people go on her show? I guess they do it so if they win they can collect, and if they lose they don't have to pay, but no $$ seems worth agreeing to be humiliated on national television by a sadistic judge.

    I get that it's an entertainment show, but the times I watched her, I was left wondering what the story of the other side even was, because she wasn't giving them time to give a few more details. It would be nice as a viewer to be able to actually learn something, but not only did I sit through cringe-worthy disrespect and behavior, but learned nothing.

    She decides who is lying and who isn't based on what makes sense to her, what decision she - or one of her kids/grandkids - would make in a given situation. But that ivory tower life experience is just not the same as many of the litigants before her.
  • Someone tell the judge how relative velocity works and make her watch some billiard balls collide at different speeds and angles

    I generally like her and she makes sense, but when it comes to judging car crashes, she has no idea what she's doing. Being logical and right a lot does not make one a specialist in all aspects of life and, in this case, in classical mechanics. Frustrating to see people having to pay because of judge's lack of understanding in an area. She should ask for help from a specialist. Still, an entertaining show for the view into human nature and into how crappy real people can be. Amazing that all of them swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth and then all pretenses drop...

  • judge joke judy

    People this is a tv show all about ratings and dollars!a scam show at is not a legal court of law but then again there are no legal courts in the unnazi states of america!

  • hateful

    When she told a man she didn't care if his mother was

    In hospice and died, how horrible. She must not have love

    and lost.
  • Joke !!!!

    If she were in a real court room she would go to jail !!!!! What an idiot !!! No wonder this country is going to hell !!!!!!!!! Can't Hollywood do any better ?
  • Judge Judy tells it like it is!

    She wants FACTS not BS and it is a legal COURT so you need to come prepared to be on her is FAIR and she wants the many people clearly LIE when they get there she has seen the complaints and knows already who is lying then she reads body show is awesome and I think she is the best Judge on others think so too she is highest paid in Hollyweird..
  • She is a misandrist

    Judy's comments to men, most of them at least, but sometimes she's OK, is that he is wrong, and, she is a feminazi and a misandrist. SHE DOES NOT LIKE MEN and any idiot can see this; she is the most disrespectful to them--most of the time. She puts words in the women's mouths (like we are too dumb to see what she is doing. They must be all female producers/directors on the TV, program. She makes 40M per year, and does not deserve it. She is unjust, abusive (mostly to men), rude, insulting and aggressive.