Judge Judy

Weekdays on Premiered Sep 16, 1996 In Season


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  • rudeness personified

    total disrespect for human beings and their feelings .. she has no right to ridicule and scare people like she does.. it is one thing to uphold justice but not the way she does it .. she sickens me and i have stopped watching her show because of this! my name is laureen rugen .. i have been in front of a judge for murder .. i know how it feels to try and hold yourself together thank god i had a judge who was fair as well as tough but VERY human! the end to my story was happy.. but with a judge such as her i would never have had the chance to tell the truth! remember "judge judy" you are dealing with human beings .. you can uphold justice and the law without being a "WITCH" shame on you! btw mine was a domestic abuse case.. wonder if one of the judges in his earlier days treated him like that? makes you wonder about this world we live in!