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  • How Judge Judy stole a boy's dog....

    I too was guilty of being a "fan" of Judge Judy, but like so many have watched her craggy attitude for the last time! While watching re-runs from 2012, we watched her give a "dog napper" a $2500 fine while a 10 year old boy lost his dog. The details were that a 5 month old puppy was found 1 block from his home, unattended he was picked up by the 20 year old defendant. Despite the fact that this defendant was informed by police and his brother's girlfriend (the next day) that the dog was being looked for, he decided he would make a better parent to this boy's dog. Judge Judy actually told this boy that sometimes we need to make adult decisions and to think of some other dog that he might like because she felt that the dog had adequately "bonded" with the dog napper's girlfriend. UNFU--ING BELIEVEABLE! If that was her dog, do you think she would have let the dog-napper keep speaking of accountability and how she uses her show to teach lessons, what lesson do you think that little boy took from her courtroom? How about the dog-napper?? Callous and cold you are Judge Judy!