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Judge Karen

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Judge Karen stars the dynamic Karen Mills-Francis presiding over small claims cases.
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  • Fake Judge

    Just seen the worst decision in history, on her fake show, The decision had to be done on race and not law. They should remove the reruns also, it was that bad. A black man goes into a PETTING zoo.... throws 3 punches at a kangaroo and sues because the kangaroo protected itself and kicked the mans butt. It is a petting zoo, Not a punching zoo. This show is totally bogus, and if not, I feel sorry for anyone who goes on trial.

    I see someone else, complained already, down below. I just saw it today.moreless
  • It has to be fake

    Today's re-run "you killed my bird. / assault with a deadly girlfriend" (2013) there was a case where a "singer" was suing a guy who opened a business in the same name as a song that she had and he was causing people to not be able to find her.

    Her name was Katie Presley and her song was Blowin' Up, on the show Judge Karen is shown on her iPad going through the google results of "Blowin' Up" and Katie Presley.

    I just tried to find this "Katie Presley" to listen to her song and see if it was worth the trouble of suing someone over.

    Well, just try to find ANYTHING on Google about Katie Presley and the song Blowin' Up.

    I would assume that if I were on a reality TV program and I were an "artist" I would be taking advantage of that notoriety of it all.

    Based on that, this has got to be fake.moreless
  • Hater of Man

    It strongly appears by her tone that "judge Karen" hates heterosexual men. If you are a man and want to appear on any court TV; you might want to say away from her show. She is more likely to side with a woman more times than not especially in technical areas and issues she has NO CLUE about. If she can relate to or associate an issue with her and her girl friends you are in. That is, if she can lecturer you about a life issue she can look good about.moreless
  • dense

    This woman never seems to be able to follow a testimony, seems to have no life experience. Seriously, has she been in some sort of cave? I'm not criticizing her ability to judge but half the time I think she's judging based on the wrong information because she continually seems clueless.
  • Insensitive

    There was a young man on the show today that had a problems with his bowels and I feel that the judge was insensitive to someone who may have had Crones or some other heath issue that made him have an uncontrollable urgency. I think it is sad and shameful and he should sue his employer as well for allowing that kind of behavior to occur in an work environment. I think that young man is owed a public apology for enduring a second shaming on the show at the hands of Judge Karen.moreless