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Judge Karen

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Judge Karen stars the dynamic Karen Mills-Francis presiding over small claims cases.

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AIRED ON 6/10/2009

Season 1 : Episode 130

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  • Absolute Worse Judge on TV

    Today I watched her rule against a plaintiff who had a contract for a kids pony birthday engagement.

    She did not even address the contract at all. It said no one over 75 lbs. The defendants daughter was over that weight. She did not pay the remainder of the contract. The judge said nothing about these facts in making her decision do dismiss the case! I don't know why she dismissed the case. Her attitude and sarcasm is beyond reason and baseless. She is sickening.moreless
  • REALLY!!

    I'm not a "judge" but I at least have respect, kindness and a grip on life. KAREN is humankindness at it's lowest. I refuse to call her a judge. When she's like she is on "this" show, how would she be with the homeless, mentally disabled and physically disabled? Respect not even thought of!!!
  • Absolutely horrible

    It's kind of disgusting to know the decisions judge karen makes actually affect peoples lives. Not only is she an annoying and disrespectful judge but her decisions seem to be greatly influenced by whether or not she likes the plaintiff or defendant. She is very unprofessional and acts as if she is the queen of the courtroom and steeps as low as to insult some of people.
  • Horrible

    How does someone like this actually have a show? She is ignorant.. Uneducated.. And has a horrible attitude. This might be the worst show on tv. She doesn't even know what Mda is.
  • Do nothing homemaker

    I just watched an episode from 09/27/2013 and was appalled at her comments. The episode concerned a woman being sued by an ex for rent. The woman did not work during the relationship. Judge Karen told the man that once a man puts a woman in that lifestyle of not working and telling her you don't have to do anything.... You don't want to ever want to tell a woman to sit down and not work. You end up having babies with her and 20 years later want to get a I have been married for almost 35 years. I did not work at an outside job but I worked my butt off raising 3 children, homeschooling 2 of them, helping my husband with his small business, taking care of everything while he was deployed countless times as part of a special warfare support group for the military, and running the household! That is not to mention going back to college after the kids were grown, taking care of my grandchildren, and now having to take care of him due to PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries received during his military service. Sit on my butt and not work! If she had to do half of what I did or countless other "sit on their butts and not work" women, she wouldn't make such broad suppositions. By the way, all of my kids work in professional jobs, have either completed college or are now in college (with honors). They stayed on the straight and narrow and I believe this was largely due to mine and my husband's decision for me to stay at home with them. Also, as of this year I have earn 3 undergraduate degrees and am working toward my master's and then doctorate as well as having started my own business from home. I have a fourth undergrad degree I will be finishing up in the next couple of years while I am doing my internships for my grad and doctorate degrees. All of which I will be able to use to open up my second business. All of this was accomplish while sitting on my butt at home doing nothing as she put it. Shame on her!

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