Judge Karen

(ended 2009)


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  • Season 1
    • The Mold Was There Before Me
      A dispute over mold.
    • You Ruined My Grand Opening; Dancer Hunt
      A lawsuit over fliers that arrived late for a store opening. Also: a man sues a woman over bail-bond money, but the woman claims she never asked him to get her out of jail.
    • Run Away Rat Dog
      Run Away Rat Dog
      Episode 128
      A woman accuses her sister of breaking her window and losing her dog, while the sister claims the window was barely damaged and the dog ran away.
    • Shore House Shakedown
      A woman is sued for damages to a beach apartment she rented, but she claims the place was already in poor condition when she arrived.
    • I Never Locked Up Your Baby; The Bad Pension Check
      A day-care provider sues parents for removing their baby from her care without the required notice, and they countersue her, claiming she locked their baby in a room; a man sues his ex-friend for writing him a bad check, but the friend claims the check cleared.
    • Take Your Blow and Go!
      A man sues his ex-roommate for a security deposit and claims that the roommate's partying caused problems.
    • Dog Attack/Dog Hit by Car; Repairman Runaround
      A woman sues her neighbor after she and her dog are attacked by the neighbor's dog; a man sues a TV repairman for the cost of fixing a television, and for pain and suffering resulting from the TV's ruined audio.
    • Where's My Pizza Dress?; Puppy Love
      A woman sues a dry cleaner who went out of business after she dropped off her wedding dress; a displeased dog buyer sues the seller for vet bills and a refund, claiming she got a puppy plagued by health problems.
    • Friendly Rental Car Fiasco
      A man sues his ex-friends over a car rental, while they claim the rental company is at fault.
    • Killer Dog!
      Killer Dog!
      Episode 121
      Dog owners dispute responsibility for a dogfight that resulted in a child's injury and a dog's death.
    • Bedfellows No More; The iPod Girl Squad
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for the cost of a bedroom set and bills; parents fight over payment for an unreturned MP3 player.
    • Sobs Over Pixie-Bobs
      A man sues an animal breeder for selling him a different type of cat than promised, while the breeder claims no error was made.
    • Dog Chases Girl, Girl Breaks Ankle
      A woman whose daughter fell while being chased by a dog wants the dog's owner to pay the girl's medical bills.
    • You Crashed My Truck! Pay Up!; Grumpire Carpets
      A car dealer sues a customer for car damages incurred on a test drive; a homeowner sues a renter for unpaid rent and damages, claiming the renter reneged on a deal to buy the home.
    • Wedding Dress or Prom Dress?
      A woman sues a dressmaker, claiming she ruined her wedding dress. The dressmaker claims the woman picked up her dress late and refused to allow her to make alterations.
    • Best Friends Feud Over Stolen Wallet; Mommy Dearest's Cell Phone
      A woman claims her friend found her wallet and used the cash and credit cards; a mother sues her daughter for a huge cell-phone bill.
    • The Radio Frequency is Off
      A woman sues her former employee, claiming he stole her radio business when he left his job.
    • Car Crash and the Lemon
      A man sues his neighbor for buying him a lemon as a replacement car for the vehicle he wrecked.
    • Diamonds Are Forever
      A woman sues two jewelers for not refunding her balance after they did not fulfill her custom order properly, and they countersue her for the remaining balance on her custom order, claiming they did fulfill it correctly.
    • Sibling Split by Samurai Swordsman
      A woman sues her brother for a security deposit, claiming he harassed her boyfriend and chased them out of their shared apartment.
    • Doggy Daycare; The Computer Family Crash Down
      A woman sues her ex-boss for failing to pay her and accusing her of theft; a woman sues her brother for not returning a laptop that has sentimental value to her.
    • You Tried to Kidnap My Baby
      A woman sues her ex-babysitter for a car loan, toys and baby clothes, as well as mental anguish. The babysitter claims the woman was a neglectful mother and countersues for the cost of caring for the baby.
    • The Art of Love
      The Art of Love
      Episode 108
      A tattoo artist accuses his ex-girlfriend of stealing his personal items, including his tattoo machine, after having him falsely arrested for domestic violence.
    • Micro-fusion Confusion
      A hairstylist sues a client for the cost of hair extensions, and the client claims she shouldn't have to pay because the extensions fell out.
    • Daughter, How Dare You Deny Me My Things; Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite!
      A mother sues her daughter for access to items in storage; a man sues his landlord for costs associated with a bed-bug infestation.
    • A Box of Junk After Years of Funk
      A man sues his ex-girlfriend for the value of his personal property that she threw in the trash.
    • This Teen Mom Is in Cold Water
      A woman sues her ex-roommate for a rent refund, claiming she was forced out of her apartment by the roommate.
    • My Weave Was Stuck!; Patti Wants Her Padi Certificate
      A woman sues her hairdresser for giving her a bad weave; a woman sues her scuba instructor for the cost of his course plus an additional course she took somewhere else, claiming he never gave her a certificate.
    • The Condiment Fighter
      A woman sues her ex for damages after he threw condiments all over her computer, apartment and clothes, but he claims most of the items he ruined belonged to him.
    • Case of the Dog Thief
      A dog breeder sues a customer for the cost of a shih tzu puppy, claiming he gave her a bad check. The customer claims he returned the puppy.
    • 50 Cent Washout
      50 Cent Washout
      Episode 100
      A party promoter sues a venue owner for breach of contract, while the venue owner claims the plaintiff didn't comply with the contract guidelines for event security.
    • Clashing Cousins
      Clashing Cousins
      Episode 99
      A woman sues her cousin over a loan, and her cousin claims she paid it back and countersues for damages to her car she says the plaintiff caused.
    • Good Hearted Sister or Thief?; You Sold Me Damaged Furniture!
      A man sues his sister for breaking an agreement that she would pay his bills and return his library books while he was incarcerated; a woman sues a furniture-store owner for selling her a bedroom set that fell apart.
    • I Shot the Hair, Now Pay Me My Share
      A videographer sues the owner of a beauty-salon school for not paying him for his work, but she claims she didn't sign a contract with him.
    • Grandpa Got Run Over by a Teenager
      A woman sues her cousin for car damages, claiming that her cousin took the car without permission and ran over an elderly man.
    • Bridezilla's Vow Drama!
      A woman sues a wedding officiant for reading the wrong vows at the altar.
    • Valerie Scissorhands; Lost Rings, Broken Heart
      A woman sues her hairstylist over a bad haircut; a man sues his ex-fiancée for the cost of two engagement rings.
    • The Craig's List Nightmare Roomie
      A man who rented a room in a woman's apartment wants his security deposit back, claiming she was not honest about the safety of the neighborhood.
    • There Goes the Neighborhood
      A man sues his ex-landlord, claiming that he's a slumlord who kicked him and his son out after he stood up to him.
    • You Break My Heart, I Take Your Car; Where's My $$ for the Movado Watch?
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for payments on a car; two men argue over payments on an expensive watch.
    • Money Hungry Mama
      Money Hungry Mama
      Episode 90
      A woman sues her mother for unpaid bills and parking tickets and claims that her mother ruined her credit.
    • Home Girlz Gone Wild! (2)
      Conclusion. Cousins dispute damages to a truck.
    • Home Girlz Gone Wild! (1)
      Part 1 of 2. A woman sues her cousin for damages to her truck stemming from a fight that escalated into a rollover accident.
    • Inside Out Couch
      Inside Out Couch
      Episode 87
      An upholsterer is sued for putting a fabric on backward.
    • The Adams Family Funeral Home: Balance Owed
      A mortician sues a family for the balance owed on a burial, but they refuse to pay because they claim he ruined the floral arrangements.
    • Hair Salon Business Deal Gone Wrong
      A woman sues her ex-friend for the cost of a ruined hairstyle and punitive damages stemming from a physical altercation, and the former friend countersues for pain and suffering.
    • The Stay at Home Dad
      A man sues his ex-friend and roommate for unpaid rent and bills, and the former friend countersues for the value of his personal belongings that were destroyed when left on the porch in the rain.
    • No Funds for the Buns
      A man sues a restaurant owner with whom he had an agreement that went bad regarding participation in a food festival, and the restaurant owner countersues him for backing out of the deal.
    • Broken Friendship, Broken Toe
      The parents of two middle-school classmates battle over the medical costs of one child's injuries, which were allegedly inflicted by the other child.
    • Artistic Painter vs. the Shady Florist
      An artist sues a flower-shop owner for selling one of her paintings that was designated for display only.
    • A Romp in the Hay and This Colt's Not Okay!
      A woman sues two horse trainers for vet bills, claiming their stud impregnated her mare while her horse was in their care.
    • You Took My Hot Tub and Vandalized My House!
      Neighbors fight over an allegedly faulty hot tub that one sold to the other.
    • The Actress' Apartment; Your Pop Art Fell Apart
      An apartment dispute occurs between a lessee and a sublessee; two ex-friends argue over whether money exchanged between them was a loan or an investment in one's pop-art business.
    • Emergency Hurricane Money---Moved!; Loan From a Student Loan
      A mother sues her daughter for stealing $10,000 out of an emergency fund set up for the family after Hurricane Katrina; a woman sues her ex-boyfriend for a loan she gave him so he could pay his traffic tickets and get out of debt.
    • Internet Love or Scam
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for money he didn't repay her, and she claims he lied about being a minister on the Christian dating Web site where they met.
    • You're Not My Sister or My Roommate!
      A woman sues her ex-friend for the cost of a rental car and damaged furniture, while her friend countersues for personal property that was destroyed.
    • Grumpy Old Neighbors!
      A couple sue their neighbors, one of whom is blind, for starting a fire that damaged their apartment and some items in it. The couple being sued are Burt and Linda Pugach ("Crazy Love").
    • Doggie Daycare; Sister Love Triangle
      A woman wants compensation for caring for another woman's dogs; a man sues his friend for not repaying him the bail money he lent her.
    • Pot Smoking Papa Dissed by Daughter
      A man sues his estranged daughter and her husband for stealing his identity, cash and belongings, and they deny these accusations and claim that he grows marijuana.
    • Bathroom Blunderland
      A woman wants the man who remodeled her bathroom to refund her because of flooding and ant infestation.
    • Fatal Attraction for Rent; And A Baby Makes Three
      A man sues a potential renter who backed out of an agreement last minute after he learned a plasma TV was not part of the deal; a woman sues her ex-boyfriend for half the value of their daughter's baby furniture and for payments on his student loans that she made.
    • Your Goats Eat My Greens, I Kill Your Goats
      A farmer sues his neighbor, claiming the neighbor's goats wreaked havoc on his crops, and the neighbor countersues the farmer for shooting and killing some of his goats.
    • To Catch a Thief
      To Catch a Thief
      Episode 68
      A woman sues her ex-friend for stealing her jewelry from her bedroom while pretending to take pictures of her baby.
    • Case of the 4 Junk Yard Cars
      A woman sues a car salesman for selling her four junkyard cars, causing her to lose her job and resort to public transportation.
    • A Lotto Drama!
      A Lotto Drama!
      Episode 66
      A man sues his friend over a lottery ticket, claiming he asked his pal to play the winning numbers.
    • Brokeback Computer
      Brokeback Computer
      Episode 65
      A man sues his husband for the value of a laptop computer he claims his husband stole, while his husband countersues for bills stemming from a domestic-violence incident.
    • Baby Brother Betting Big Time!
      A woman sues her brother for stealing money from her bank account to gamble on the Internet.
    • Ruined Radio, Ruined Marriage
      A blind man sues his wife, believing she trashed his stereo and TV during an argument.
    • Cesspool Playground
      A woman sues her ex-landlord, claiming that she and her children became sick from mold overrunning their apartment, but he claims he owes her nothing because they trashed the place.
    • You Can't Nurse My Settlement
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for a car payment he missed and for the cost of repairing a window he broke, but he claims he made the car payment and denies damaging her window.
    • We Did Not Agree I'd Give You My Wii
      A man sues his ex-friend for not returning his video-game system, while his friend denies borrowing the item.
    • Broken Home Movers; The Pit Bull and the Rat Dog
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for not repaying a loan she gave him to start his own business, but he claims he did repay her; a woman sues her neighbor after being attacked by her pit bull, while the neighbor claims the woman taunted the dog.
    • A Bronx Tale; Cousins Feuding Over Computer Bill
      Two former friends feud over a borrowed car that got impounded; a woman sues her cousin for not repaying the money she loaned her to buy a computer, but the cousin claims she did repay her.
    • Phat Daddy's Braid Brawl
      A woman sues her ex-friend for damages stemming from a fight outside a bar, while her friend countersues for pain and suffering.
    • Flirting at the Bar, Crowbar on the Car
      A man claims a fellow club patron smashed his car windows after they had a confrontation over a woman, but the other man denies any involvement in the incident.
    • Crusin for Trouble
      Crusin for Trouble
      Episode 55
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for a series of loans she gave him, while he claims the money was always a gift.
    • Graduation Promises Never Kept!
      A woman sues her uncle for graduation and senior-year expenses he promised to pay, but her uncle says these fees are her father's responsibility.
    • You Broke My Face
      You Broke My Face
      Episode 53
      A man sues his cousin for punching him in the face and wants to be reimbursed for medical bills and lost wages, but his cousin claims that it was an act of self-defense.
    • Diabolical Car Diagnostics; The Gold Digger Dug Me in a Hole!
      A woman sues her mechanic for fixing working parts on her car; a woman sues her sister for unpaid rent, and her sister claims she paid her in trade, by doing housework and running errands.
    • The Bartender Didn't Tend to the Rent
      A man sues his former tenant and employee for unpaid rent and utilities for an apartment she subleased, but she claims it was her roommate that stopped paying rent.
    • Pimp-Provin' Ain't Easy
      A woman is sued for not paying an entertainment group that she hired for a party, while she claims they don't deserve to be paid because they were unprofessional.
    • Stolen Car, Broken Heart
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for car-rental fees, saying he refused to return the car, forcing her to report it stolen. He claims he paid for the car.
    • I Pay the Rent He Kicks Me Out!
      A woman demands a rent refund from her ex-boyfriend and money for her furniture that he kept, but he claims she didn't pay the rent and that she had some thugs attack him.
    • Hocking the Family Jewels
      A woman sues her daughter over a gold chain she lent her to pawn to pay bills, expecting her daughter to eventually retrieve the jewelry.
    • Bohemian Rap-sody
      Bohemian Rap-sody
      Episode 46
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for money he stole out of her bank account, and he claims she never wanted repayment until they broke up.
    • You Ruined Our 20th Anniversary!
      A couple sue the homeowners of a vacation home they rented, claiming there was a lack of privacy.
    • Jackpot Lovin'; Menage a Truck
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend over money she lent him that she won gambling; a man is sued by his ex-girlfriend for a loan she gave him to buy a truck, but he says she didn't complete her end of the loan bargain.
    • Cancun Vacation Miscommunication
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for his share of a vacation payment, but he claims he never promised her any money for the getaway.
    • Headbutting Brotherly Love
      A man accuses his brother of attacking him and damaging his flat-screen TV.
    • Jailbird Out of Dodge!
      A woman and her recently paroled ex-boyfriend dispute finances.
    • Money Hungry Landlord and the Tenant Cash Cow
      A man sues his former tenant for unpaid rent.
    • Pour Relationship Breakdown
      A man sues his ex-girlfriend for allegedly damaging his computer, and she counter sues for a pair of broken glasses and distress she claims he caused her by being unfaithful.
    • Surrender My Scooter; Ex-Boyfriend's Wicked Mother
      A man sues his girlfriend for the cost of his scooter, claiming she's holding it hostage; a woman sues her ex-boyfriend's mother, claiming she held her car hostage.
    • The Party Crasher
      The Party Crasher
      Episode 37
      A woman sues a fellow party-goer for car damages that occurred at a party that got out of hand.
    • Bonkers in Yonkers
      Bonkers in Yonkers
      Episode 36
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend over money she loaned him for a car and insurance.
    • Creepy Old Roommate
      A woman wants a refund from her former roommate after their living arrangement doesn't work out.
    • You Burned My Prom Dress
      A woman sues a dress designer for ruining her daughter's prom dress.
    • Impounded Because of Your Stupidity; Repressed Roommate
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for impound fees, claiming he was at fault for the car being impounded; a woman sues her former roommate for unpaid rent.
    • Sister Owes Me for Furniture
      A woman sues her sister for money she owes her for furniture, and her sister counter sues her for damaging her truck.
    • Stimulus Check Drama
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for money he owes her for rent, and he counter sues her for a check he claims she stole.
    • The Noisy Upstairs Neighbor
      A woman sues her neighbor over a noise complaint; sisters dispute whether money was a loan or a gift.
    • The Ring That Ended the Fling
      Former fiancés battle over an engagement ring.
    • My Jealous Ex Crashed into My Car
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for ramming his truck into her parked car and slashing her tires.
    • Wedding Photos of Disaster
      A bride seeks a refund from her wedding photographer.
    • You Steal My Dog, I Kill Your Ferret
      A woman accuses her ex-fiancé of stealing her dog, while he claims he was rescuing it.
    • The Flavor of Myammee
      A former reality-show contestant sues a party promoter for not paying the balance he owes her for an appearance at a nightclub.
    • Sgt. Pepper and His Lonely Heart
      A musician sues his producer for not paying him for his performance in a Beatles cover band.
    • You Ditched My Love Boat; My Car Was T-Boned
      Ex-lovers fight over payment for a cruise; the cause of a parking-lot car crash is disputed.
    • Racist Repair Shop
      Racist Repair Shop
      Episode 22
      A customer accuses workers at a mechanic shop of racism.
    • Stupid Cupid
      Stupid Cupid
      Episode 21
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for using her credit card, and he says she never mentioned he would have to pay her back until they broke up.
    • Give Me My Paycheck and Commission!; Damaged Entertainment Center
      An employee sues her former boss for commission he still owes her; a customer sues a furniture-store owner over a damaged item.
    • Don't Get Petty About Pinochle
      A woman sues her ex-boyfriend for breaking her car radio.
    • The Landlord the Enforcer
      A man claims he was hired as a building's handyman, while the landlord says he's a squatter.
    • Xbox Game Over
      Xbox Game Over
      Episode 17
      A man sues his ex-fiancée for his Xbox that she won't return to him.
    • Birdcage: A Husband's Betrayal
      A man sues his estranged wife over his belongings that she sold at a yard sale.
    • You Torched My Dress
      A lady sues a friend for damaging borrowed dresses.
    • Bedbugs in Brooklyn; Speed Racing Blew up the Engine
      A landlord gets sued by a lady claiming unfair extermination fees; A man wants to return a truck that exploded.
    • Housetrap Mousetrap
      A lady sues her friend for damaging valuable items.
    • Twins, Slaves, Loans & Watermelons
      Things get nasty when twin sisters face each other over an unpaid loan.
    • The Writing Is on the Chair
      Former lovers sue each other over damaged property.
    • My Mom Stole My Identity
      A mother is sued for stealing her daughter's identity.
    • You Used Me for Money and Then Dumped Me
      A woman sues her ex for all the things she bought for him while he was on tour.
    • Massaging for Money
      A woman is out to get back her massage chair, a computer and an unpaid loan from her ex.
    • Racist Landlord/My Sister-in-Law Scammed Me on a Car
      A man accuses his landlord of unfair racial discrimination; A woman wants her former sister-in-law to pay back a car loan.
    • My Partner Couldn't Pay His Way
      A man wants his ex-lover to pay for property damages but his ex denies ever agreeing to pay.
    • California Schemin'
      A disagreement between coworkers on whether some money was either loaned or invested.
    • Burning Down the House
      A man sues his crazed ex-girlfriend for burning his clothes and damaging other property.
    • Six Feet Mis-Under-Stood
      A son is sued by his mother for removing money out of her account to prepay on her funeral.
    • Raving Roomatic/You Stepped on My Dog!
      Former friends clash over issues with loaned money; A lady sues her friend for hurting her dog.
    • Mother's Day Phone Mishap
      Parents argue about a broken cell phone.