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  • Judge??

    I agree with most comments. I wouldn't hire this woman as an attorney, let alone have a case heard in her Court? I also believe she is racist. A complete waste of time.
  • This is for the birds

    This woman is sooo irritating. She is so busy trying to be clever some times that she doesn't even let her guests talk. On the case with the bird trainer sued for payment for death of a parrot, Judge Karen made all kinds of snide remarks about the "certified bird trainer" and there being NO such thing and how stupid that was because what would you do, train a bird to fly? Hahahaha. She was falling over laughing (literally).

    It took me about 30 seconds to find out that the state of New York where the plantiff and defendant lived does in fact issue a certificate for bird training. Also one for falconry training. So Judge should have checked before she made such a darn fool out of herself. Take a break and check like other judges do. You made a bad call based on your belief that that was a stupid claim but YOU were wrong. IF YOU DON'T KNOW, don't use that as a basis for your "ain't I cute" segment of the trial OR your judgement.
  • My favorite Judge

    i like Judge Karen
  • Extremely Annoying Judge - Wack Attitude

    I would like for her to display a more positive and patient attitude. It is very annoying and disappointing to watch and listen to her as she yells her high pitch voice so belligerently and arrogantly at people when it is clear that she does not even respect them or listen to them (drunkenly rude and offensive). She is the only judge on Justice Central I would not mind them replacing with a different judge show!
  • Needs to know how long chiropractic education takes

    Her comment about how it takes only 18 months to become a chiropractor is absurd! She needs to do some research before she makes comments.
  • THIS LADY IS NO JUDGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Where did you all GET THIS FAKE FROM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive seen her so butcher the laws and rights, SHE BY FAR HAS NO RIGHT TO SET ON ANY BENCH AT and shes also a racist to.....
  • A women who is "ABSOLUTELY NOT" A JUDGE

    This human being is definitely not a judge, so I am not going to use the phrase "Judge Karen". Because this women only cares about getting attention on TV with using her stupid pathetic fan to show off in how big she thinks she is. She absolutely does not know the law as much as she thinks she does. When someone is explaining their case, she always has that look on her face like the person talking is completely stupid & that she is paying attention or understands what the person is saying. She is so stupid, she does not know or understand what the law is or how to use it as far as making the right decision in all the cases that she deals with. All she cares about is getting attention, using the stupid fan to show off when she is absolutely not sweating or burning up at all, and wearing a black robe in making people think that she is a "REAL JUDGE". But she is absolutely the opposite of a real judge, which is a women who does not know how to do her job the right way. That's why she never has new show & always has repeated shows. And she is only on a channel that not too many people watch at all.
  • Judge Karen Hill Francis's Rulings

    I in particular don't like the way Judge Karen Hill Francis rule on her cases. It seems to me that she is always siding with the defendants. She very rarely rule for the plaintiffs. I feel that she needs to look at her own shows and see what myself and so many other people see and then maybe she will see where she is lacking.

    I don't watch her shows anymore because I feel that it's fake just like so many other people feel. If I had to rate her show, I would give it triple zeros (000). Please take her off the air.
  • Fake Judge

    Just seen the worst decision in history, on her fake show, The decision had to be done on race and not law. They should remove the reruns also, it was that bad. A black man goes into a PETTING zoo.... throws 3 punches at a kangaroo and sues because the kangaroo protected itself and kicked the mans butt. It is a petting zoo, Not a punching zoo. This show is totally bogus, and if not, I feel sorry for anyone who goes on trial.

    I see someone else, complained already, down below. I just saw it today.
  • It has to be fake

    Today's re-run "you killed my bird. / assault with a deadly girlfriend" (2013) there was a case where a "singer" was suing a guy who opened a business in the same name as a song that she had and he was causing people to not be able to find her.

    Her name was Katie Presley and her song was Blowin' Up, on the show Judge Karen is shown on her iPad going through the google results of "Blowin' Up" and Katie Presley.

    I just tried to find this "Katie Presley" to listen to her song and see if it was worth the trouble of suing someone over.

    Well, just try to find ANYTHING on Google about Katie Presley and the song Blowin' Up.

    I would assume that if I were on a reality TV program and I were an "artist" I would be taking advantage of that notoriety of it all.

    Based on that, this has got to be fake.
  • Hater of Man

    It strongly appears by her tone that "judge Karen" hates heterosexual men. If you are a man and want to appear on any court TV; you might want to say away from her show. She is more likely to side with a woman more times than not especially in technical areas and issues she has NO CLUE about. If she can relate to or associate an issue with her and her girl friends you are in. That is, if she can lecturer you about a life issue she can look good about.
  • dense

    This woman never seems to be able to follow a testimony, seems to have no life experience. Seriously, has she been in some sort of cave? I'm not criticizing her ability to judge but half the time I think she's judging based on the wrong information because she continually seems clueless.
  • Insensitive

    There was a young man on the show today that had a problems with his bowels and I feel that the judge was insensitive to someone who may have had Crones or some other heath issue that made him have an uncontrollable urgency. I think it is sad and shameful and he should sue his employer as well for allowing that kind of behavior to occur in an work environment. I think that young man is owed a public apology for enduring a second shaming on the show at the hands of Judge Karen.
  • loud rude and kind of dense

    This fake judge is terrible. Loud and seems to be wrong most of the time
  • The N word and Judge karen

    The use of the N aired 7/30/15 Polk vs Sorority girl in charge of P/R used the N word and was subsequently put out of the sorority. You stated you have no problem with it's use (TODAY) give me a break. I defend your right to your opinion. But, for a Black Judge to have no problem with a White sorority using the n word in a derogatory way, leaves a BIG question mark in mind regarding you What would have been your response had she addressed you as N Judge Karen Mills" ????? Concerned Black man.

  • Staged Court Show

    I just saw two semi-trained actors performing on the Judge Karen show. I know these shows are supposed to be entertainment, but it has nothing to do with the law. They may as well call it Jerry Springer. Hopefully people are not foolish enough to believe that these are real cases.
  • fake judge

    Show aired june 23 15. Lady mention that the other lady in court, pulled out her tracks in her hair. The judge, rudely said, "that's why you shouldn't be fake, I don't have anything fake about me" Well, excuse me judge, your hair color is fake! (Blond). whether or not a woman decides to enhance herself, should not be considered fake. But obviously, you made the comment, which means that you are fake also. Not that, any of that should matter when it comes to your court casas. we are, who we are, ... just listen to the cases and leave the fake comments (such as yourself) alone. this was my first time viewing your show, and my last.
  • Ignorant

    She is ignorant, there was a show where a parent had a party for her child at a Museum, Judge Karen in her yet again ignorant tone questioned " Why a museum? I did not know the museum was popular for kids parties? She is uneducated and ignorant, some of us raise our children with culture. When she pulls out that fan, unprofessional!. Her menopause kicking in I suppose, her bleached blonde wigs, she looks like a damn fool!
  • Fake Court Show

    I was shocked to learn that this show is fake!!!! It's totally scripted. I know this to be true because my son was on this show. Shame on should at least let the viewers know. I'm now inclined to believe that all the court shows are phony!!!
  • the kangaroo case

    She ruled that case totally wrong bcuz if provoked anything man or animal they are going to protect themselves especially if someone punches you in the face, that was a rediculous ruling. Yeah you have a duty to protect the public but what about protecting the animals from the public. Then she totally disregarded the fact that the plantiff started his testimony out right with a lie saying the kangaroo just jump and attacked him for no reason. That whole case she just handled totally wrong.
  • Doctors of Chiropractic Have More Education than Lawyers (4 years vs 3 years)

    Just a quick factual error by Judge Karen on a recent show. The Doctor of Chiropractic degree is a four year clinical doctorate program after one's undergraduate education. Licensed in all 50 states after four national board exams. They are recognized as portal of entry or primary care providers in all states and are part of the VA, military and medicare programs. Her understanding of the education was found to be false propaganda in Wilk et al vs. AMA et al (Supreme Court case).
  • the car poop lane

    Judge Karen must be telling a big fat lie , she treated that man like dirt but most adults have had accidents in their pants before! Certain foods or getting upset , lots of different reasons but it does happen and I am sure there has been a time in her life that if she had not made it to a toilet asap she would have shit her pants too! Karen are you human? Almost everyone I have asked have said they either had an accident or just narrowly made it to that beautiful toilet seat in the nick of time! Shame on you for making fun of that poor man. I won't watch your show after this!
  • I don't hate her but I sure don't understand her.

    Hey, I think I've watched just about every courtroom show known to man. I'm finally getting use to Judge Judy and Judge Mathis but Judge Karen, not so much. It's gonna take a long time because to me she just doesn't seem that compassionate. I know this is the get over it era and my bad and who cares, deal with it, that's on you and you need to find your own way but she's right there in the mix. I remember one case in particular where a woman was talking about the emotional distress she suffered. She took the time to bring in evidence and was throughly embarrassed in front of the studio audience not to mention millions that tune into see the show. I know it's her job to judge but remember things can happen to you as well. One case she was judging how fast some woman got involved with a guy. The guy was just as nasty and did his part but the judge made her an example. I know that women should have pride but so should men. The bible doesn't make exceptions for them. She's too quick to laugh at situations that she feels can't happen to anyone like herself and that annoys me. When she's not being mean the cases themselves are boring. I think she picks the ones that look entertaining and they would be if she didn't take the time to belittle the people for being a little different.
  • get her off the air

    I don't think she has any idea what she is doing.

    Her little catch phrase.... " why am I here ? " Let's

    are you paid to be there
  • Todays episode a man who don't agree with gay people.

    ok why is that every time someone says they don't agree with the gay community that that person is automatically racist against black people. this judge us crazy to say this man on todays episode, if he don't like gays she could imagine what he thinks about black people. what no this man is running a survival camping trip with boys and their father. when he found out both of them were the father because they were in fact a gay couple, he made it uncomfortable for the men which is wrong. the way he expressed himself wasn't the way to state that its not right to expose boys to the idea that its ok to be with a boy. That goes against God. Gay people choose to be gay, black people don't have a choice of being black. This was the dumbest thing I've heard out a JUDGES Mouth. God made everyone in his image, man choose to be man.
  • Absolute Worse Judge on TV

    Today I watched her rule against a plaintiff who had a contract for a kids pony birthday engagement.

    She did not even address the contract at all. It said no one over 75 lbs. The defendants daughter was over that weight. She did not pay the remainder of the contract. The judge said nothing about these facts in making her decision do dismiss the case! I don't know why she dismissed the case. Her attitude and sarcasm is beyond reason and baseless. She is sickening.
  • REALLY!!

    I'm not a "judge" but I at least have respect, kindness and a grip on life. KAREN is humankindness at it's lowest. I refuse to call her a judge. When she's like she is on "this" show, how would she be with the homeless, mentally disabled and physically disabled? Respect not even thought of!!!
  • Absolutely horrible

    It's kind of disgusting to know the decisions judge karen makes actually affect peoples lives. Not only is she an annoying and disrespectful judge but her decisions seem to be greatly influenced by whether or not she likes the plaintiff or defendant. She is very unprofessional and acts as if she is the queen of the courtroom and steeps as low as to insult some of people.
  • Horrible

    How does someone like this actually have a show? She is ignorant.. Uneducated.. And has a horrible attitude. This might be the worst show on tv. She doesn't even know what Mda is.
  • Do nothing homemaker

    I just watched an episode from 09/27/2013 and was appalled at her comments. The episode concerned a woman being sued by an ex for rent. The woman did not work during the relationship. Judge Karen told the man that once a man puts a woman in that lifestyle of not working and telling her you don't have to do anything.... You don't want to ever want to tell a woman to sit down and not work. You end up having babies with her and 20 years later want to get a I have been married for almost 35 years. I did not work at an outside job but I worked my butt off raising 3 children, homeschooling 2 of them, helping my husband with his small business, taking care of everything while he was deployed countless times as part of a special warfare support group for the military, and running the household! That is not to mention going back to college after the kids were grown, taking care of my grandchildren, and now having to take care of him due to PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries received during his military service. Sit on my butt and not work! If she had to do half of what I did or countless other "sit on their butts and not work" women, she wouldn't make such broad suppositions. By the way, all of my kids work in professional jobs, have either completed college or are now in college (with honors). They stayed on the straight and narrow and I believe this was largely due to mine and my husband's decision for me to stay at home with them. Also, as of this year I have earn 3 undergraduate degrees and am working toward my master's and then doctorate as well as having started my own business from home. I have a fourth undergrad degree I will be finishing up in the next couple of years while I am doing my internships for my grad and doctorate degrees. All of which I will be able to use to open up my second business. All of this was accomplish while sitting on my butt at home doing nothing as she put it. Shame on her!

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