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  • eeeewwww I can't stand her

    I can't stand her, I absolutely hate to hear her voice, she always talk over people and she is very is she even a tell me how she is on TV posing as a judge
  • My cotton picking coworker

    On "my cotton picking coworker" Judge Karen was very unprofessional and sounded racist
  • Court of Bias

    I enjoy watching court shows, but normally avoid Judge Karen's as it seems like she has a habit of bashing, and ruling against men because they are men. I did tune in today, and viewed the case of the female who posted someone else's attractive photo on Facebook, but claimed it was her own to a young man corresponding with her. He flew to LA to visit her upon her invitation, discovered her scam, and asked to be compensated for his trip charge. Judge Karen denied it, which is unfair to say the least, as he was clearly victimized. I suppose that is beside the point to the average feminist.
  • Name Calling AT work/Harrassment.. yet they got away with it

    Judge Judy, I believe you need to re review the case of the boy that was called names at his job because of a picture that management took of him I a private area. You know it is illegal to harass coworkers like that along with it being Management/Owners involved. You picked on that kid yourself. The defendants admitted to taking the picture and the name calling - yet you came down on the kid. I felt you were a bully and it was horrible to watch.. I don't care if it is an act or for real.. please re review that case. You will see that Harrassmen/bulling was done and not only by the young man's former employer but also by you. Would you want something like that to happen to your daughter or son? I bet not.
  • I knew it was FAKE!!!

    My original review said that I think it was fake and now I KNOW for a certain that it's FAKE!!! I put in the bailiffs name Shane Sousa on Google and modeling photos showed up, you'll see him posing in shirtless modeling photos. Also in the ending credits the disclaimer states that it's re-enactments.

    Won't watch this trash anymore and from the fact that Judge Karen denied it being scripted proves that she's a big liar and a disgrace to the bench. I knew the cases were a little too outrageous for real court cases like Judge Mathis, Judge Judy, and People's Court where in the beginning it states real cases by real people while Supreme Justice doesn't state that. So should've known that something was up.

    All the cases, nobody brings evidence or the evidence is stupid at best. The comedian thing was a joke and no real court would waste their time hearing it. Also the one girl suing over falling off a bike at a health club, the obese daughters, marijuana plants. All this show did was replace We the People with Gloria Allred with Supreme Justice with Karen Mills-Francis.

    whenever her show comes on I instantly get an attitude and that is just watching commercials. Finally I said watch one and see why I am so enough there was a blonde girl on there who was a little says in such a mean spirit: I see why you are a dumb blonde the girl could not even reply.

    Then there was a guy on there telling jokes and the audience was laughing but not Karen tells her bailiff, This entire audience is LAME and there was a shot of the audience where one women had this scowl on her face like who is she calling lame!!!

    The most irritating part of the show(as if that were not enough) is when litigants are speaking she hurrying them along going: ah huh, ah huh, ah huh and it frustrates them in being able to tell their story and she gives these looks of death when she already know she ruling against that finally she was so sick of one of the litigants that she said: SHUT UP, SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!!.

    I LITERALLY AM MORTIFIED!!! that crap is NOT entertainment, not funny, not worth watching and certainly needs to be addressed. She using a fan on the bench like she some Diva and I wish they would tone her crap down she is in fact rude and I think a what she been on since those that back the show are probably of the same character as she.

    I will NEVER watch that mess again!!!!!

    APPARENTLY, you can only post one comment but just wanted to say that those few people that gave rave reviews..9's and 10's work for the show trying to give this forum some balance!!!! lmao still sucks as a judge and this is the first show where I felt they had her acting like a judge cause i certainly would not have let her butt pass no bar to begin with!!!

  • Why is she a judge?

    Judge Karen is so prejudiced if there is a case involving Black and White you can bet she is going to interrupt and rush the white persons testimony all the while being patient and helping guide the black person thru their testimony. She also will be condescending to white people trying to make they're testimony sound irrelevant and childish and sometime makes it clear she assumes they are lying before their case has been given. This is a very good example that discrimination is alive and well in our justice system. I urge everyone to watch and notice how she de rails white people .

  • worst judge on TV.

    I like the many justice programs on TV. This woman is the worst I've ever seen! She is very bios and discriminating! She makes fun of people by looks, the way they speak, the way they she blatantly called a woman a whore.. Over and over!!!,) she digs into others private business that had nothing to do with any case. I understand character credibility. But she goes far beyond that. Lord forbid if a black person goes against any other race.. The other race will lose each time. She needs to be sued for defamation of character by many! What an embarrassment she is for our legal system. Shame!
  • She is the real racist!

    Does anyone notice that Karen always let black people win? Most of the black just play those bullshit racist card and Karen buy it ALL THE TIME! She never listen to the fact or let white people finish their defense! I will never watch this show during her time! Kick her out of the judge and be responsible for people!
  • No "supreme Justice" here

    Judge Karen is more concerened with keeping viewers entertained than actually doing what a judge is supposed to do. She has screaming fits for no reason and often asks questions that have nothing to do with the case.
  • Re: show with a mother's overweight twin daughters/Payment for Wii

    I like Judge Karen Mills in general but in this particular episode of the show she acted in a ridiculous manner regarding a mother with overweight twin daughters. She made the mother feel as if she was raising two serial killers for daughters just because her children were obese. She threatened to call child protective services on the mother and have her children taken away from her as she referred to the children as being abused. REALLY! Utter nonsense. Have you ever heard of genetics? If everyone could eat yogurt, granola and boiled chicken everyday we would all be a size 6. REALLY? This show was an abuse of whatever judicial authority you think you have. Clearly the children were not abused but the judge tried to terrify the mother with threatening to take her 13 year old twins from her custody. Even after speaking personally with both children who appeared to be well adjusted, who said they liked school. who said they don't get teased due to their weight, who stated they ate baked chicken and broccoli for dinner the night before- the judge still continued her verbal assault on the mother who appears to take care of her kids very well. So what, they are obese. They do well in school, they don't do drugs and they are good kids overall. We all know what abusing your child means. Totally out of line judge. Maybe someone should threaten to take your hair dye allowance out of your budget. Because everyone should have brown hair and be under a size 8. I happen to know skinny diabetics too so if it was only a fat disease then only fat people would have it. Ignorance on the judge's part. With her thinking, all overweight people would be on death's doorstep and all skinny people would be well people. Skinny people get the same diseases as overweight people- diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. Diseases are acquired by all types of people. Whoever is in charge of the show should have held you in contempt of court suspended and fined you for your ignorance. Guess you would think that it's better and healthier to be anorexic. Stop judging people from just their outward appearance. Stereotyping has most people thinking that all fat persons must have self esteem issues, hate themselves and are ready to slit their wrists. Not true. Lots of skinny people have self esteem issues too. It's a part of life. Weight is just a small part of the many parts of a complete person. I know healthy fat people and sickly skinny people so it's not just all fat people are destined for an early coffin. A law degree is not the only education that you need "Judger" Karen.
  • This Judge is a Joke !!!

    You need to take this overbearing @$#%& off the bench as she is no Judge. Where does she get off attacking plaintiffs and defendants to the point that she scares them into their shells so they are afraid to present their case and facts. She does this repeatedly. It is my opinion she does this to deliberately shut down that person so they cannot present their case. you can see this yourself when she starts demanding answers over and over again with out giving a person a chance to respond. The people that get their day in court are entitled to present their case without a judge that is obviously has a bad case of PMS. As for what I've seen in todays aired show I have decided to not watch this witch anymore. I have turned the channel to Bonanza. The producers of this show should hang their head in shame by letting this loser fake judge failed lawyer, judge anyone she is definitely not qualified.
  • She's no Judge Joe Brown!!!

    She's not fair---she pulls the race card too many times! Judge Joe is FAIR and color blind! She needs to watch HIM!
  • Annoiying!!!

    I will never watch your show again!! you are an annoiying person that should have never worn a robe let alone be a judge. you never allow the plaintiffs to present their cases with out interrupting them or putting your own spin on things. you are just difficult and have no business being on the bench!!! I am going to tell everyone in ear distance not to watch this travesty of judgement show!!!
  • She has NO experience as a Judge, only as a Public Defender.

    Horrible show!!!! I will never waste another minute of my time watching it.

    ''Judge" Karen has never been a Judge. She was a public defender. A Public Defender's job is to sympathize with the defendant and to get them out of the charge against them. This makes her partial to the defendant.

    Her decisions are unfair. I LOVE Judge Judy and almost always agree with her decisions,but "Judge" Karen, I am flabbergasted at her ridiculous decisions.

    If you are a defendant trying to get out of paying for something, this is your show.

    I WOULD NEVER BE A PLAINTIFF!!! She will rule against you despite your evidence.

    I usually do not write reviews on sites like this but wanted to take the time to criticize this show.

    This show is not any kind of justice. Just a forum for a drool woman that used to work for clients that were given to her because they could not afford one on their own.
  • This is in regards to the show about the baby sitter trying to steal a baby

    Judge Karen should no longer ever be allowed to air again. She let a women win a case that had attacked a mom tried to kid nap her kid and when she did not succeed at kidnapping the lady tried to get custody through the courts. This women ended up with 3 years probation her custody request denied because of lying to a court and many false testimonies. she was awarded in a real court 3 years probation an order of protection 6 charges of harassment by a 3rd party (false CPS reports), breaking and entering, assault, harassment, violating an order of protection 3 times!!! slander, stalking, and she forced the mom of the child to loose her job. Judge Karen refused to acknowledge real proof and we later found out that while my friend (who was on the show) was at the airport that a man who was in the same room as the one lady was telling her to lie to make the show more interesting its all provoked and fabricated to get ratings this show is not for proof but for ratings. I know both of the women that were on the show and their family's and the wrong person won!
  • Does not judge fairly. Don't waste your time.

    I just finished watching a show about a black man suing because he didn't get an apartment. He claimed racism. He lied on his application and was a felon. He stated because it took the landlord 3 weeks to return his deposit he was due $750.00. His deposit was $220.00. He stated that he had found another place but didn't have the money for the deposit because the landlord held it. He also stated he was out because he had to pay his aunt $250 and his uncle $250 to stay with them because he didn't have a place to live. If he paid this money to them he had it to make a deposit. Also she never asked for any evidence that he paid anything. She awarded him $500.00. Ridiculous! I'm deleting her from my TIVO.
  • all of the negative reviews are true


    Judge Karen is an idiot. One of the worst judges I have ever seen. Two sisters on the show, one a mother figure.. the other a little spoiled brat.. Judge Karen? For the defendant.. the entire time.. never listened to the prosecuting sister. Her logic? You're sisters.. therefore, there is no valid reason for the suit. The spoiled brat? Showed one picture of her supportive sister partying with them once.. and that's enough to let the little sister off. After the little sister destroyed their apartment and got her older sister thrown out of the complex for noise violations. OMG. Judge Karen show lmao.. last time I ever watch it. Totally biased, totally emotional, no knowledge of the law.. or the preponderance of evidence. SAD. The little sister was throwing a total act and knew the judge liked her the entire time.. what a JOKE.

  • DECEMBER 27, 2010

    i just saw a show where two signed papers were different and she ruled for the wrong person it was clear that the signatures were different. now i 'm watching one right now where she is telling a lady she is not a good mother cause of the man that father her baby. who is she to say such a thing, she don't even know that lady. will never watch this show again. she think she is so much better that everyone else and she is not.....i rather watch judge judy she's mean but she calls it fair. thank you
  • When I first started to watch the Judge Karen show I loved it. She was very different than most of the other judge shows that are on all afternoon long. I liked her personality and sense of humor, she even laughs when you think she is angry.

    I agree with da07kid on that particular show. The young girl slipped up and the Judge ignored it. When Karen asked her if she ever saw the dress the girl said no. But later she said that she went to the dressmaker 4 times, one for a fitting. How do you get a fitting without a dress!! Today, 2/6/09 I watched a women plantiff charging her exboyfreind took money out of her life savings without her permisson. Karen reviewed the document where the defendent used her ATM card 23 times in one day and agreed that he was wiping her out intentionally and most have known someone at the bank to allow that many transactions in one day. But instead of Karen caring about "a women who had been taken advantage of" (as their promotion for the show states) she scolds the women for not looking at her account for over a month and says you have no proof, motion denied! Other times Karen completely igonres the law/proof and rule with her emotions. Guess she just liked the black man more than the white "taken advantage of" women.
  • .

    This has to be the worst judge show ever. She is so bias agains woman. Men can take advantage of women and she seems to always be on the side of the men who rip off woman. Why can a man take four thousand dollars out a woman's account using her atm numbers and she blames the woman. This man gets to keep the money that he took without her permission. I don't get it. I hope this show is cancelled. The sooner the better. I won't be watching that show again. There have to be better judges out there.
  • A man who was supposed to be making a dress for a girl's prom supposedly the day of the prom he accidently burned the dress and the mother was suing him for the deposit on the dress, money for the jewelery the girl bought and another $2000

    I completly agree with all of the other critics who believe that this is a horrible show. The judge is usually biased and leans towards one side. There was an episode that regarded a prom dress getting burned and the mother of the child was suing the guy that made the dress. The man was trying to say that the contract would be voided if she did not make the meetings which she didnt do. Since the judge had already made her decision before even letting the man speak then the show in no way was balanced. She even made him pay for other things that the girl bought that had nothing to do with the dress and 2000 dollars for pain and suffering in other words this show is complete waste of time and people should definetly watch Judge Hatchet instead because Judge Karen is a biased judge who sets favorites.
  • The magenta robe should tip you off. Judge Karen attempts to straddle "just the facts" justice and caring wisdom, fails at both, and maintains a "holier than thou" attitude that is wholly unjustified. Skip this show.

    Judge Karen doesn't wear a black robe, because, as she says, "justice isn't always back and white." Actually, Judge Karen, yes, yes it is. Her cases are rife with barely perceptible, but nonetheless present, prejudices. Rather than just hear the cases, she wants to hear the life story of the litigants. I suppose that makes for better TV, but it's pretty clear that Judge Karen most often makes her decision long before the actual complaint is actually reached. When she finally does rule, it's entrenched in cliched and arrogant homespun "wisdom." Watch The People's Court for real justice with a fun attitude and watch Christina's Court for the sappy "tell-me-your-life-story-first" stuff. Karen is a knock-off of countless knock-offs and an irritating one at that.
  • The show on the prom dress where the girl did not go to the prom because he did not have her dress ready.

    I believe the decision was made on emotions and not the facts. First of all the mother should have been more involved. If this is so important to her daughter she would have. Second, if you were going to make him pay for the items that was bought for the prom should have ordered them to give the items to him. And last 2000.00 pain and suffering, come on that is ridicolous. Who waits till the day of the prom to get the dress, and why didnt the mother go to the fittings to insure the progress of the dress. I have watched 4 shows and that was my last. I love court shows but this is a arrogant Judge and do not see that she is a fair judge. All decisions are emotion and power.
  • This biased Judge is an example of a black woman with power gone beserk.

    This judge allows the wife's items to be valued by the husband, then rounds to the wife's full asking price while disallowing the husband's items because he is gay She berates him for bringing the suit. The wife admits she did not care that her actions hurt her husband, and this gets the court's sympathy! This is a bad judge who should have her rulings reviewed by the bar. If she was going to call all the items divisable as maritial assets, the valuing formular must be consistant for both sides. Her failure here added with a demeaner that speaks poorly for professional black women.
  • A good show with minor adjustment needed

    I watch alot of the court shows that are on TV and Judge Karen is pretty good. I like for format of letting the defendants and the plaintiffs question the witnesses, which makes it original and something that none of the other court shows do. The only thing that has me upset is that after only about 2 or 3 weeks on the air the show is already showing re-runs which makes me want to change the channel to something else. If there are no more new cases to present than I will be watching other court shows that are starting their new seasons.
  • I can't believe this judge is allowed to have a show.

    Just watched Judge Karen for the first time today and I'm so glad to find a place to voice my disgust with her. She absolutely rules unfairly and there's really no way anyone could say otherwise when considering she spends only 5% of the time talking about the case and the majority of the time trying to decipher the defendants' personal issues. She keeps trying to promote her book and in the meantime tries to makes the women walk off the show with a complex, so that perhaps they will be so desperate for psychological help by the end of the case that they will need to buy Judge Karen's book. Just watched a case were a brother was suing his sister for the time he spent installing a new kitchen. The poor sister has been used and abused by her older brother her whole life and was just hoping this one time her brother MIGHT actually return the favor. Judge Karen spent the entire case telling the sister how she needs counseling because she was brought up in the foster care system. Well so sorry Judge Karen, that a young women with a good heart might actually expect her brother to not be a so selfish and actually return a favor for once. Just let her walk off the show with absolutely no self esteem what so ever... that works. You're a judge! Leave the psychoanalysis up to Dr. Phil!
  • Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.

    Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.Judge Karen, Your AWSOME, Good job with the lap top in bed couple.
  • This show has disappointted me! How can a man who lies on an application about his criminal history be trusted to tell the truth in a court of law. Get real, Judge Karen. Look at facts and not hue!

    Judge Karen doesn't address the facts in her rulings. It is as if she has made a decision before the facts of the case are presented. I was appalled at her ruling to give a man $500 because he LIED about being a convicted felon on his application and was not able to move in an apartment. That was HIS fault and not the landlord's. All subsequent events the African-American male endured were because of his LIES. And then Judge Judy had the audacity to believe he paid $500 to his aunt and uncle for rent. PLEASE! Then, that would mean he lied because he stated he didn't have any money to move into a new apartment yet he could give his family members money. LIES. Where was his proof of such? That would not have happened in Judge Mathis' court. I note sooo much biased and absolute rudeness by Judge Karen. I believe she's related to Judge Judy. LOL!Don't we have enough of that on television?
  • I absolutely love Judge Karen's show. I love how at the end of each show she answers a question from her viewers.I am so glad that she doesn't baby women who make bad decisions concerning finances and loser boyfriends. I wish more people would watch her.

    Judge Karen is one of the best judges on TV. I love the two episodes where women were pouring their hearts and money into foolish men that used them. Instead of babying these women, she held them accountable for their actions. I think she's refreshing to watch. I hope a lot of young women will watch her show and take her rulings to heart. I like the special touches she adds to her show. She allows witnesses to take the stand and be cross examined. She also has a segment at the end of her show where she answers a question concerning the law from her viewers. I also like her flare i.e. the red robe. I watch her show everyday.
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