Judge Karen

Season 1 Episode 109

You Tried to Kidnap My Baby

Aired Weekdays Apr 30, 2009 on

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  • Wrong person won!

    Judge Karen should no longer ever be allowed to air again. She let a women win a case that had attacked a mom tried to kid nap her kid and when she did not succeed at kidnapping the lady tried to get custody through the courts. This women ended up with 3 years probation her custody request denied because of lying to a court and many false testimonies. she was awarded in a real court 3 years probation an order of protection 6 charges of harassment by a 3rd party (false CPS reports), breaking and entering, assault, harassment, violating an order of protection 3 times!!! slander, stalking, and she forced the mom of the child to loose her job. Judge Karen refused to acknowledge real proof and we later found out that while my friend (who was on the show) was at the airport that a man who was in the same room as the one lady was telling her to lie to make the show more interesting its all provoked and fabricated to get ratings this show is not for proof but for ratings. I know both of the women that were on the show and their family's and the wrong person won!